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You could save thousands by not paying a cent more than you need to – or even paying zero.

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Make collectors stop harassing you with annoying phone calls and letters.

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You can improve your credit score by forcing collectors to report debts as disputed.

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Package includes:

Guided creation of the letter
PDF download
Mailing instructions
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A Debt Validation Letter is the best move

A Debt Validation Letter is a letter sent by a consumer to a debt collector. It asserts your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). It requests the collector show proof you owe the debt, requires them to stop contacting you for any other reason, and demands they report the debt as disputed.

Many debt collectors will simply give up after receiving a Debt Validation Letter.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This Debt Validation Letter is for you if you’ve been contacted by a debt collector attempting to collect a debt, but you haven’t been sued for the debt yet.

Morgan received a phone call from Collections Company. Collections Company tells Morgan that they owe $3,000 for a credit card debt with American Express. Morgan hangs up. Seven days later, Morgan receives a letter documenting the amount and the creditor of the debt. Three days later, Morgan mails Collections Company a Debt Validation Letter from SoloSuit. Morgan later receives a letter from Collections Company stating they are unable to validate the debt and will not be pursuing the matter.

No. At this time you need to mail the Debt Validation Letter yourself. We will generate the document for you.

Yes. Our Debt Validation Letter cites the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g §809. It is prepared by professional attorneys and is the most powerful Debt Validation Letter available on the market.

The FDCPA states the consumer must notify the collector “within thirty days.” It doesn’t say what happens if the letter is sent after the 30 days. The letter may still have sway, but it won’t be as powerful. In most cases it is worth it to file a letter even after the deadline has passed.

A Debt Validation Letter and a Debt Verification Letter are generally the same thing. The FDCPA uses the words “validate” and “verify” interchangeably. At SoloSuit, we call the letter sent by the consumer to the debt collector the Debt Validation Letter because that’s what most people call it.
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Defend yourself

It’s best to respond to a collection attempt within 30 days with a Debt Validation Letter. It only takes five minutes to defend yourself.