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How to beat a Central Mediation Services phone call

Dena Standley | October 19, 2022

Summary: If Central Mediation Services is attempting to collect a debt from you, you can use SoloSuit to send them a Debt Validation Letter and fight back.

How to beat a Central Mediation Services phone call

Receiving a call from Central Mediation Services demanding you pay an outstanding debt causes incredible stress. It is frustrating when your original creditor assigns your account to a third-party debt collector who might cause you sleepless nights or add more financial hardships.

Many debt collection companies have "mediation services" as part of their name. Determining whether you've been contacted by Central Mediation Services or another similar company is the first step in understanding your options. Many debt collection companies pursue debt much more aggressively than the original creditor, using legal and sometimes illegal means. Several complaints have been filed against Central Mediation Services for attempting to collect:

  • Non-existent debt
  • Debt that is already cleared
  • Double or triple the original debt amount

Beating a Central Mediation Services phone call involves finding out if the call is legitimate, what company you are dealing with, and knowing the tricks Central Mediation Services uses by reading their consumer complaints. It is also crucial to understand the steps to handling a legitimate Central Mediation Services phone call.

Confirm the Central Mediation Services phone call is legitimate

Not every phone call you receive from Central Mediation Services is legitimate. Some may be their employees trying to scam you to pay more than you owe, and others are individuals acting alone who want to steal your money. Suspect the caller may be a fake Central Mediation Services debt collector if they:

  • Refuse to give you their full names, mailing address, phone number, and the company's professional license number
  • Ask you to repay a debt you don't recognize
  • Threaten to report you or call the police if you do not agree to pay immediately
  • Adamantly request you to pay via gift card, prepaid debit card, or wire transfer

If you encounter the above, demand more information about the debt in question by sending a Debt Validation Letter requesting them to validate the debt. Some debt collectors stop the collection process at this point if the debt is fake or they were falsely using a creditor's name to scam you.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that Central Mediation Services fails to respond to consumer complaints. Central Mediation Services is located at

2940 Delaware Avenue, Suite #104

Kenmore, NY 14217

(866) 743-9836

You can also confirm the call's legitimacy by checking your credit report. If the debt is not listed, then it's a sign you are being scammed. Report the debt collection scam to

Reviews from consumers scammed by Central Mediation Services

Doing a web search will help you find ways that various companies use Mediation Services as part of their name and attempt to scam consumers. You will find names and phone numbers of fake Mediation Services employees and learn clever methods they use to force you to pay. Here are examples from real consumers:

Case1: Allison received a call from Fred Thomas claiming to be a Mediation Services employee. He told her she was being sued for a past debt. Fred gave her information from 12 years ago about her bank details, her address, and where she worked. He failed to disclose any current information about her, and he hung up when she pressed for more details about the debt. The number Fred used was 203-403-2005.

Case 2: Amber received a Mediation Services call from someone who claimed to be Melody Moor, saying that she was collecting debt for a magazine company. The collector told her she owed $2,000, and they would resolve it for $656. Amber agreed to start paying, but after the first month, she realized they had listed that her debt began two years earlier than the date of her first subscription. The phone number used was 330-931-3868.

Case 3: Thomas was called by a lady called Katy from United Mediation Services about a car he had returned ten years earlier. She claimed the car had been auctioned, and a debt of $1900 remained. Thomas was to be served a summons in court unless he paid $590 upfront or 30% of the claim. She told him if he didn't pay in 30 days, he would hear from the courts, but Thomas discovered it was a scam with further investigation. The company's address is 6160 Warren Pkwy Suite 100 Frisco, Texas.

These cases are a reflection on the scams connected to Mediation Services. Be keen on asking for the details to verify the phone call is legitimately from Mediation Services.

How to handle a legitimate Central Mediation Services phone call

Central Mediation Services has the right to call and request payments if the debt you owe is genuine. They will act on behalf of your creditors to get you to pay, but they need to follow the right procedure. Below are the proper steps to follow when you receive a legitimate Mediation Services call:

  1. Gather the details of the person calling: Their name, the debt collectors company they represent, their address, and phone number. You can also ask for a professional licensing number if your state requires them to have one.
  2. Learn more about the alleged debt: The amount and when the original creditors sold the debt, or confirmation that Mediation Services has been assigned the debt.
  3. Send a SoloSuit Debt Validation Letter: This letter is used for requesting the debt collector specify the exact amount you owe, the name of your creditor, and the history of the debt. It also disputes the debt and notifies the collector you can sue them if they violate the FDCPA.

SoloSuit makes it easy to send Mediation Services a Debt Validation Letter.

What is SoloSuit?

SoloSuit helps people fight debt collectors. We have everything you need to win. How it works: SoloSuit is a step-by-step web-app that makes it easy to complete a Debt Validation Letter.

Respond with SoloSuit

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What if I'm sued by Central Mediation Services?

If you're sued by Central Mediation Service, you need to respond by filing an Answer. Filing an Answer will protect your rights and save you from garnishment. In most states you only have 14-30 days to file an Answer.

SoloSuit can help you file an Answer in all 50 states.

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