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Resolve Debt With SRS Company

Sarah Edwards | November 17, 2023

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Summary: Keep getting calls from SRS Company? Don’t panic! In this article, SoloSuit shows you how to make SRS Company prove you owe money (and what to do next). You might owe less than you think.

Calls from debt collectors always seem to come at the worst times. And if you’re already facing financial hardship, it might seem that you’ll never be able to get out of debt.

Some people see all that stress and then try to run from it. But if you do that, the debt doesn’t go away. It can grow and impact your present and future financial health. If you’ve been getting calls from SRS Company, you shouldn’t ignore them. You also shouldn’t pay the debt right away. Here’s SoloSuit’s guide.

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What is SRS Company?

SRS stands for Southwest Recovery Services — you might also see it called SWRS Company. Its headquarters are at 16200 Addison Road, Suite 260, Addison, TX 75001, and its phone number is 866-551-2888. However, representatives may call from other phone numbers.

SRS is a debt collection company, and according to its website, it’s a “nationally recognized leader” in the industry. Despite that claim, SRS says it doesn’t “do business” in Oregon or Washington. So, if you’re in one of those states, you’re safe!

As far as we can see, SRS doesn’t have a specialty. Its website says it collects for “all businesses,” and in looking at complaints, we saw several mentions of SRS trying to collect past-due rent.

It’s important to make sure you don’t confuse SRS Company in Dallas, Texas, with Spire Recovery Solutions, another debt collection agency whose name can be abbreviated as SRS. After all, if you need to send a letter or an email, you want to make sure it’s going to the right company.

SWRS has offices in the following locations:

Is SWRS Company actually legit?

All debt collector calls and letters seem suspicious, so it’s understandable if you want to check to make sure SWRS Company is real. Yes, SRS Company is a legitimate company, although consumers don’t seem to be that fond of it.

Southwest Recovery Services reviews

We started our investigation of Southwest Recovery Services by taking a look at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database of complaints. We saw that SWRS had received nearly 500 total complaints between December 2011 and November 2023.

Most of the complaints against SWRS came from consumers living in Texas, as shown by the map below.

Southwest Recovery Services complaints

Some complaints in the database come with narratives — brief explanations of what happened. We took a look at the complaints against SRS and put together some highlights:

  • Many consumers said that SRS was trying to collect debts the consumer didn’t owe.
  • Some consumers said SRS wouldn’t verify debt when asked.
  • Some said that SRS tried to collect more than the amount of debt actually owed.
  • Many said that SRS representatives were rude or used obscene language on the phone.

Any time you want to learn more about a debt collector, it’s a good idea to look at its BBB profile. SRS Company’s profile doesn’t look great. As of November 2023, it isn’t BBB accredited, and its BBB rating is D. SRS has had 94 complaints closed against it in the past three years, 35 of which were closed in the past 12 months alone.

That’s a large number of complaints, but some of them might have been meant for Spire Recovery Solutions in Lockport, NY. As of November 2023, the BBB itself had a banner on SRS Company’s profile stating that it’s received many complaints filed against Southwest Recovery Solutions that were meant for Spire Recovery Solutions.

This doesn’t mean that SRS is a great company — but misdirected complaints just might be making it look worse than it is.

What to do if SWRS Company says you owe money

Debt collectors hope that their calls will make you panic and pay the debt without asking questions. Sadly, many people do just that because they don’t know their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The FDCPA restricts the tactics debt collectors can use, and it also grants you rights as a consumer. One of the most important rights is the ability to ask a collection agency to verify the debt in writing. You can make this request with something called a Debt Validation Letter.

Make SRS Company validate your debt.

To learn more about Debt Validation Letters and how they work, check out SoloSuit’s Debt Validation Letter Q&A below.

When you send a Debt Validation Letter, you must ask the debt collector for six separate things:

  • The name of the original creditor (the company you owed the debt to).
  • The exact amount you allegedly owe.
  • A copy of the contract between you and the first creditor.
  • The most recent transaction or payment on the account.
  • Proof that SRS has the legal right to collect this specific debt.
  • SRS’s license number to operate in your state.

Want to write an amazing Debt Validation Letter quickly? Use SoloSuit’s template!

What to do if SRS Company validates your debt

After you send a Debt Validation Letter, you’ll wait for a response. Under the FDCPA, once Southwest Recovery Services receives your request, the company can’t continue to harass you about the debt until it has answered you.

If a debt collector can’t validate your debt, you aren’t legally obligated to pay it. They won’t tell you this — they’ll just disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again (hopefully).

If SRS replies to your Debt Validation Letter with proof, you have a few different options. To understand them, let’s consider an example.

Example: Rowan gets a call from SRS Company saying he owes a former landlord $1,000 in past-due rent. He sends SRS a Debt Validation Letter, and SRS responds with proof. But Rowan has a problem — he just doesn’t have an extra thousand dollars lying around! He tells SRS this, and because he’s trying to pay the debt, the company works with him to create payment terms. SRS says he can pay $100 per month for 10 months, and he accepts.

Ready to resolve your debt with SRS Company once and for all?

When you face your debt head-on, you can put it behind you once and for all. If SRS hasn’t filed a lawsuit against you, sending a Debt Validation Letter is the first step. But if you’ve already been sued, it’s not too late! SoloSuit can help. You could resolve the debt for less than you owe, and SoloSettle will handle the negotiation process for you.

Settle your debt with SRS Company.

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