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How to Resolve a Debt with Summit Account Resolution

Sarah Edwards | November 01, 2023

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Summary: Collection letters and phone calls are annoying, especially from Summit Account Resolution. SoloSuit answers the question of how to resolve a debt with Summit Account Resolution and explains how to get the company off your back in this article.

Debt collectors can be a real pain, especially if you don’t know who they are and they continue to call you and send you letters. You may fend off calls at your workplace (which is embarrassing) or get texts from the collection agency urging you to pay a bill.

If Summit Account Resolution has an account with your name, you probably want them to lose your number. That’s entirely possible, but you must take a few steps to make it happen.

Make Summit Account Resolution prove you owe money with a Debt Validation Letter.

What is Summit Account Resolution?

Summit Account Resolution, also known as SUMMIT A•R, is a debt collection agency specializing in consumer and commercial debts, including healthcare, banking, and dental bill collections. Typically, clients contact them with a list of overdue accounts and put them in charge of obtaining the money due to them.

According to the Summit AR website, the company was formed in 1996. Since then, they’ve been making consumers miserable with their collections activities. Consumers can reach them by calling the Summit Account Resolutions phone number at 888-222-0793. They can also schedule payments online.

The physical address for Summit AR is 12201 Champlin Dr, Champlin, MN 55316, and the following image is a photograph of the debt collection agency’s headquarters.

Summit Account Resolution reviews

Summit Account Resolution is an accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) company with a current ‘A’ rating. Despite this good rating, there are still several consumer complaints against the organization. Most of the complaints relate to credit items from rental car agencies.

In one case, a rental car company charged a client with damages to the car they rented, despite the agent declaring the car acceptable when the customer returned it. Summit later ended up with the client’s account but removed it after the consumer complained and provided evidence of no damage to the vehicle.

That being said, the agency has great Google reviews with an average 4.5 rating out of five stars. Below are some examples of real Summit AR reviews.

Make Summit Account Resolution validate your debt before you pay anything

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows consumers to request debt validation before entering into repayment obligations. To make the most of this benefit, it’s best to send a Debt Validation Letter to Summit Account Resolution within 30 days of receiving any initial communication from them.

In your Debt Validation Letter, ask for the following:

  • The name of the original debt collector and the amount you owe.
  • A copy of the contract between you and the original creditor.
  • The last transaction made on the account, such as a payment.
  • Proof that Summit Account Resolution has the right to collect your debt.
  • Summit Account Resolution’s debt collection license number in your state.

After sending your letter, Summit Account Resolution should stop contacting you until they provide the information you request. If they continue to reach out without validating your debt, you can file a complaint against them with the FTC.

Learn more about how to validate your debt in the following video.

What to do if Summit Account Resolution validates your debt

If Summit Account Resolution sends you all the requested information, you must address the obligation to stop future phone calls and letters.

Remember, if you don’t take any action, Summit Account Resolution may decide to sue you. A debt lawsuit is serious; you may end up with a judgment if they win their case. A judgment will allow them to garnish your wages or take money from your bank account.

You have a few options to choose from to resolve the matter. You can repay it entirely, set up payment arrangements, or try a settlement.

Repaying your debt is the most straightforward alternative. You simply contact Summit Account Resolution and tell them you want to pay off your debt. Once you send them the entire amount due, they should provide you with a receipt. They’ll also report your account paid to the consumer reporting bureaus.

However, full debt repayment may not work for you if the obligation is significant. After all, coming up with a few hundred dollars is much easier than thousands. In that case, a payment arrangement may be the best solution.

Settle your debt with Summit Account Resolution

In a payment arrangement, you agree to pay a certain amount each month until you pay off your debt. It’s similar to a credit card, where you make monthly payments on your outstanding balance.

Ideally, Summit Account Resolution will help you find an amount that is affordable to you. However, remember that the outstanding bill will continue appearing on your credit report as unpaid until you fully resolve the obligation.

Another option is a settlement in which you offer Summit Account Resolution a percentage of the amount you owe in exchange for forgiving the remaining amount. You’ll make a lump-sum payment, after which they should report your account settled to the consumer reporting agencies.

However, Summit Account Resolution isn’t obligated to accept a settlement. It’s at their discretion. The more you offer, the more likely it is to work out for you.

Let’s consider an example.

Example: Drew has an old utility bill he never paid for $400. Summit Account Resolution recently purchased the debt from the utility provider, and now, they’re contacting Drew for the money. He sends Summit Account Resolution a Debt Validation Letter, and they respond with the requested information. Since the amount isn’t too significant, Drew decides to set up a payment arrangement. Drew tells Summit Account Resolution he’ll pay them $100 for four months until he satisfies the debt. Summit Account Resolution agrees to the deal, and Drew sets up an automatic payment so he doesn’t forget to pay them. At the end of the four months, Summit Account Resolution reports to the credit reporting bureaus that the debt is paid.

Take action on debt with Summit Account Resolution

Ignoring debt collectors like Summit Account Resolution won’t cause them to go away. Instead, ask them to validate your debt before deciding what to do. If they prove you owe the money, you can consider repaying it or settling it. Some people may find that a payment arrangement works, too.

Ready to settle a debt with Summit Account Resolution? Don’t go it alone — SoloSettle can help!

Settle with SoloSettle

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Not sued yet?

Use our Debt Validation Letter.

Out Debt Validation Letter is the best way to respond to a collection letter. Many debt collectors will simply give up after receiving it.

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