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What is WFDS?

Dena Standley | November 25, 2022

Dena Standley
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When you find WFDS on your credit report ^^

Summary: WFDS stands for Wells Fargo Dealer Services. This is Wells Fargo’s branch that deals with auto loans and financing. Unfamiliar entries on your credit report can be disturbing. When you first spot Wells Fargo WFDS, you may worry that it is a scam. And even if it were legitimate, you may need to learn who it is and how it influences your credit. SoloSuit has prepared this article to dispel your fears and answer your questions about WFDS.

As if keeping up with your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not stressful enough, you must also stay on top of every credit account, inquiry, and collection on your credit report.

Finding an unfamiliar organization or company name on your credit report is worrisome. It is common for creditors to report using a different name from the one you know. Sometimes it is even an alternative identity. Other times it can be an acronym or the bank that financed your account. WFDS has been subject to such confusion.

You want to confirm who is reporting on your information because any errors can affect your creditworthiness. This article explains WFDS, why it may be in your credit report information, and how to remove it from your credit report.

What is WFDS on my credit report?

WFDS stands for Wells Fargo Dealer Services. It is the arm of Wells Fargo bank that finances auto loans with specific car sellers. WFDS also partners with dealerships to pre-qualify consumers for car loans.

The most common explanation for WFDS on your report is that you applied for an auto loan with Wells Fargo. The entry will appear on your credit whether or not Wells Fargo lent you the money.

A potential creditor pulls your financial information to determine your creditworthiness. It happens whenever you apply or a lender pre-qualifies you for a loan. The reporting bureaus record the activity, and it can affect your credit in one of two ways:

Hard inquiries

Hard inquiries typically occur when you authorize a lender to check your credit before lending you money. A hard WFDS inquiry results from applying for an auto loan with Wells Fargo. The inquiry stays in your report for two years.

Hard credit pulls usually drop your credit score by less than 10 points. So it's rarely a serious cause for worry. However, several hard inquiries can add up.

Fortunately, consumers have a 14-45 day shopping window. All hard credit pulls count as one during these two or more weeks. So you won't be penalized for comparing prices before settling for the best lender. Note that a different inquiry type counts as an additional check, even if it happened within two weeks.

Soft Inquiries

A lender wishing to pre-qualify you for credit can check your financial information. Because the activity has nothing to do with repayment risks, it will not affect your credit score.

Also, if you check your credit report to determine your score, the soft inquiry will not affect your creditworthiness. You can use available free tools online to check your credit, such as Experian's credit monitoring services.

Related: When do hard and soft checks happen?\

Below is an example.

Example: Jerome saw WFDS on his credit report. He worried that it was dragging down his credit score. Jerome called Wells Fargo Dealer Services, who told him they had checked his credit to pre-approve him for an auto loan. They assured him the soft check would not affect his credit score. Jerome checked his credit score and confirmed that Wells Fargo Dealer Services was telling the truth. WFDS was not hurting his credit.

If you bought a car from a dealership that partners with Wells Fargo, then WFDS is rightly in your report. WFDS may also appear on your credit because you cosigned a loan for a friend or family member.

What if WFDS is on my report by mistake?

As we have discussed, WFDS should appear on your credit report for one of the following reasons:

  • You applied for an auto loan with Wells Fargo or a partner dealer.
  • You received a loan from Wells Fargo Dealer Services.
  • You cosigned a loan with WFDS.
  • WFDS pre-qualified you for an auto loan.

If WFDS is showing up on your credit report, and you haven't made any of the actions listed above, there's a good chance it is a mistake. You should do some investigating to determine what's happened so you know how to move forward.

How do I remove WFDS from my credit report?

If you do not recall having any dealings with Wells Fargo, it may be an error or a case of fraud. In this event, you should correct the error on your report and report potential identity theft. Let’s explore these two options a little further.

Correct an error in your report

Sometimes creditors and credit reporting bureaus mix up consumers' personal information. Your name and Social Security number may be so close to another person's that WFDS assigns you their debt by mistake.

If you suspect that that is what has happened, you can rectify the error by sending a dispute letter to the credit reporting agency that has the error. It is also helpful to contact Wells Fargo to alert them of the misreporting.

Sample credit report dispute letter.

Report identity theft

No matter how careful you are—shredding receipts, keeping your Social Security number secret, and collecting letters in the mail daily—you may still be a victim of identity theft.

Criminals can impersonate you, using your information to apply for and obtain credit. Regularly checking your credit can help you catch fraud cases sooner rather than later.

You typically have one free credit report yearly at However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all three major credit reporting bureaus allow you a free weekly credit report through December 31, 2023.

Once you determine that WFDS is on your file because someone has stolen your information, you need to act fast. Report to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) online at You can also call 877-438-4338.

Additionally, place a security freeze on your credit files. The freeze prevents anyone from applying for or receiving credit in your name. As an example, you can contact Equifax online to freeze your information. The agency you notify will alert the other bureaus, and the freeze will apply to them too.

As the FTC works to resolve the issue, you should also inform Wells Fargo of the fraud. Use the address below:

Attn: Credit Bureau Operations
MAC D1127-028
PO Box 71092
Charlotte, NC 28272.

Use Wells Fargo’s locator to find other addresses.

Why is WFDS on my file?

At SoloSuit, our goal has always been to aid consumers in attaining financial wellbeing. Staying financially healthy starts with checking your credit report regularly to ensure everything is in order. We have prepared definitions for common unfamiliar terms you may find on your file, such as WFDS.

In general, WFDS should not be a cause for alarm. It is a branch of the well-known Wells Fargo bank. They are on your credit report because you applied for, cosigned, or received a loan at a dealership they partner with to finance car loans.

But in the rare occurrence that WFDS is erroneously on your credit report, you can remove it by disputing the entry with the bureaus and directly to Wells Fargo.

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