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How to Get Relief From a Gambling Debt

George Simons | December 11, 2023

George Simons
Co-Founder of SoloSuit
George Simons, JD/MBA

George Simons is the co-founder and CEO of SoloSuit. He has helped Americans protect over $1 billion from predatory debt lawsuits. George graduated from BYU Law school in 2020 with a JD-MBA. In his spare time, George likes to cook, because he likes to eat.

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Hannah Locklear
Editor at SoloSuit
Hannah Locklear, BA

Hannah Locklear is SoloSuit’s Marketing and Impact Manager. With an educational background in Linguistics, Spanish, and International Development from Brigham Young University, Hannah has also worked as a legal support specialist for several years.

Summary: Are you worried that you'll never overcome your struggle with gambling? Did your latest bet put you in an inescapable situation? Learn how to overcome your challenges and recover from gambling debt.

You thought it was a sure thing. No way can you lose. You know in your heart and your head that placing this bet will get you back on track. Win this wager and you're digging yourself out of the hole from all those previous bets.

A story as old as time. The gambler thinking this is the one. This is the bet that is going to get me back to square one. The can't-miss wager. The result is all too familiar as something unexpected happens and the bet is lost. Now, what?

Take Stock of What Your Gambling Has Cost You

If you find yourself in the situation described above, understand that you are not alone. More importantly, understanding that may provide some with the courage to address the issue. Dealing with any personal financial matter can be challenging.

Should the financial problem you are dealing with is a result of gambling, it is wise to take stock as to what your gambling has cost you. Sure, there is the debt that accumulates but what other costs have you paid? Has your gambling cost your job? Your relationships? For our purposes, we'll focus on how to get relief from a gambling debt.

Hardcore gamblers fail to realize the warning signs that happened to them that led to their current situation. Ignoring an issue is never a good answer. So, once you have taken stock of just what your gambling has led to, it is time to take action to wrap your arms around your gambling debt.

Respond to debt collectors with SoloSuit and win your case.

Take Action to Recover From Your Gambling Losses

By taking stock of your gambling issue, you will begin to understand that this particular issue is two-fold. First, if you are dealing with an addiction especially one that is beyond your control, seek professional help. There are many programs available to you.

The other part of this issue is financial. Where has your gambling led regarding your finances? This will be based on a few factors, most notably, how much do you owe? Depending on the amount owed as well as the sources of the money that was gambled and lost, you can create a plan to get back on a stable financial footing.

You can get a debt consolidation loan to pay back what is owed if that is a manageable number. If this is not an option, perhaps putting a hold on your existing credit cards. If the available balance of your credit cards was a primary source of the money you used to gamble, putting this hold can stop the bleeding as it were. Along with this action, putting a hold on your credit file so that you are not tempted to secure another credit card to use for gambling purposes.

If the gambling debt is simply too much, filing bankruptcy may be the best alternative for your situation. Whichever road you take, SoloSuit can help. While finding yourself in this kind of situation can be downright scary, you'll find that SoloSuit can make it less frightening by providing complete information for your gambling debt.

Avoid bankruptcy by responding to debt collection lawsuits with SoloSuit.

Decide Which Road Is Best to Take

Regardless of which action you take, it is best not to sweep this under the rug, Failing to address any debt situation can lead to making a bad thing worse. It doesn't matter if it is credit card debt or failure to pay on a car loan or as in the case we're currently discussing, gambling debt.

Once you determine exactly where your gambling debt has left you financially, you can decide how to proceed. Find out all the avenues open to you. If the gambling debt is something that can be repaid in the short term, contacting the creditor could prove to be the best avenue towards resolving this situation. The fact that you're evaluating your situation should convey to you that your gambling has reached a critical point. The free legal resources at can help you gather information if this is the best route for you to take.

If the level of debt is so much that bankruptcy is the best alternative for you, can also help you there. One of the resources found there is Upsolve and they can help if your gambling losses are at the point where filing bankruptcy is the only option.

Use SoloSuit to respond to debt collectors in 15 minutes.

You Can Recover From Gambling Debt

Whatever you decide to do regarding your gambling debt, take pride in the fact that just by reading this article you have chosen to take action. If you are reading this far you are probably already deciding to take even more action.

Don't talk yourself out of that notion. Whenever a person is dealing with their finances, especially if it is dealing with debt, it can be a challenge. Most people are simply too afraid of where they find themselves. Many don't know what to do so they do nothing.

Kudos to you for deciding to read this article. Bravo for clicking on the links of websites that can provide information or help for you and your situation. There is an old saying that: Once begun, it is halfway done.

That is usually the case with debt of any kind. For gambling debt, it may be more embarrassing because some people judge that this kind of debt is completely avoidable. It simply doesn't matter how you got there. What matters most is that you decide to take the necessary action to get the help, find the resources and take the steps you need to take to finally wrestle control over your gambling debts. Allow to assist you with what you may need to help get you to a better place.

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