How Do I Find Out If I Have Any Judgments Against Me?

Chloe Meltzer

February 10, 2021

Know where to look for judgments against you.

Summary: Not sure if you have any judgments against? Here's how to find out what a judgment means for you and how to deal with it.

Whenever you borrow money, whether it is a loan or in the form of a line of credit, you will be required to repay it. Sometimes life happens. If you are not able to pay back the money that was loaned to you, it can end up in a lawsuit.

After a successful debt lawsuit, the creditor or lender who brought forth the lawsuit may have a judgment against you. Judgments are not to be taken lightly and can greatly impact your finances for years to come. The worst situation is being caught with an outstanding judgment that you are unaware of.

Finding out if there is any form of judgment against you is a great first step in sorting out your finances and getting back on track.

Learn What a Judgment Means for You

When a judgment is filed against you, you will usually be given a variety of notices. This means that although it may be difficult for a judgment to be filed against you without you knowing, it is still not impossible.

Typically a summons will be sent to you by mail, or “served” to you in person. This summons will let you know when you need to show up in court, or the date you need to respond by. If you do not abide by these guidelines then a default judgment will be entered against you. Default judgments are the last situation you want to be in and are easy to avoid, simply by responding to the summons.

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Find Out if You Have a Judgment Against You

Call the Court

If you received a summons, or you were served, and you did not appear in court, then you most likely can assume there is a judgment against you. This can be checked by simply calling the court on the summons.

Check the Mail

It is also good to note that you will typically be notified when a judgment is entered against you by mail. In some cases when you have changed addresses, or mail is lost, then you may not be aware.

Look for Wage Garnishment

Another way you may be notified of a judgment would be through wage garnishment. This means that you may notice the creditor or a collection agency removing funds from each of your paychecks to pay off your debt.

Don't Search Your Credit Report

Although you may believe that you can check for a judgment by pulling your credit report, this is not the case. To see this, you would need to run a judgment search through a title company or go through the county recorder's office. This may show a debt, but it will not show a judgment. Most often a judgment can last up to 20 years, so finding out sooner than later is your best bet.

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Handling a Judgment

If you have found that you have a judgment against you, it is important to act fast. Judgments can mean loss of wages, money, or property. Overall it can cause you trouble when it comes to obtaining insurance, obtaining loans, or renting a house.

If you can, respond to a lawsuit before a judgment occurs. Debt collectors can often help you by coming to an agreement. Your best bet is to avoid the point of being sued altogether before it's too late.

What is SoloSuit?

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