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5 Legal and Deadly Lessons From Bicycle Accidents

Daniel Martin | October 19, 2022

Summary: Were you involved in a biking accident? Here is SoloSuit's guide 5 important lessons learned from bicycle accidents.

People learn different lessons in many life situations, and accidents are one of those circumstances. If you underwent a bicycle accident and were lucky to survive, you definitely learned something new.

Never assume that since you're keen to observe all the road rules, you won't experience an accident. Keep in mind that you always share roads with many other drivers, and some of these road users might be too careless.

As a cyclist, you must be careful not to engage in petty and possibly avoidable road cases, like the example of a cyclist who hit a pedestrian on a crosswalk. The cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries, while the woman who was hit died later.

Now, let's find out the lessons learned from bicycle accidents.

What are the legal and deadly lessons learned from bicycle accidents?

1. Cyclists are the most vulnerable road users

It helps to know that bicycle-related accidents are among the most popular traffic cases globally.

Cyclists are vulnerable. They tend to experience road injuries because they are less visible on the highways.

Compared to motorists, they have less protection. Thus, bicyclists are highly likely to sustain injuries due to road accidents when not seen. One common bicycle-related injury is a head injury. This can range from head cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injuries.

That's why putting on a helmet is advisable to help lower head injury risks. Helmets reduce brain injuries by 88%. They also help cut down severe brain damage by 75% or more.

Statistics show that nearly 1,000 bicyclists die each year in the United States, while 130,000 cyclists are left injured annually.

2. It's hard to get through the compensation process without the help of an injury lawyer for bicyclists

If you've experienced a devastating cycling accident that wasn't your fault, you deserve to get your compensation. But, it's hard to get through the compensation process without the help of an injury lawyer for bicyclists.

If you need help after an accident, you may seek the aid of an expert attorney. Experienced bicycle accident lawyers know precisely what it takes to win the claims. They understand how to calculate huge claims to guarantee their clients successful compensation after a life-altering accident.

Potential areas of compensation include:

  • Lost wages.
  • Medical bills.
  • Pain and suffering.

If you reside in California, check out these personal injury lawyers in Costa Mesa.

3. Some cyclists suffer due to bicycle injuries, yet they are entitled to compensation

After an accident, bicyclists are entitled to the same compensation rights as motorists. Any cyclist who's experienced an accident that was not their fault can claim compensation. This will help build yourself back up.

Usually, after a bicycle accident, you could experience minor to severe injuries. Such may require expensive medical care, and you may be unable to cover it from your pocket.

So, if you sustain injuries from the cycle accident, you can get bicycle accident compensation. If someone causes your damage due to negligence, they must compensate you for all losses.

Undergoing a bicycle accident may also involve more than just physical injuries. It can cause disastrous impacts on essential areas of your life. Your job, social life, and your mental wellness could be affected.

4. The accident victim may remain traumatized, with many disturbing questions

If you're injured suddenly, you will likely have many disturbing questions. Such questions might include whether you can cover your medical bills and lost wages. You may also want to know if the one responsible for your pain and suffering will take charge of your entire wellness.

At such a time, there could be many things to navigate. Thankfully, a lawyer for bicycle accidents can answer your questions. Once you contact them, they will take you through every step of the claim process.

The professional will check your accident case and confirm your eligibility. It will all depend on your region or state. Afterward, they proceed to handle your claim if you're willing to continue.

Lawyers for bicycle accidents will help you follow up on your medical bills, lost wages, and other compensations. You're highly likely to win in a personal injury case when you walk the journey with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

5. You Must Pay Attention to Your Body and Take Your Recovery Seriously.

One of the mistakes personal injury victims make is to ignore their personal and body needs. Most people take things lightly and fail to give themselves a break to recover fully. For instance, you may find an injured person resuming work almost immediately when they need some time to rest and heal.

In the modern world, competitive work environments make many believe that success and achievements are more important than personal wellness. But, you can hardly attain that success with an unhealthy body and mind.

It's true that when we get overwhelmed, we may easily neglect our personal and bodily needs. But, this could cause you more harm than good. Remember that most signs and symptoms of the injuries may not appear until some days after an accident.

These symptoms may include soft tissue injuries, whiplash, concussions, or spinal injuries. So, the pain and bruises could worsen when you're quick to resume your regular routine.

During an accident, your body undergoes an adrenaline rush that tends to mask pain and other symptoms. This may make you think that you aren't injured. Please learn from the expert advice on recovering after a cycling accident.

Tip: As you recover, learn to take a few minutes every day to reflect on how you feel. Listen to your body's needs so you can meet them before other things.

Key Takeaways

Life takes us through many phases. Sometimes you're excited and content; other times, you're down and depressed. But, through it all, it helps to draw your life's lessons so that you may avoid the rough pathways.

After sustaining injuries from a bicycle accident, remember that you shouldn't suffer when you can get compensated. You only need the help of an expert attorney to take you through the journey of settling your claims. The lawyer will also help ease your mind by answering any disturbing questions you may have.

Remember to pay attention to your body's needs and take every necessary action towards your full recovery. Above all, practice safe cycling and be alert always. Not every road user is as careful as you could be!

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