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How to decide what to do next in a lawsuit

George Simons | August 08, 2023

George Simons
Co-Founder of SoloSuit
George Simons, JD/MBA

George Simons is the co-founder and CEO of SoloSuit. He has helped Americans protect over $1 billion from predatory debt lawsuits. George graduated from BYU Law school in 2020 with a JD-MBA. In his spare time, George likes to cook, because he likes to eat.

Edited by Hannah Locklear

Hannah Locklear
Editor at SoloSuit
Hannah Locklear, BA

Hannah Locklear is SoloSuit’s Marketing and Impact Manager. With an educational background in Linguistics, Spanish, and International Development from Brigham Young University, Hannah has also worked as a legal support specialist for several years.

Decide what you need to do next

People come to SoloSuit at all different points in the debt journey. The "Document Calculator" below will help you determine what you need to do next. Just enter the last document you received about the debt and it will calculate what you need to do next.

For example, if the last document you received about the debt was a Complaint and Summons, just select that from the drop-down menu and the calculator will tell you the next documents to file. It's easy!

Document Calculator

What is the last document you received?

This calculator is for educational purposes only.