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Respond to a BCA Financial Services Debt Collector

Sarah Edwards | November 22, 2023

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Summary: Does BCA Financial Services claim you have outstanding debt? You might not have to pay it in full. Start by asking BCA Financial Services debt collectors to validate your debt, and if needed, settle your debt before going to court. SoloSuit can help you do all this and more.

If you’ve ever gotten a call from a debt collector, you know exactly how stressful it can be! And if BCA Financial Services has recently started bothering you about a debt, you probably want to get the issue resolved as soon as you can.

You might not know that there are more ways to resolve a debt than paying it in full. Here’s how to deal with the debt that BCA Financial Services claims that you owe.

Respond to a BCA Financial Services debt collector.

What is BCA Financial Services?

BCA Financial Services is a debt collection agency in Florida that’s been collecting money consumers since 1944. This agency mostly does collections for healthcare companies like hospitals, urgent care centers, and doctor’s offices. That can make everything worse — if you’ve had an upsetting diagnosis like cancer and can’t afford your bill, you might get daily calls from BCA to remind you of your situation.

BCA claims to be “dedicated to compassionate account resolution.” While it’s hard to believe what debt collectors have to say about themselves, in this case, there actually might be some truth to it.

Below is the contact information for BCA Financial Services:

  • Address: 18001 Old Cutler Road #462, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
  • Phone: 305-909-2200
  • Email:

The following photo is the BCA Financial Services office in Palmetto Bay.

BCA Financial Services reviews

As of November 2023, the BCA Financial’s BBB profile shows that it has been accredited since 2017, and it has far fewer complaints than we’ve seen for most debt collection companies. BCA Financial Services also has an A+ BBB rating.

One of these complaints stated that BCA told a consumer they owed money but would not return calls or tell the consumer how to pay it. Another complaint said that BCA was attempting to collect a debt the consumer had already paid.

BCA’s BBB profile makes it look decent, but when we checked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaint database, we found that 145 complaints were filed against the company between December 2011 and November 2023.

These complaints cover many different issues, but here are some highlights:

  • Some consumers allege that BCA refused to verify the debt when asked.
  • Others reported being harassed to pay debts they didn’t actually owe.
  • Some complaints alleged that collections accounts remained on their credit report even after BCA claimed they had been removed.

BCA Financial Services reviews with Google earn it an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 as of November 2023. Here are some real BCA Financial Services reviews:

So, is BCA Financial Services Inc. legit? The answer is yes, although, like many debt collection companies, it may have some concerning practices.

What to do if BCA Financial Services Inc. says you owe money

If you’ve just gotten a BCA Financial Services debt collector call, don’t panic! BCA and other debt collectors count on you not knowing your rights. They would love for you to get so worried about the debt impacting your credit that you pay it without question.

However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) gives you rights when it comes to debt collection. This law makes it illegal for debt collectors to do certain things considered deceptive or otherwise unfair.

The law is pretty detailed in how it restricts collections practices, but the most important detail is that the FDCPA allows you to ask a debt collector to verify any debt they claim you owe. You need to make that request in writing with a Debt Validation Letter.

Draft a Debt Validation Letter online in minutes.

Your Debt Validation Letter needs to include six crucial things:

  • The name of the original creditor (the business you initially owed money to).
  • The exact amount of money the company is saying you owe.
  • A copy of the contract you signed with the creditor (like the form you sign at a doctor’s office that says you’ll pay for services).
  • The last transaction that was made on your account.
  • Proof that BCA Financial Services has the legal right to collect the debt.
  • BCA’s license number in your state.

Want to know more about Debt Validation Letters? Check out SoloSuit’s Debt Validation Letter Q&A:

Once you send a Debt Validation Letter, don’t send BCA Financial Services payments until you hear back. There are a few possible outcomes, and some of them could work in your favor.

Let’s consider an example.

Example: Stephanie gets a letter from BCA Financial Services that says she owes a doctor’s office $250. She can’t remember owing that money, but she isn’t sure. Stephanie sends a Debt Validation Letter to BCA. BCA doesn’t have the proof required, so the company stops contacting her entirely, and she never hears about the debt again.

How to ask BCA for a debt settlement

Suppose that you’re not as fortunate as Stephanie, and BCA has the proof you’re asking for. You now have to deal with the debt. If you have the funds to cover it and just want the situation to be over with, you can just pay it outright. Alternatively, you can ask about setting up a payment plan with a monthly payment you can afford.

If paying the debt in full is out of reach — or if you just want to save money — you can use SoloSettle to make a settlement offer. With this easy-to-use tool from SoloSuit, you can make an initial offer and continue negotiations. For example, you might offer to pay 60%, and BCA might accept that offer or give you a counteroffer.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t ignore the response BCA Financial Services sends. The company might file a lawsuit against you in an attempt to collect the debt.

Ready to resolve your debt with BCA Financial Services?

Dealing with debt collectors is stressful, and there’s plenty of evidence that it has a negative effect on your mental health. The sooner you resolve your debt, the faster you can move on.

What if you don’t take action in time — and BCA Financial Services files a lawsuit against you? Settle your debt with BCA Financial Services.

Settle with SoloSettle

Make an Offer

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Not sued yet?

Use our Debt Validation Letter.

Out Debt Validation Letter is the best way to respond to a collection letter. Many debt collectors will simply give up after receiving it.

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