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Mastriani Law Firm Review

Melissa Lyken | December 13, 2023

Summary: There are many companies out there who want to take advantage of your financial situation. If you've been sued for a debt, Mastriani Law Firm may try to convince you that they can help. However, they have a shady reputation with many complaints and reports filed against them for scamming consumers like you. Use SoloSuit to respond to your debt lawsuit instead, and save yourself the heartache of dealing with expensive lawyers.

If you're in debt or being hounded by a debt collection agency, you're one of the millions of Americans experiencing this struggle. Companies like Delanore Kemper and Alco Capital Group prey on vulnerable debtors via intimidation and threatening behavior. In these situations, the number one piece of advice we give people is to find an excellent lawyer to fight back.

Because this is so often recommended, defendants often look for help in the wrong places. So we want to warn you of the potential harms of working with people who prey on your misfortunes. Debt collectors are not the only predator looking to scam you. Keep reading for more information about the Mastriani Law Firm.

If you are looking to hire the Mastriani Law Firm to help you fight your case, continue reading for our rating of the firm.

Take a closer look at Mastriani Law Firm

When you look up the Mastriani Law Firm, you'll find a swanky website that promises top-quality representation and debt settlement. They make statements like, "completely eliminated interest for 95 percent of clients" and even go so far as to say that they can eliminate your entire debt without you having to file for bankruptcy.

View the testimonials featured on their website, and you'll find endless customer reviews singing John Mastriani's praises. The title statement reads, "John Mastriani is The Man!". According to these reviews, he not only saves poor souls in debt but is also lenient with payments and gets money back from creditors. That sounds like a good deal, right? You'll call this attorney, who will take charge and solve all of your problems. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

When you read these accounts in-depth, and the testimonials start saying things like "someone was finally on my side" and "he defeated five creditors single-handedly and made out like a bandit," Mastriani begins to sound less like a lawyer and more like Superman!

Use SoloSuit to respond to debt collection lawsuits and win in court.

Learn the truth about the Mastriani Law Firm

Dig a little deeper, and you'll find the truth. The Mastriani Law Firm is a scam. Actual testimonials about the company list case after case where desperate debtors hired this Mastriani and paid him to defend them. In all of these situations, they were left standing in court with no representation. The law firm also didn't submit any paperwork, which led to an automatic judgment in favor of the debt collection company.

If that wasn't enough, it seems that Mastriani actually doesn't do any legal work. Many customers reported they were unable to contact anyone at the office after paying the retainer. Calls are unanswered, and there is no answering machine. No one responds to emails, and the one client who could get in contact found themselves insulted and sworn at. Every review on the Mastriani Law Firm from an external source (outside their website) is negative and highlights a scam.

Some of his customers have also taken legal action against the low quality of legal counseling they received. The Houston Better Business Bureau has received more than seven complaints against the Mastriani Law Firm, with the earliest dating to July 2017. If you're looking for a competent law firm, this is one to avoid, particularly since Mastriani's excuses stretch to hack computers, stolen phones, a poor sound system, and car theft.

Mastriana Law is so shady that its Better Business Bureau's profile even lists a warning against the law firm:

"It has been alleged by consumers that Mastriani Law Firm, PC has engaged in poor business ethics through their misleading and deceptive business practices. Many allege that the firm has accepted funds for cases that are left incomplete, and do not issue refunds. Additionally, the communication between attorney and client are reportedly lacking. To date, a majority of the complaints sent by our office have been left unanswered by the firm."

Let's take a look at a real example of someone who tried Mastriani Law Firm.

Example: Bobby hired the Mastriani law firm in January of 2019 and paid them a $500 retainer to represent him in his case. He made countless calls to the firm and left messages with no return phone calls. The firm was a no show at Bobby's trial date, and since then he is having to hire another attorney to represent him. Essentially, Mastriani Law took Bobby's money and provided him no services.

Represent yourself and win your debt lawsuit with SoloSuit's help.

You have options if you've been scammed by Mastriani Law

Before you hire a law firm, you need to look into their credentials and verify everything they have told you—research their case history as well as their success rate. Don't forget to check independent sources and websites for reliable testimonials.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you've paid an attorney who isn't helping you, you can take steps to hold them accountable. A good resource is the Client Attorney Assistance Program, a system that can help you reconnect with your lawyer and open new communication channels.

You can also report them to the bar. In cases like with Mastriani Law Firm, where there is a history of fraud, there is also the possibility for reimbursement from the Client Security Fund. Filing a lawsuit with the bar is the final resort but certainly one you should undertake if your firm is scamming you, as your actions will protect future vulnerable or desperate people.

If you want to hold your attorney responsible for fraud or scams, you'll need to report them directly to the bar. This does mean that you may still need another attorney to help solve your debt issue and fight the debt collection agency on your behalf. If you've already paid a lawyer who isn't providing legal services, you cannot collect that money directly. However, you can file an official complaint which will force them to contact you and resolve matters out of their own self-interest.

File a response to your debt collection lawsuit fast with SoloSuit.

Final verdict - Our review of the Mastriani Law Firm

We give Mastriani Law a rating of 0/5 stars. Getting sued is already hard but being scammed in the process by the people who are supposed to help you is terrible.

The Mastriani Law Firm has been scamming customers for years and has been the subject of multiple official complaints. The Houston Better Business Bureau has seven public cases against Mastriani, including all of the independent, negative reviews. There are two levels of incompetence at play here:

First, there's the legal representation issue. If you're paying an attorney, you expect a certain level of effort. The Mastriani Law Firm is not just incompetent, but they also simply do not make an effort to succeed. Clients rely on them to protect their finances and property, but the firm consistently fails to submit the necessary documents. Paying customers are left standing in court with no legal team, which leads to an automatic ruling against them.

Secondly, there have been complaints about the way they run the business. Clients can't get a call answered, and no one takes messages or replies to emails. The Mastriani Law Firm doesn't even have an answering machine. A lawyer who refuses to communicate and doesn't show up or represent his clients in court is a scammer, plain and simple.

We hope this review helps you as you search for a law firm to help you win your case.

Respond to a debt lawsuit without hiring an attorney

Finding a lawyer to represent you in a debt collection lawsuit can be time-consuming and expensive. Plus, imagine thinking you've found a trustworthy attorney only to be let down by scammers like Mastriani Law.

With SoloSuit, you can represent yourself and save yourself the stress and costs of hiring a lawyer. As a bonus, we have licensed attorneys who will review your documents for you before you submit them into the case.

With the SoloSuit Premium Package, you can draft an Answer document to your debt collection case in all 50 states and have an attorney review your responses before sendiing it off. In addition to the customized Answer and attorney review, SoloSuit will also file your Answer into the court and serve the opposing party for you.

We know, it's a pretty great deal and clearly a superior alternative to hiring sketchy law firms like Mastriana Law.

Now, let's take a look at an example of someone who used SoloSuit instead of a law firm.

Example: John was sued by LVNV Funding for an old credit card debt. He used SoloSuit to draft and file an Answer to the lawsuit. His Answer was review by an attorney before filing, and SoloSuit took care of filing John's Answer document into the case for him. In his Answer, John denied most of the claims being made against him and asserted his affirmative defenses. A few later, he found out that the case had been dismissed. John saved thousands by representing himself and using SoloSuit, and he was victorious in his case.

SoloSuit is on your team. Our automated documents can help you make an initial response to a debt lawsuit, settle the debt in the midst of the case, and force the case out of court and into arbitration. Check out this video to learn more:

What is SoloSuit? Is SoloSuit legit?

Yes, SoloSuit is as legit as it gets. We make it easy to fight debt collectors.

You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, to send letters to collectors, and even to settle a debt.

SoloSuit's services include a step-by-step web-app that asks you all the necessary questions to draft legal documents to respond to a debt lawsuit and fight off collectors before it gets to that point. We have an attorneys review your Answer document before we file it for you.

Respond with SoloSuit

"First time getting sued by a debt collector and I was searching all over YouTube and ran across SoloSuit, so I decided to buy their services with their attorney reviewed documentation which cost extra but it was well worth it! SoloSuit sent the documentation to the parties and to the court which saved me time from having to go to court and in a few weeks the case got dismissed!" – James

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