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How to Resolve a Spire Recovery Solutions Lawsuit

Sarah Edwards | December 04, 2023

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Summary: Spire Recovery Solutions is a successful debt collection agency that tries to be complaint with the FDCPA. If you've been sued for debt, you can resolve it through debt settlement. Negotiate a settlement online with the help of SoloSuit's tool, SoloSettle.

Summary: Has Spire Recovery Solutions contacted you, claiming you owe someone money? You might not have to pay. In this article, SoloSuit tells you how to make Spire Recovery Solutions prove you owe money before you pay anything.

Getting a call, text, or letter from a debt collector is never a good thing. People tend to deal with debt collector communications in one of two ways — they either panic and pay whatever the company says they owe, or they ignore the problem while it snowballs.

Neither of these is a wise course of action! When you know your legal rights, you might be able to pay less than the company says (or even dismiss the debt entirely). Here’s what you need to know.

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What is Spire Recovery Solutions?

Spire Recovery Solutions is a debt collection company located at 57 Canal Street, Suite 302, Lockport, NY 14094-2845. See a photo of Spire Recovery’s office in Lockport below.

Are you looking for the Spire Recovery Solutions phone number? The company’s website lists its number as 844-978-0072.

You can use this number to reach Spire Recovery Solutions, but keep in mind that debt collectors may try to contact you through other phone numbers. According to some of the complaints against the business, Spire Recovery Solutions frequently only identifies itself as SRS on the phone.

Who does Spire Recovery Solutions collect for? According to its website, Spire provides services for a range of commercial and consumer debts. In other words, Spire Recovery Solutions will collect money owed to just about any type of business.

According to its website, Spire Recovery Solutions was founded in 2014. However, it has only been BBB-accredited since 2020.

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Is Spire Recovery Solutions an actual company?

Like other legitimate debt collectors, Spire Recovery Solutions isn’t a scam. However, its agents might blow up your phone enough to make you think it is!

This debt collection agency has an A+ rating on the BBB website as of December 2023. That being said, keep in mind that customer reviews aren’t taken into account when rating a business!.

Spire Recovery Solutions has received dozens of BBB complaints in the past three years. By our estimation, its business practices might be getting more questionable over time, seeing as most of these complaints were submitted in the last 12 months.

These complaints dealt with a range of issues. Many of them said that Spire engaged in these practices (and others):

  • Acting rudely
  • Not giving much information about a debt
  • When asked to verify the debt, telling consumers to verify it themselves with their SSN
  • Calling very frequently (some complaints said the calls were at least 10 times per day)
  • Contacting the family members of someone who owes a debt as well as the person themselves

Despite the company’s many BBB complaints, we couldn’t find any complaints against Spire Recovery Solutions listed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Since some debt collection companies have dozens of CFPB complaints, we hope this means that Spire is a bit easier to deal with than the rest. After all, for debt collectors, the bar can be pretty low!

Spire Recovery Solutions reviews

Spire Recovery has an average 4.7 rating out of 5 stars from hundreds of Google reviews. This is significantly better than most debt collection agency reviews. Here are some examples of real Spire Recovery review below:

Notably, we saw something on Spire’s website that we haven’t seen on the websites of any other debt collectors — at the very top of the page is a Submit Feedback button. At least outwardly, it seems like Spire might care more about the consumer experience than your average debt collector.

If you think a Spire debt collector has violated your rights, you can contact their chief compliance officer at

What to do if Spire Recovery Solutions claims you owe money

If the day comes when Spire Recovery Solutions demands payment for a debt you allegedly owe, take a deep breath before proceeding. Fortunately, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) grants consumers like you important rights when dealing with debt collectors.

One of the most important steps is the Debt Validation Letter. With a Debt Validation Letter, you ask the debt collector to prove that you owe money. Legally, the company must prove you owe the debt if it expects you to pay it.

If you’re writing a Debt Validation Letter, ask Spire to include these key pieces of information:

  • The name of the original creditor (the organization you allegedly owe money to)
  • The exact amount you allegedly owe
  • A copy of your contract with the original creditor
  • The most recent activity on the relevant account
  • Proof that Spire Recovery Solutions is legally allowed to collect this debt
  • Spire’s license number to operate in your state

Check out SoloSuit’s Debt Validation Letter template — it will show Spire Recovery Solutions that you mean business!

How can a Debt Validation Letter help you? Let’s consider an example.

Example: Josh gets a call from Spire Recovery Solutions claiming that he owes a large amount of money on a store credit card. The store doesn’t sound familiar, so Josh wants to make sure he does actually owe money before he pays anything. Josh sends a Debt Validation Letter to Spire. As he expected, Spire doesn’t have any proof he owes the money. He never hears from the company about the letter, but Spire stops contacting him.

Josh’s situation is an ideal one. But if Spire does validate the debt, that means you legally owe it. In that case, it’s best to reach out to the company to negotiate a payment. If you do nothing, Spire might file a lawsuit against you.

If the company does file suit, SoloSettle can help you resolve it through debt settlement. Even if you’ve already been sued, offering a settlement can help you avoid the many challenges of a lawsuit.

Need help resolving your debt with Spire Recovery Solutions?

Dealing with a debt collector is stressful. But the sooner you take those first steps to resolve your debt, the sooner you’ll be able to get on with your life.

Fortunately, you don’t have to confront Spire Recovery Solutions on your own. Whether you’re sending a Debt Validation Letter or looking to settle a lawsuit, SoloSuit has your back.

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