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You must respond to the lawsuit within 14-30 days of receiving the complaint. SoloSuit makes it easy to respond.

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Being sued for a debt can be awkward. Our response can get it over with ASAP.

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You could save thousands of dollars by fighting your debt lawsuit.

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If you don’t respond by the deadline, you’ll lose your case by default judgment. Responding will stop that.

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Respond to a few questions about your case
We’ll have a specialized attorney review your documents
We’ll complete your Answer document and file it for you with the court and the person suing you
When the debt collector receives your Answer you’ll be well on your way to winning your case
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Package includes:

Creation of response document
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Filing fee calculation
Document filing
1–6 days
Status updates
Attorney review



Package includes:

Creation of response document
PDF download
Filing fee calculation
Document filing
1–8 days
Status updates



Package includes:

Creation of response document
PDF download
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When you’re sued for a debt, you’ll receive a Complaint and Summons, also called a Petition or Warrant for Debt. To respond, you need to file an Answer document within the deadline. Complete an Answer on our site. When you’re done we’ll have an attorney review it, and get it filed for you.

Many debt collectors will simply drop the case after receiving our response. And it costs only a fraction of the price of a traditional attorney.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t filed an Answer in your case yet, then you should file one. If the opposing party has already filed a Motion for Default Judgment, Writ of Garnishment, or other documents then you may need to file another document in addition to this Answer. If you’ve already filed an Answer, then this isn’t for you.

Maybe. Some courts unfortunately charge filing fees to respond to a lawsuit. With our paid packages, we’ll calculate this fee, collect it, and use it to file the Answer for you.

Yes. We will calculate the filing information and file for you.

Generally, you should still try to file. If you missed your deadline, there is still a good chance your court will accept your Answer. Courts may accept an Answer after the deadline has passed, until default judgment is filed by the person suing you.

You can generate your Answer for free, then pay us to have an attorney review the document and to file for you.

Yes, we send a copy of your Answer via mail to the attorney of the person suing you.

For a Standard package it takes us 1-8 days. For Premium it takes 1-6 days. For most orders, we file by mail.
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