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Dealing with pushy and unfair debt collectors is really stressful. Getting endless calls, scary letters, and other wrong collection tactics can be really frustrating and upsetting. Talking to a debt collector might feel scary, but remember, you have specific legal rights. Pennsylvania debt collection laws, and other federal laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, are there to protect you.
Diane used the SoloSuit premium package, which meant that an attorney reviewed her documents before filing and a SoloSuit legal support specialist filed her answer document for her. Here's Diane's story.
South Dakota's Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws allow you to stop debt collector harassment. These laws also prevent creditors and debt collectors from contacting your employer, neighbors, and family. Moreover, you may impose monetary damages on debt collectors if harmed by unfair debt collection procedures in South Dakota.
If you live in Michigan and have debt collectors calling, emailing, or sending letters about an alleged debt, take solace in knowing you have legal rights and protections under both state and federal law, namely MI Comp L § 445 and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Below, we break down these debt collection laws and how they apply to Michigan residents.
If Stillman Law Office (SLO) has called you about a debt, you may be wondering if this company is legitimate because of the illegal and unprofessional way they treat you. For instance, you may have told them to stop calling, but they ignore your request.
Consumers struggling with debt would appreciate an understanding debt collector. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Many debt collectors resort to harassment and other illegal methods to scare consumers into paying debt. Federal and state governments have established laws and regulations to protect you. Understanding these laws can prepare you for debt collection lawsuits and subsequent judgments.
Are you feeling a little stressed about a debt that Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. says you owe? You’ll likely want a few tips on handling the matter without destroying your credit or ending up with a debt lawsuit. While collection agencies aren’t known for being the friendliest organizations, they usually aren’t out to get you. They won’t break your legs or show up in a dark alley, hounding you for money. However, they will send you letters and call you, which can be annoying, especially if you don’t know who they are or have the money to pay them.
Are you considering using OppLoans to access quick funding? If so, OppLoans is a legitimate online platform that offers installment loans for consumers with a relatively poor credit score. They do not perform a hard credit check, but you must meet the following requirements.
Enduring constant phone calls at all hours and receiving menacing letters can be overwhelming, especially when they come from an unscrupulous debt collector. Most people, including those from the Sooner State, find this experience deeply distressing. However, if you're facing this, don't lose hope. Both state and federal laws offer legal safeguards and mandates to support you when dealing with debt collectors. This article provides a comprehensive overview of debt collection laws in Oklahoma, including laws pertaining to the statute of limitations.
Are Rash Curtis and Associates’ phone calls and letters making it hard to get through your day without unnecessary stress? If so, that’s completely understandable. Debt collectors can be a real nuisance, and they’re not exactly known for their compassionate bedside manner. Resolving a debt begins with effective communication and understanding your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In this article, we’ll discuss how to handle the matter and get back to normal.
Let's face it: college costs lots of money, and not every family can afford to sponsor their child's education. This is why most students graduate with some amount of debt. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce that load quickly and effectively, from budgeting to loan consolidation, and the sooner you develop a plan to manage your own student debt, the better off you'll be.
Understanding how to effectively deal with collections agencies can feel like deciphering a foreign language, leading to stress and confusion. Among these agencies, Diversified Recovery Bureau stands out. If you find yourself trying to settle an outstanding debt with them, it's paramount to approach the situation with knowledge and strategy.
Experiencing numerous phone calls, menacing letters, and various intimidation tactics from an overzealous debt collector can be distressing. However, if you're facing harassment from a debt collection agent in Nebraska, rest assured. Both state and federal laws are in place to safeguard you during interactions with debt collectors.
En este artículo te brindamos una guía general sobre cómo responder a una demanda civil por deuda, pero si sientes que este problema supera tus capacidades y quisieras obtener ayuda, SoloSuit tu puede ayudar.
According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau survey, nearly 20% of households carry medical debt. The median amount of debt was $2,000 — a significant chunk that can easily take a bite out of a consumer’s monthly cash flow. If you don’t make arrangements to pay a medical bill, the debt may end up with a collection agency like Oliver Adjustment Company.
Trust fund management is a critical aspect of legal practice, where attorneys must safeguard and manage client funds with the utmost care and precision. In the past, this process was often riddled with manual errors and time-consuming efforts. However, with the advent of billing software, trust fund management has significantly transformed, offering simplicity and efficiency to lawyers and law firms.
You’re likely familiar with MARS Inc., the candy conglomerate responsible for tasty treats like Snickers and Skittles. Its products line the checkout aisles of every grocery and convenience store across America, tempting consumers to buy them for a quick sugar rush. However, you probably don’t know who MARS Inc. Collections is, and you likely weren’t expecting a letter or phone call from this debt collector. We’ll discuss a few techniques to get you out of the debt doghouse with MARS.
Getting many phone calls, scary letters, and other threats from a debt collector can be very stressful and upsetting for many people, including those living in Missouri. If a debt collector is chasing you, there are laws in place to keep you safe when talking to them about a late payment. This article provides a comprehensive overview of debt collection laws in Missouri, including laws pertaining to the statute of limitations.
If Grant Mercantile Agency sends you a collection letter, you’ll want to verify the letter is legit and confirm you owe the money before sending any cash. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take.
New York residents being hounded by debt collectors can seek refuge in an array of state and federal laws intended to protect consumers from being subjected to unfair, abusive, and deceptive debt collection practices.
Apart from the strict regulation on debt collection communications, Wyoming has other laws that protect consumers at various stages of the collection process. In this article, we’ll break down these laws in detail and explain steps to take against a debt collector who violates your rights.
Being in debt isn’t something to be ashamed of. Millions of people have outstanding credit cards and medical obligations they can’t afford to pay, and many of those debts end up with a collection agency like Mid-South Adjustment. After a collection agency obtains the right to collect your debt, it usually sends you letters.
Being hounded by an unscrupulous debt collector is oftentimes a stressful, anxiety-inducing experience. If you are being pursued by such a debt collector and reside in the Bluegrass State, do not give up hope. There are federal legal protections in place designed to assist you when engaging with a debt collector about a delinquent account.
Have you ever heard of FirstPoint Collection Resources? Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you’ve received a collections notice from them. You might wonder whether this is a legitimate debt collection agency and how you should handle the letter. Don’t worry — SoloSuit explains what FirstPoint Collection Resources is and how you should respond.
Disclosing your income is more than just stating a number; it's about understanding what counts and what doesn't and how to ensure your application paints an accurate picture of your financial standing. With countless myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic, this guide aims to demystify the process.
If you’ve recently received a debt collection notice from The Stark Agency, you’re likely wondering whether you should pay it or ignore it. Unfortunately, most debts don’t disappear into thin air, so you’ll likely need to address the matter. Otherwise, The Stark Agency will probably escalate its collection efforts.
Feeling a little concerned about a debt collection notice you received from Meade & Associates? If you are, that’s completely understandable. No one likes dealing with collection agencies, especially ones that call you frequently and send threatening letters. If Meade & Associates is on your back about an old debt, you can take action.
Are you feeling the heat from a debt collection notice from Kenneth Eisen and Associates? If so, you’re not alone. According to Urban Institute, over 70 million Americans have debts in collections. That’s pretty astounding and signals that many people face financial problems every day. Receiving a collections notice from a debt collector is never fun, but there are steps you can take to resolve the issue and move on from it. In this article, we’ll specifically address debts held by Kenneth Eisen and Associates.
If you’re one of the millions of Americans with a debt in collections, you probably feel a sense of dread when you receive a notice from a collector you don’t recognize. Collections agencies frequently purchase outstanding obligations from the companies they service and then attempt to collect payments from consumers.
In the hustle and bustle of life, we often miss how closely our financial health is tied to how we feel. Research reflected in personal finance statistics shows that 19% of people have placed paying off their debts as a top priority for the year 2023. This is even more important than their other hopes and plans, showing how urgent this matter is. And in these numbers, we can see a strong story deeply connected to many people's lives.
Tax season can often be a period of tension and anticipation for many, with taxpayers eagerly awaiting their refund or grappling with the details of the returns they must file. But sometimes, errors or omissions occur in the initial filing, requiring taxpayers to file an amended return. Once that's done, a new question looms large: "Where's my amended tax return?”
Dealing with a collections agency like FCO Collections and Outsourcing can be overwhelming, especially if you're unfamiliar with the debt collections process. Whether the debt is related to medical bills, utilities, or any other financial obligation, the important thing is not to panic. You have rights, options, and a number of strategies to resolve the issue. In this article, we’ll break down the steps you should take to resolve your debt with FCO Collections and Outsourcing, but first, what is this company?
Dealing with debt is never an easy experience. And if you've received a summons for a debt collection lawsuit, it's natural to feel overwhelmed. Ignoring it, however, is the worst thing you can do, as it may result in a default judgment against you, impacting your credit score and leading to wage garnishment or property seizure. This blog post aims to guide you through the process of responding to a debt Summons effectively.
If you've decided that you no longer need your American Eagle credit card, whether because you want to simplify your finances, cut down on high-interest payments, or any other reason, you're probably wondering how to go about canceling it. Canceling a credit card can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process to cancel your American Eagle credit card with ease.
In times of financial emergencies, the allure of small quick loans (also known as payday loans) often becomes increasingly tempting. Whether it's an unexpected medical bill, a car repair, or a sudden travel expense, quick loans promise immediate relief by offering fast cash with minimal paperwork. However, while they may solve an immediate cash flow issue, they also come with their own set of drawbacks, such as sky-high interest rates and hidden fees, that can quickly turn a short-term fix into a long-term financial burden.
Dealing with debt can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when a collection agency gets involved. One such company you might have to deal with is Automated Collection Services, Inc. (ACSI-DM1). This post aims to guide you through the process of resolving a debt with ACSI, offering some tips for negotiation and outlining your rights under federal law.
In an era where securing personal loans is increasingly common, but not always straightforward, navigating through lenders and their offerings is crucial. One lender you may have come across in your search is Bright Lending. But what should you be aware of before diving in to a Bright Lending loan? This article breaks down three important aspects to consider before using Bright Lending’s services.
Ah, real estate! That magical land where homes, apartments, and far-off vacation cottages gleam with the promise of passive income. Who hasn't daydreamed about sipping a piña colada on a beach somewhere while rental checks roll in? It sounds tempting, right? But as with anything that seems too good to be true, there’s always a catch. Or, in this case, several.
Every business owner knows that saving money is a big deal. That's especially true if you're operating in a vibrant, busy city like San Diego, where every penny counts for local entrepreneurs. But did you know there's a secret weapon that can help? It's a CPA. Sure, they're great with numbers, but they can do so much more. In this blog, we'll dive into effective ways a CPA can help keep more money in your pocket. So let's get started!
Being served with a collection lawsuit can be an intimidating and stressful experience. While your first instinct might be to ignore it, doing so could lead to even worse financial repercussions, including default judgments that might garnish your wages or seize your assets. However, there are some practical steps you can take to handle this situation effectively. Below, we outline three key steps to resolve your collection lawsuit.
Identity theft is a growing concern in today's digital age. When someone unlawfully obtains and uses your personal information for fraudulent purposes, the emotional and financial fallout can be significant. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your identity stolen, it's essential to take immediate, decisive action. Below, we’ll cover 10 steps you can take to respond to the theft of your identity.
Identity theft, a crime that once felt far removed from most individuals, has become an increasingly common concern in the digital age. It can have devastating consequences, ranging from financial loss to significant personal distress. By understanding the most common avenues through which identity theft can occur, you stand a better chance of safeguarding your personal information. Here are five ways thieves can steal your identity.
Torrid, known for its trendy plus-size clothing and accessories, offers more than just fashion. For its loyal shoppers, the brand provides a store credit card known as the Torrid Credit Card. If you are considering adding this card to your wallet or simply curious about its features, here's a closer look at the three most important things you need to know.
When it comes to tax-related queries or concerns, the first point of contact for many taxpayers in the United States is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For those who prefer direct communication, reaching out via phone can be the most effective method. But, what is the IRS phone number, and how can you use it to get the information you need?
Managing finances can be challenging, and sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you owe money to a collections agency. If ACEI Collections has contacted you about an outstanding debt, you're probably wondering about the best way to navigate this situation. Rest assured, there are steps you can take to manage and potentially resolve this debt. This guide will walk you through the process.
Golden 1 Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in California, like many financial institutions, has a legal department that pursues claims and lawsuits against those who owe the organization money or have breached some contract. If you find yourself on the receiving end of such a lawsuit, it can be an incredibly stressful experience. However, understanding the process and knowing how to respond can be your best defense.
Got a call from Impact Receivables Management and thought it was your chance to become an actor because "you owe a debt to society?" Well, not quite, but you might owe them some cash. Debt can feel like that annoying piece of spinach stuck between your teeth after a meal; you can't ignore it forever.
For those looking into short-term lending options, it's essential to stay informed about the variety of lenders available in the market. One such lender that might pop up in your search is Spotloan. Before you decide whether it's the right option for you, let's delve into five things you should know about Spotloan.
In the world of finance, the vast array of borrowing options can sometimes leave consumers confused. One of the lesser-known options available to borrowers is the flex loan. This type of loan offers a unique combination of benefits, designed to give consumers more flexibility compared to traditional loans. But what exactly is a flex loan, and how does it work? Let's delve into the specifics.
Debt collection can be a daunting experience for many, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. If Falls Collection Service (or a similar debt collection agency) has reached out to you, it’s important to take action. In this article, we’ll explain how you can resolve a debt with Falls Collection Service, whether it after initial contact, in response to a debt lawsuit, or settling before your court date.
If you've received a notice from the Gulf Coast Collection Bureau (GCCB) or any other collection agency, it might seem daunting at first. Many questions can arise: Why am I receiving this? How do I handle it? Can I negotiate the debt? This article will help guide you through the process of resolving a debt with GCCB.
Debt collection is never a pleasant experience. Yet, if you've received a notice from Lockhart Collection Agency or any other debt collection agency, it's essential to address the situation promptly and professionally. Keep reading to learn how to resolve your debt.
Identity theft can be a deeply distressing experience. Beyond the emotional trauma of having one's personal information misused, the legal repercussions can be daunting. Getting sued due for debt that was incurred by someone who stole your identity can seem like adding insult to injury. Here are five steps to take if you're being sued due to identity theft.
If you've been researching financial institutions, particularly credit unions, you may have come acrossPentagon Federal Credit Union, commonly referred to as PenFed. But what exactly is PenFed, and what sets it apart from other banking options? In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of PenFed to give you a clear understanding.
Finding yourself burdened with overwhelming debt can be a daunting experience, especially when juggling obligations such as medical bills, credit card debt, or other financial responsibilities. Fortunately, debt relief services in California offer a lifeline to individuals and businesses seeking a way out of their financial predicaments. Among these services, one name stands out – CuraDebt.
When reviewing a credit report, you may come across various entries or terms that aren't immediately recognizable. One such term you might stumble upon is “TBOM Retail.” If you've noticed this on your credit report and are wondering what it refers to, you're in the right place.
Dealing with outstanding debts can be a stressful and overwhelming process. If you've received a letter or a call from Revenue Enterprises LLC, it means they are trying to collect a debt on behalf of a creditor. Resolving this debt doesn't have to be a nightmare. By understanding the process and taking proactive steps, you can navigate through it with clarity and confidence.
Dealing with debt can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. When faced with a debt that has been handed over to a collection agency like Lake Area Collections, it's important to approach the situation strategically and proactively. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to resolve a debt with Lake Area Collections and how to take control of your financial situation and work towards a positive resolution.
Dealing with significant debt can be challenging, whether it's from credit card bills, student loans, or bad credit personal loans. If you're looking for ways to simplify your financial situation, there are strategies available that can assist you. One such strategy is debt consolidation.
Financial stability is essential for maintaining a healthy and stress-free life. However, unexpected financial setbacks or debts can sometimes lead to wage garnishment, a process in which a portion of your earnings is withheld to repay creditors. Wage garnishment can be a distressing experience, impacting your financial stability and peace of mind. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent wage garnishment and manage your debt effectively.
Elephant Insurance has recently gained popularity in the insurance sphere. If you're curious about how Elephant Insurance works and how it might be the right fit for you, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of Elephant Insurance and provide you with a clear understanding of how it operates.
JP Receivables Management Partners (JP RMP), previously known as JP Recovery Services, is a well-known debt collection agency often enlisted to help recover outstanding medical debts. If you're a consumer facing this challenge, it's important to understand that resolving debt with JP RMP Services can be a manageable process with the right approach.
As the business landscape continues to evolve, understanding the trends in business loans can guide companies in making informed financial decisions tailored to their unique needs.
In the realm of personal finance, making informed decisions is paramount. Whether it's managing your budget, planning for the future, or exploring loan options, understanding the nuances of each choice can greatly impact your financial stability. Carrington Mortgage Loans, like any financial product, comes with its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks.
You should take care to understand the terms and conditions connected to Reprise Financial before you apply for a personal loan with the company. Such terms and conditions, like big interest rates, can lead to big debt issues. In this article, we’ll explain how Reprise Financial works and the pros and cons to its services.
Understanding your credit score and the factors that influence it can be complex and overwhelming. This is where myFICO comes into play – a powerful tool that empowers individuals to take control of their credit health. In this blog post, we'll delve into what myFICO is, how it works, and why it's a valuable resource for anyone aiming to achieve financial stability.
Taking control of your financial destiny begins with managing your credit card debt responsibly. Whether you're aiming to eliminate debt, improve your credit score, or simply gain peace of mind, paying off your Destiny credit card is a crucial step in the right direction. Keep reading to learn some effective strategies to manage and ultimately pay off your Destiny credit card.
In the world of consumer protection and financial well-being, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plays a vital role in safeguarding individuals from deceptive practices. One of the areas the FTC focuses on is debt settlement, a process that can help individuals manage their debts more effectively. To ensure fairness and transparency in this industry, the FTC enforces regulations through the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR).
In the world of real estate and homeownership, acronyms are a common occurrence. Among these, "HAFA" is one that carries significant weight, particularly for those navigating the complex landscape of distressed properties and short sales. If you're wondering what HAFA stands for and how it can impact your real estate journey, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll break down the meaning of HAFA and its implications for homeowners and potential buyers.
Cash stuffing, also known as envelope budgeting, refers to the practice of setting aside a specific amount of cash for various expenses or savings goals. This is often done by physically setting aside cash in separate envelopes, jars, or sections of your wallet or purse. Each designated amount is earmarked for a particular purpose, such as groceries, entertainment, transportation, or emergency funds.
Dealing with financial challenges, especially when it comes to auto loans, can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in a situation where you're struggling to make payments to Westlake Financial, you might wonder if negotiation is an option. In this blog post, we'll delve into the topic of negotiating with Westlake Financial, discussing the potential benefits, steps to take, and important considerations.
Your credit score plays a crucial role in determining your financial health and eligibility for various lending opportunities. But have you ever wondered who created the credit score and how it became such an integral part of our society? In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating history of the credit score, tracing its origins, evolution, and significance.
In the realm of contemporary finance, where technological advancements are reshaping conventional practices, Oportun emerges as a distinctive player, offering a unique approach to financial services, particularly targeting underserved communities. However, Oportun also has a history of aggressive debt collection. If you’ve been sued by Oportun, or one of its partner banks, SoloSuit can help you respond to the lawsuit and resolve your debt before going to court. Keep reading to learn more.
In the ever-evolving landscape of personal finance, choosing the right credit card can be a strategic move to help you achieve your financial goals. You have many options, so it's crucial to assess your needs and preferences before committing to a particular credit card. In this article, we'll explore some of the best credit cards of 2023, offering a neutral and expert perspective to help you make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary debt.
When it comes to managing our finances, choosing the right financial institution is a crucial decision. For many people, this decision often boils down to a credit union or a bank. Both entities offer similar services such as savings accounts, loans, and checking accounts, but they have distinct differences that can significantly impact your financial journey.
Financial challenges can hit anyone at any time. Whether it's due to job loss, unexpected expenses, or other unforeseen circumstances, financial difficulties can lead to situations where debts pile up. When you're unable to pay your debts, companies often hire debt collectors to recover the money you owe them. Debt collectors have a job to do, but it's important to remember that you have rights and legal protections when dealing with them.
Debt settlement is a process by which an individual, corporation or a company settles its outstanding debt obligations for an amount that is less than the full amount owed. This process is usually performed by a debt settlement company or an attorney who specializes in debt settlement. The primary objective of debt settlement is to reduce the amount of debt owed by the borrower and negotiate more favorable terms with the creditors.
In North Dakota, creditors and debt collection agencies are allowed to pursue the collection of unpaid debts and delinquent accounts that have gone into default. Nevertheless, there are statutory limits in place governing what debt collection agencies can, and cannot, do in their pursuit to recover on a debt.
Are your monthly car payments taking a big bite out of your budget? If so, you might consider refinancing. Auto refinancing replaces your existing auto loan with a brand-new one — usually with a lower interest rate or better repayment terms. Upgrade Auto Loans offers refinancing opportunities, but is this a trustworthy company? Learn more about Upgrade Auto Loans so you can decide whether this refinancing option is right for you.
Collection agencies aren’t known for their exceptional reputations, and that’s why federal and state governments regulate their actions. Several laws have been passed to prevent debt collectors from taking actions that abuse or otherwise harm consumers. While all collection agencies must abide by the national Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Connecticut has some additional laws to protect its residents.
Dealing with relentless calls, menacing letters, and intimidation from a deceitful debt collector is an unsettling ordeal. This unnerving experience is familiar to many, including residents of the Bayou State. If you find yourself being pursued by debt collectors, there are legal provisions under both state and federal law designed to protect you while engaging with a collector about a delinquent account. This article provides a comprehensive overview of debt collection laws in Louisiana, including laws pertaining to the statute of limitations
There is no doubt debt collection is not a popular industry. Abusive debt collectors and scammers have made consumers wary. Fortunately, federal and state governments keep amending debt collection laws as needs arise. But these regulations may only help you if you are familiar with them. For instance, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) governs debt collectors’ communications with consumers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act also controls what they can report to the consumer reporting bureaus.
Dealing with constant calls, threats in the mail, and intimidation from a shady debt collector is really terrible. Massachusetts residents and others shouldn't despair though. State and federal laws offer protection and rules when dealing with debt collectors. This article provides a comprehensive overview of debt collection laws in Massachusetts, including laws pertaining to the statute of limitations.
You’ve tried ignoring the daily phone calls. But your debt collector just isn’t taking the hint. It’s gotten to the point where you dread seeing the number pop up on your caller ID. Fortunately, Arkansas residents have rights that protect them from debt collection practices that fall in the category of harassment. Learn more about the debt collection laws in Arkansas and find out how to respond to a persistent debt collector.
Your phone’s been ringing every day for about a week. The caller identifies himself as a debt collector — but you can just ignore him, right? Wrong. If the debt is legitimate, the collection agency may eventually sue you for unpaid debts. But that doesn’t mean that Delaware residents have to be victims of aggressive debt collection practices. Learn more about the laws that protect you and find out how to safely respond to debt collection phone calls.
No one likes dealing with debt collectors. Collection letters usually contain lots of confusing legal terminology that’s likely to make you feel guilty for owing money, and their phone calls can interrupt your busy day. If a collection agency is pursuing you for debt in Idaho, it’s essential to understand what it can and cannot do. That way, you’ll know when a debt collector has infringed on your rights and how to handle it.
One minute, you’re enjoying the glorious spring sunshine, and the next, you find out a collection agency is chasing you for an old debt you’ve long forgotten. A debt collection notice from PRA Group, Inc. can put a crimp in your day. You likely want to learn how to beat PRA Group. After all, you don’t want to be the subject of debt collection letters and phone calls; you have other problems to deal with (and a life to enjoy!).
CashNetUSA has fans and critics in equal measure. So sifting through the reviews can be confusing. However, closely examining the company's website and other reliable platforms can shed enough light on the pros and cons.
Finding a lender who will finance small business operations isn’t easy, especially if your company is new and unproven. One company that helps business owners connect with lenders is Click N Loans. Through the service, entrepreneurs can obtain the money they need for business operations. What do customers have to say about Click N Loans? Let’s find out.
Over the past decade, Apple Pay has quickly gained steam, and millions of stores worldwide accept payment via the app. However, consumers occasionally experience problems using Apple Pay, like when a transaction suddenly goes under review. Sued for debt connected to Apple Pay? Use SoloSettle to respond and settle your debts.
Like in all states, debt collection in Tennessee is a common practice that creditors engage in to recover unpaid debts from consumers. Sometimes, they follow the law and act professionally, but often, they violate your consumer rights. As such, Tennessee debt collection laws were put in place to monitor debt collectors' behavior.
Being hounded by an unscrupulous debt collector is oftentimes a stressful, anxiety-inducing experience. If you are being pursued by such a debt collector and reside in Nevada, do not fret. There are state and federal legal protections in place designed to assist you when engaging with a debt collector about a delinquent account.
Illinois residents have certain rights that protect them from harassment at the hands of debt collectors. Understanding these rights can help you push back against aggressive or unscrupulous debt collection practices. And if you’re facing repeated phone calls from a debt collector, it’s important to know how to respond and resolve your debt.
They may call it the Sunshine State, but repeated calls from a debt collector can darken your spirits. If you’re a resident of Florida, you have rights that protect you from aggressive or persistent debt collection agencies. This guide will help you understand Florida's debt collection laws and explain how to respond to unwanted phone calls.
Virginia’s debt collection laws protect consumers from harassment and intimidation. It also limits when, how, and for how long a creditor can follow up on their debt. The law clearly outlines the penalties debt collectors will experience if caught mistreating consumers. In this article, we'll explore Virginia debt collection laws and help you prepare to take action when a debt collector violates your rights.
Should you find yourself pursued by such an abusive debt collection agent or agency, rest assured that there are legal provisions in place, both under Montana law and federal law, to safeguard you while engaging with a debt collector regarding a delinquent account. This article provides a comprehensive overview of debt collection laws in Montana, including laws pertaining to the statute of limitations.
Residents in the Land of Enchantment have access to certain legal rights and protections when it comes to the conduct and actions of debt collectors in their pursuits to collect on a delinquent account. The rights afforded to New Mexico residents are described in the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the New Mexico Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (NMFDCPA). Let’s take a look at each law.
Are you being hounded by a relentless debt collector? Does the sound of your phone make you cringe? If you’re a resident of Arizona, you have laws that protect you from aggressive collection practices. Understanding the debt collection laws in Arizona will equip you to deal with debt collectors, and SoloSuit can help you settle your debts and even respond to a debt collection lawsuit.
It is not unusual for debt collectors in Washington to annoy and harass consumers for a pending debt. Fortunately, Washington has functional debt collection laws that protect consumers from having to endure such situations. In this article, we’ll explain these debt collection laws and how they apply to your situation, plus the actions you should take if a debt collector violates your rights.
Debt collectors often grow impatient when they follow up on debt. Some go a step further and use illegal means to convince or scare you to pay. Fortunately, consumers in Rhode Island do not have to tolerate these unlawful practices. The state has laws that regulate how debt collectors conduct business. These debt-collection laws protect debtors from being harassed, misled, deceived, or experiencing unfair practices.
Debt collectors are nothing if not persistent, and in some cases, they can be downright aggressive, even in the relative paradise of Hawaii. The good news is that you’re not alone. SoloSuit has helped countless individuals settle their debts and rebuild their credit. First, you need to learn about and take advantage of Hawaii laws that protect you from intimidation, harassment, and deceptive debt collection practices.
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Ohio Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are laws designed to protect consumers from unfair, unethical and improper debt collection practices in Ohio. In this article, we’ll break down these laws in detail and explain how you can stand up for your rights against debt collectors.
Federal and state governments try to limit harassment from debt collectors through legislation. All debt collectors must abide by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), which imposes hefty penalties on collection agencies that violate its provisions. Some states have other laws that collections agencies must adhere to.
West Virginia can help you fight for your rights and stop the unending harassment by debt collectors. West Virginia debt collection laws cover various issues such as when, how, and for how long debt collectors can follow you up for debt. It also states how much they can take from your wages if they get a garnishment order. However, it is possible to avoid getting to this stage by responding to the initial debt collection lawsuit with a written Answer.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers.
If you keep up with your regular payments in Alabama, you’re unlikely to encounter any issues with your creditors. However, if something happens that prevents you from paying your creditors, you’ll run into problems. Eventually, they may give up on you and sell your debts to a collection agency. Collection agencies aren’t known for being exceptionally forgiving. When they get hold of an unpaid debt, they’ll ratchet up the collection efforts, and you’ll likely start receiving letters and phone calls.
Unfortunately, you can’t stop a debt collector from purchasing debt from your original creditor, especially if you’re behind on payments. However, you have rights that protect you from a debt collector’s abusive actions. If a collection agency is chasing you for an old obligation, it’s smart to brush up on the debt collection laws in Colorado so that you know how to protect yourself.
While banks and financial institutions have their policies and strategies to protect your data, you need to make sure this is the case on your side, too. That being said, we’d like to share with you seven ways to boost your online banking security and how to deal with fraudulent debt.
Debt collection letters are incredibly frustrating, especially if you know you owe the money but don’t have enough to repay it. If you receive one, you know that more will come, along with many phone calls and emails. Debt collectors aren’t known for being the most reputable of characters, and some collection agencies may use illegal tactics to collect debts. Remember, no one can harass or abuse you, even if you owe them money.
Nowadays, it's no secret that the Internet is just a tap away. While this accessibility is great for productivity and entertainment, it can pose a challenge for those who value privacy and security. When you visit a website, background cookies are installed, advertisers tailor ads based on our browsing history, and our ISP knows which sites we've explored. Only the best VPN services can provide a solution.
North Carolina has some of the most limiting wage garnishment laws. The state prohibits courts from ordering wage garnishment even when the creditor wins the lawsuit. They may use other means, such as bank account levy, but wage garnishment is not an option. That is not to say that no one can garnish your wages in North Carolina. If you owe a public or family debt, your money can be taken from your paycheck to cover such debts, namely taxes and child support arrears.
As a resident of Alaska, you need to understand your rights if a debt collector is chasing you for money. Collection agencies aren’t known for being the most reputable businesses, and if an old account of yours ends up in a collection agency’s hands, you’ll probably start receiving lots of phone calls and letters. Fortunately, both the federal and state government offer protections from debt collectors for Alaska residents.
Dealing with a debt collection agency like Consumer Collection Management (CCM) can be an intimidating and stressful experience if you have fallen behind on your debts. To impress their clients, CCM sometimes resorts to aggressive and even unlawful tactics to ensure you pay the debt. It is essential as a consumer to know your rights and understand how to protect yourself from illegal debt collection practices. This article will help you deal with CCM at any stage of the collection process.
Being pursued by a debt collector is generally considered to be an unpleasant experience that routinely triggers people to be stressed, anxious, and concerned every time the phone rings. If you are being contacted by a debt collector and are a resident of the Beaver State, do not fret. There are legal protections codified under Oregon law and under federal law to help you when engaging with a debt collector about a delinquent account.
Persistent calls and letters from Nationwide Credit can be frustrating. Even worse, the debt collector may threaten to sue. For consumers, it is easy to go into panic mode. But panicking can cause you to act unwisely. SoloSuit helps you respond to Nationwide Credit on time, settle debts you owe for less, and win debt-collection lawsuits. This article discusses who Nationwide Credit is and who it collects for, the company's customer reviews, your rights under the FDCPA, and how to resolve a debt with the company.
Wage garnishment can be a stressful and mentally exhausting experience for consumers in New Jersey facing financial challenges. When creditors obtain a court order to collect debts through wage garnishment, a portion of your wages is withheld, leaving you with reduced take-home pay. However, debt collectors in New Jersey must follow strict laws that give directions on the type of income they can garnish, the process involved, and limits to garnishment.
If you have lost a debt collection lawsuit and have a job, the creditor can take money straight off your paycheck. What can you do to stop them? Find out in this simplified discussion of New York's wage garnishment process and laws.
In the realm of personal finance, student loan debt is a topic of significant concern, particularly for young adults who are fresh out of college. With total U.S. student loan debt surpassing $1.7 trillion, it's clear that this financial burden is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet—it's a pervasive problem that affects not only individuals' finances but also their mental health. Let's dive into the real impact of student debt and how our brains handle it.
Financial literacy is a fundamental life skill that is often overlooked in the standard curriculum. It encompasses understanding and effectively utilizing various financial skills, including personal finance management, budgeting, and investing. These skills are essential for students who will soon venture out into the world, starting their careers and managing their own finances.
Receiving a debt collection notice in the mail probably isn’t the highlight of your day. No one likes unexpected expenses, especially when they’re long-forgotten or you don’t believe you owe them. Unfortunately, debt collection is a big business in the US, and creditors aren’t likely to let you off the hook too easily. One well-known collection agency, Encore Capital Group, purchases overdue consumer credit and utility debts and pursues debtors for the amount they owe.
Thousands of Texans may endure financial struggles — many due to wage garnishment. Certain creditors can try to collect on debts owed by withholding a debtor's wages. This can impact the debtor's income and make it more difficult for these people to pay their expenses. Thankfully, Texas wage garnishment laws protect its residents from unfair garnishment orders and practices. Examples include garnishment limitations, exemptions, debt settlement, and bankruptcy. In this article, we’ll break down each of these options and more.
A debtor’s worst nightmare is finding themselves with a garnishment order that seeks to take away the money that barely meets their daily necessities. In Oklahoma, consumers have laws that protect them from wage garnishment that may plunge them deeper into financial hardship. Without helpful resources to guide you, it may feel impossible to resolve your debt. Luckily, Oklahoma law gives you a way to fight garnishment orders, and SoloSuit can help you respond to a debt lawsuit and avoid wage garnishment through debt settlement.
The federal government has a lot of protections in place for consumers who borrow money on credit. One is USC 15 Section 1662(b), which protects individuals from creditors who make certain claims about consumer credit. Understanding your rights under USC 15 Section 1662(b) can protect you from dodgy lenders who try to separate you from your wallet.
If you struggle to make ends meet and are already having difficulty managing your finances, receiving a wage garnishment order is a devastating blow. You may feel overwhelmed and worried about how you will make ends meet. Fortunately, the state of Washington has laws to protect consumers from excessive wage garnishment. The provisions limit how much and which debts can be garnished. There are also certain procedures the creditor must follow before garnishing your wages.
When a B2B organization doesn’t receive the money it expects from its customers, it does what any B2B company would — it tries to get them back on track with their payments. It will call the debtor business and send letters in an attempt to collect the money it’s owed. However, sometimes these efforts don’t work, and the business will contact a collection agency, like Atradius Collections, that specializes in collecting money for B2B organizations.
Receiving a debt collection notice is the absolute worst. You’re going about your day one minute, and the next minute, BAM! Someone claims you owe money you might not have the funds to repay. Unfortunately, if your debt ends up with Unifin, you can expect lots of collection notices, emails, and phone calls until you resolve the situation. If you don’t repay the bill or set up a payment arrangement, Unifin may decide to take further action with a debt lawsuit.
A court often issues a garnishment order to a creditor after they win a debt collection case. While it's true that Oregon’s wage garnishment laws limit a creditor's opportunity to garnish your wages, some provisions still allow them to get their money legally. If you have received a garnishment notice, you can still fight it. This article will explain the various ways to stop wage garnishment. But first, let us look at the wage garnishment laws in Oregon.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers.
If you are currently pondering whether to enroll in college or not, the key question in your mind must be - how much does it really cost? You should know that tuition and fees aren’t the only expenses that you’ll incur as a college student; there’s accommodations, books, basic living costs, and other expenses to be aware of. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of college expenses.
How do you feel about debt collection agencies? If you’re a consumer on the receiving end of their letters and phone calls, your impression of them probably isn’t too positive. Our list of the largest collection agencies in 2023 identifies some of the major players in the collection industry. While we can’t stop them from harassing you, we can provide you with some background so you can be prepared.
Excessive wage garnishment can have long-term consequences, such as damage to credit scores and difficulty obtaining a loan in the future. Fortunately, Virginia provides ways to stop wage garnishment. You can object to the garnishment order, file a claim of exemption, negotiate a payment plan with the creditor, or file for bankruptcy. This article will explain these options.
In the era of increasing financial complexity, many individuals and businesses alike find themselves entangled in the web of debts. However, adopting a comprehensive approach to debt management can make this challenge less intimidating. This involves creating a robust debt repayment plan — a plan that works for you, rather than against you.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers.
Once you receive the garnishment order, you will have several days to challenge it in court or negotiate with the creditor. This article will help you learn what to do in either of these options. We will discuss Virginia wage garnishment laws and look at the various ways you can stop wage garnishment or prevent it entirely.
Third-party organizations offer debt relief programs to help consumers negotiate with their creditors. The organization may secure a payment plan or even reduce the amount of your outstanding debt. Here are five of the best debt relief programs of 2023.
If your business has a past-due debt in the United States (or the world), the creditor can hire Prestige Services, Inc. (PSI) to collect it. However, the company's promise to its clients to "bombard" debtors with calls and letters may not sit well with you.
If a debt collector calls you, they’ll interrupt your busy day and leave you in a bad mood. Fortunately, consumers have protections against debt collectors under 15 USC 1692, known as the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). Congress enacted the FDCPA in 1977, and it has been amended several times since then.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers.
Creating and sticking to a financial plan is a very important ability for anyone, not just students. It not only helps you manage your finances responsibly but also enables you to achieve your financial goals and avoid unnecessary debt. If you’re looking for ways to be smart with your money as a student, this article will cover 5 tips to creating a realistic and effective budget as a student. Let’s jump right in!
Unlike many states, South Carolina does not allow wage garnishment for consumer debts. Such creditors may threaten consumers with wage garnishment, but they will never legally enforce it. Debts that lead to garnishment are those you owe the state or federal government, child or spousal support, and those with a judgment and withholding order from your previous state of residence.
Consumers must understand New Mexico's laws, especially if they face wage garnishment for the first time. A clear picture of the process can open several ways to handle the situation. New Mexico wage garnishment laws are public. So you can access them whenever you need to. However, many consumers may need help comprehending the complex legalese on government websites. This article breaks down the technical jargon and formal terminologies in a way you can understand. By examining the applicable laws, you will find ways out of a wage garnishment order.
If a creditor wins a lawsuit against you, you can look forward to a judgment and possible wage garnishment. In wage garnishment, your creditor will gain the right to take part of your income until you fully satisfy the debt. The portion of your paycheck seized will likely be higher than if you had stuck with your original payment arrangement. Avoid wage garnishment through debt settlement.
When you’re struggling to keep up with your regular debt payments, you may wonder what will happen if you stop paying your creditors. Will your debts disappear into a black hole? Will your creditors suddenly forget about you and stop calling you? Unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking. Creditors seldom forget when someone owes money, and they’re likely to step up their collection efforts if you stop paying your bills. Continued nonpayment can result in a debt lawsuit. If your creditor wins a debt lawsuit against you, it will obtain a judgment they can use for wage garnishment.
Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments? If so, you're not alone. Many people face financial difficulties at some point in their lives, and it can be overwhelming when you can't afford to pay your mortgage. But don't panic just yet! You have options when addressing this situation and finding a solution that works for you. By taking proactive steps and exploring these options, you can find a way forward and regain control over your mortgage situation.
If your creditor wins a debt lawsuit against you, they’ll obtain a judgment they can use to garnish your wages or freeze your bank account. You won’t have complete control of your finances anymore. Instead, your creditor will take the maximum amount they can from you each pay period.
A wage garnishment is a legal order that creditors use to seize part of your income after you stop paying your bills. Fortunately, creditors can’t garnish your wages simply because you missed a few payments. They must sue you and win their case before they can begin the wage garnishment process. Of all fifty states, Hawaii has some of the most complex (and confusing) laws concerning wage garnishment. If you’re a resident of Hawaii, it’s smart to understand how these laws work if you’re facing a debt lawsuit or think a creditor may sue you in the future.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit.
You may be worried about wage garnishment if you’re currently behind on your debts. A wage garnishment requires your employer to withhold a portion of your pay on behalf of a creditor you owe. The amount withheld depends on your earnings, the amount you owe, and state law. A wage garnishment will continue until you repay the debt or stop working. You’ll often face higher payments with wage garnishment than you would if you had stuck with your regular payment arrangements. Usually, wage garnishment is entirely avoidable if you take the appropriate steps to protect yourself.
If a creditor decides to sue you for unpaid debt, you can’t afford to ignore it. A debt lawsuit opens the door for further legal ramifications, like wage garnishment. If your creditor wins the legal claim, it will receive a judgment against you, which it can use to require your employer to withhold part of your income until you repay the debt. Wage garnishment is no joke, especially in Idaho. Idaho has rigid wage garnishment laws that work to your creditor’s advantage. If your creditor gains the right to garnish your wages, you’ll see a significant portion of your earnings go straight to your creditor, making it much harder to afford other things you need, like shelter and groceries.
Summary: You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit.
Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and everything seems wonderful — until you find a summons for a debt lawsuit on your Arizona front porch. You'll want to act quickly if you’re the subject of a debt lawsuit. If you lose the case, your creditors will win a judgment they can use to garnish your pay or seize other assets, like your bank account. A wage garnishment requires your employer to withhold part of your weekly income until you satisfy a debt. The amount of a wage garnishment varies depending on state laws, your earnings, and the total you owe. Generally, the more you earn and the higher your debt, the greater the garnishment amount.
If you’re behind on debt in Missouri, you may wonder what the potential consequences are. You know that your creditor probably isn’t going to let you off the hook, so what’s the next tactic that it will use against you? Creditors and collection agencies typically follow the same pattern when someone stops paying their bills. They’ll start sending letters, and you may receive more phone calls from unknown numbers. These efforts at communication will continue for a while until they decide you’re not going to reply.
It’s not uncommon to fall behind on your bills. Most everyone has been guilty of missing a few payments. However, if you don’t get control of the situation quickly, your creditors will start hounding you — and they won’t stop until they get the money you owe. What starts as a few missed payments can lead to a debt lawsuit. The lawsuit's outcome may be a judgment that your creditors can use to garnish your wages. Wage garnishment takes a significant chunk of your income, impacting your ability to pay for other things, like food and rent.
Debtors facing wage garnishment in Tennessee have several ways out, thanks to the state and federal consumer protection laws that are in place. Tennessee's wage garnishment law protects some of your income from debt collectors. So creditors cannot take your entire salary even if you have multiple garnishments or a huge judgment amount to pay. Although the regulations closely mimic federal wage garnishment laws, there are a few notable differences. In this article, we will discuss those statutes.
Wage garnishment occurs when a creditor seizes a portion of your wages to satisfy a debt. The creditor will continue to take part of your income until you repay your obligation. Wage garnishments can last weeks, months, or even years, depending on how much you owe and how much you earn. It’s important to realize that wage garnishments aren’t automatic. If you stop paying your bills, your creditors can’t suddenly swoop down and force your employers to hand over part of your paycheck. Instead, they must sue you and win a judgment from your local court to start the garnishment.
Student loans are an integral part of the US education system. They facilitate access to higher education, equalize opportunity, and are considered an investment in one’s future. Despite the benefits of student loans, the crushing weight is overwhelming for many individuals. High debt amounts and interest affect the borrower’s financial stability and repayment. In this article, we will discuss financial tips for college students, bits of advice on how to overcome financial problems, and how to fix student loan debt.
The average American has thousands of dollars in debt, which includes credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, and auto loans. With such a large amount of debt, it is not uncommon for consumers to receive debt collection calls. You have rights under the FDCPA and can ask the debt collection agency to cease harassing communications and validate the debt. Use SoloSuit's online resources if you are unsure where to begin if you need assistance, mainly if the matter goes to court.
When people don’t pay back the money they owe, creditors don’t let it slide. If you owe money to a creditor, you’ll probably receive frequent calls and letters urging you to get back on track with your payments. It’s easy to ignore such communications when you’re in a tough financial spot and don’t have the money to repay your debt. However, ignoring a creditor won’t make your debt go away. Instead, the creditor might sue you or sell your debt to a collections agency — which might sue you once it assumes the debt. If you lose a debt lawsuit, your creditor will win a judgment, which it can use to garnish your wages or freeze your bank account. If your primary source of income is Social Security or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you can’t afford to lose your money to wage garnishment. Fortunately, laws protect your Social Security benefits in some cases.
When you have trouble making your monthly payments to creditors, they’ll usually try to work with you, especially if you’re facing an unexpected issue, like job loss or health problems. They may allow you to make smaller payments or forgive late fees for a few months. Problems occur when you can’t get back on track with your payments. Your creditor will increase its collections efforts with calls and letters, but it may give up at some point. It will probably decide to sue you or sell your debt to a collections agency that will expedite the payment process.
A call from Northstar Location Services can be confusing. Often, consumers do not recall ever doing business with such a company. If you have received a call from Northstar Location Services, LLC, they want you to pay an alleged debt. The company makes it clear on its homepage that the reason for contacting you is to seek payment. While you may never have heard that name, the calls can worry you. Some wonder if they should ignore the calls, collection letters, and even lawsuits. SoloSuit has put together this information to help you understand how Northstar Location Services works and how to win if they sue you.
Finding a collections notice in your mailbox from Northstar Location Services probably isn’t your idea of a great start to the day. It may worry you, especially if you can’t repay the amount due. Ignoring the letter may seem like the best course of action, but that’s a mistake. Instead, you should face the matter to avoid future repercussions. In this article, we’ll explain who Northstar Location Services is, how they operate, and how you can stand up for your rights and respond to debt collectors before, during, and after a lawsuit has been filed.
In the world of debt collection, things are constantly evolving. One significant change is the recent purchase of Expert Global Solutions by Alorica Inc. Expert Global Solutions was one of the nation’s largest debt collection firms. As its new owner, Alorica is now a major player in the collections industry. Alorica is one of the largest call centers in the world. Aside from debt collection, its employees service various industries, including fintech, gaming, and subscription companies. Its headquarters are located at 5161 California Ave., Irvine, CA 92617. You can reach the company by phone at 1-866-256-7422.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers.
Higher education in the US is a huge investment. It leaves many students grappling with enormous debt after graduation. While there is no quick fix for the outrageous price of a degree, there are certain ways to work around it and avoid student loans. Some students take jobs and use write my essay services to deal with their college workload. Others use their savings or family support. Yet, aside from these, there are many other practical ways to cover the cost of your education. But before we move on to them, let’s discuss what student debt is and why it can be risky. Sued for student debt? Settle your student debt for good with the help of SoloSettle.
If there is one thing debt collectors do perfectly, it is getting on your nerves. They can cause sleepless nights because of their endless calls and threats. Whether it's their rude agents calling or the automated robots, seeing their number on your phone brings anger and anxiety. If you have an outstanding debt with Advanced Recovery Systems, there is a chance you have felt this way already. Luckily, there are ways to come out of this situation on top. Keep reading to learn more.
“Recovering outstanding receivables with care & consistency for more than 30 years” is the slogan for AmSher Collection Services (ACS) on their website. But have they lived up to this promise? Many consumers don’t think and have formally complained about the methods ACS uses to collect their debt. A consumer who doesn't know how to respond to ACS’s collection tactics will be frustrated and may even pay more than they owe. Beating debt collection agencies such as ACS is not complex as they make it sound when they contact you.
Debt plays a large part in most people’s lives. Americans take out loans to pay for some of their most expensive purchases, like houses and vehicles, and use credit for other items, like clothes and home goods. When you make timely payments to your creditors, it's smooth sailing. Problems arise if you forget about an obligation or stop making payments. When that happens, you may receive a collections notice from a debt collector like Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP. Even worse, Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP might sue you for debt, but thankfully, you can settle your debt before having to go to court. SoloSettle makes debt settlement simple.
You probably didn’t expect to receive a collection notice from The Moore Law Group. Collection notices tend to show up when you least expect them, ruining your day. While your first instinct may be to throw the collection notice in the garbage, it’s best to address the issue head-on. That way, you avoid the legal repercussions that may raise their ugly heads. Sued by The Moore Law Group? Settle your debt and move on with your life.
Buy Now, Pay Later (BPNL) offers are attractive, because you can have the item now and only pay in the future. What happens if you can’t pay for it – ever? Even worse, what happens if someone makes a purchase in your name, which throws you into debt? One significant concern that arises with Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) offers is the potential accumulation of debt and the challenges it may pose for both customers and providers. While BNPL options offer the allure of deferred payments, there is a risk of customers falling into debt if they are unable to meet their repayment obligations.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers.
If you're facing financial struggles in Pennsylvania and have fallen behind on loan and credit card payments, you may be at risk of having your wages garnished. Wage garnishment is a legal process that permits debt collectors to collect a portion of your wages directly from your paycheck to repay debts. It can be a stressful experience to see your paycheck with your regular pay reduced by up to 25%, which leaves you with reduced income to cover your essential expenses. However, Pennsylvania has laws to protect consumers from excessive wage garnishment.
Sunrise Credit Services has a charming name. After all, almost everyone enjoys watching a beautiful sunrise in the morning. But names can be deceiving. If you receive a letter from Sunrise Credit Services, it probably isn’t going to compliment your steller financial management skills or offer you a 0% interest loan; instead, it’s trying to collect a debt. Sunrise Credit Services partners with banks and other entities and pursues debtors relentlessly until they pay off their obligations. If it contacts you, expect to receive many letters and phone calls. If you don’t respond, Sunrise Credit Services may decide to sue you.
Owing a creditor money can make anyone feel a little anxious, especially if they don’t have the means to make regular payments. Financial problems can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in late fees, penalties, and extra interest. If you don’t get on top of the matter fast, your creditor may take more drastic action, like suing you for unpaid debt. Act quickly if a creditor decides to sue you. Losing a debt lawsuit can result in a judgment against you that your creditor can use to garnish your wages or even freeze your bank account.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit.
At SoloSuit, we aim to understand the debt collection industry so that we can educate consumers on how to resolve, settle, and fight debt lawsuits. We recently interviewed a former debt collector for Credit Management Company who told us how the process works on the side of collectors and how collection agencies motivate their employees to collect as much as possible. Below is the transcript of the interview.
If you currently owe a debt in California, you may be worried about wage garnishment. A wage garnishment requires your employer to withhold a portion of your weekly earnings on behalf of your creditor. The garnishment continues until you fully satisfy the debt you owe. Wage garnishment is pretty serious stuff. If your creditor is successful, it will take a significant chunk of your income away from you. That will make it difficult to pay for your daily needs, support your family, and afford a place to live. Fortunately, creditors can’t garnish your wages in California without going through some legal hoops.
Wage garnishment can leave individuals unable to meet their debt obligations and can be a financially devastating experience for many families in the United States. Utah wages can be garnished legally if the creditor obtains a court order, leaving those in debt feeling helpless and overwhelmed. After a creditor has obtained a court order against an individual, indicating that they are legally entitled to collect the sought debt, wages can be garnished in a legal process in which a creditor can collect by taking money directly out of an individual's paycheck. Wage garnishment can be a scary reality for many, as it limits the cash available each month for the individual to take home.
If you owe money to a creditor in Alabama, you don’t want to end up on the receiving end of a debt lawsuit. Alabama has some of the strictest wage garnishment laws in the nation, and a creditor who wins a judgment against you can take a considerable portion of your pay until you satisfy your debt. You don’t want to fork over your earnings to a creditor, so it’s best to resolve the claim before it ends in a judgment against you. In this article, explain how the wage garnishment laws work in Alabama and what you can do to protect yourself.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. Without SoloSuit, people win less than 10% of the time in debt collection lawsuits. We consider a win to be a few things. One, if your case just gets dismissed outright, two, you might settle your lawsuit, or three, you might buy yourself more time in the lawsuit so that you can declare bankruptcy or something else along those lines.
Finding out your old debt is in collections is never great news. Collections typically mean you’ll hear from debt collectors over the phone and via email, mail, and SMS text messages. Your debt collector may take legal action against you if you don't repay the bill. One well-known debt collection agency is Convergent Outsourcing. Convergent Outsourcing is one of the oldest debt collectors in the U.S., operating since 1950. If you receive a bill from Convergent Outsourcing, you’ll want to take action quickly to avoid a debt lawsuit.
In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial for students to develop effective budgeting strategies to manage their finances wisely. As a student, you may be faced with numerous expenses, including tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, food, and social activities. Without proper financial planning, it can be easy to overspend and find yourself in a difficult financial situation. Being a student means having a busy schedule. Even though budgeting is super important for students, it can easily fall to the wayside.
Few things are worse than finding out your old obligation is with a debt collector like Lakeside Collection. Lakeside Collection, also known as Lakeside Receivables LLC or Lakeside Recovery Solutions, is a collection agency that tries to recover unpaid debts from consumers. Lakeside Collection doesn’t have much of an online presence. Its website offers minimal contact information and a short About Us page. If Lakeside Collection is causing trouble, you’re in the right place. We’ll explain how to handle your situation and avoid legal repercussions.
Old Navy is a value shopper’s dream. It offers clothing for the entire family that’s of decent quality at low prices. Many customers turn to Old Navy for their favorite jeans, sweatshirts, and other attire. Loyal customers obtain an Old Navy credit card, which they can use in-store and at partner retailers, including Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta. However, all relationships can turn sour — even with a seemingly innocuous store like Old Navy. If you fall behind on your Old Navy credit card payments, you may be the subject of a debt lawsuit, something you probably don’t want.
Best Buy is known for selling just about any consumer electronics you might need, such as TVs, home theater equipment, computers, laptops, and washing machines. Many customers visit their local Best Buy store or website when they need a new device. Electronics aren’t cheap. A laptop can cost over $1K, and smartphones can set you back at least $750. Many people don’t have much savings, so they use credit cards for help. Best Buy offers two different credit card programs clients can use to purchase what they need. However, people who fall behind on their payments face repercussions, including lawsuits.
Persistent debt collectors have mastered getting on your nerves with their endless calls and emails. Worse still, they may even threaten you with dire consequences if you fail to pay. West Central Texas Collection Bureau (WCTCB) uses methods of harassment and bullying in an effort to collect debts. They invest in training their employees to use tactics to increase their chances of getting consumers to pay. Hence, knowing your consumer rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) will help you beat them at their game.
The American Credit Acceptance company, headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, provides financing solutions for subprime consumers. Consumers can secure automotive loans through ACA. As a partner of over 2,500 dealers, the company has provided affordable vehicle options to more than 630,000 consumers.
There's no doubt that financial freedom is the ultimate goal, but getting there can be a long journey with uneven pavement and filled with unexpected detours. Symple Lending helps customers face last-minute surprises by providing them with a quick injection of capital to help them continue their journey.
At SoloSuit, we converse daily with people who have negative monetary net worth and have been sued by the world’s largest multi-billion dollar banks. We wanted to know the prospects of these people, our customers, and people like them. So, we wrote this report. The goal of this report is to compare previous trends in debt collection cases to current trends and to predict debt collection lawsuits to come as a reflection of the US economy’s current state.
Failing to communicate with your creditor or arrange a new payment plan can result in a debt lawsuit, with you named as the defendant. If a creditor or collections agency decides to take legal action against you, it wants to win a judgment that it can use to garnish your wages. A judgment will stay in the public records for years, and wage garnishment can take a big bite out of your weekly income.
Most people carry some form of debt, whether it's a credit card, personal loan, or mortgage. Taking on debt helps you afford expensive items when you don’t have enough cash to buy them outright, like a new car or a computer. If you stick with your payment plan, you’ll build your credit history and relationships with lenders. Problems emerge when you stop making regular payments. Creditors will start calling and sending you letters after your first missed payment. When you ignore their communication efforts, creditors may take further action by suing you or selling your obligation to a collections agency.
Wage garnishment can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for anyone who is already struggling with debt. In Nevada, creditors can garnish up to 25% of a debtor's disposable income, making it difficult for some debtors to make ends meet. Fortunately, legal protections are available to help debtors stop or reduce a wage garnishment. These protections include objecting to wage garnishment, filing a claim of exemption, negotiating with the creditor, or filing for bankruptcy.
As economic instability grows, American households have hit a record-high of $17 trillion in debt on average. This debt is a result of several types of consumer loans such as mortgage, auto, and student loans. Understandably, this causes a great amount of stress and fear for citizens burdened by this debt. For business owners, employees stressed out about their family debt will undoubtedly show signs of mental fatigue at work, manifesting as poor health, inattentiveness, low-quality work, and burnout. To keep morale and work quality high, it’s thus in a company’s best interests to support employees through these troubling times.
If you’re a business owner, you might have borrowed a business loan from a bank or other lender to get your business off the ground or fund expensive operations. If so, your business’s debt to sales ratio becomes a key metric of your company’s financial health and an indicator of potential actions you may have to undertake. If you’re considering taking out a business loan or have already taken one out, understanding your debt-to-sales ratio is paramount to guiding your business’s long-term financial plan. To help you out, this guide will explain what a debt-to-sales ratio is and give advice on how to manage it.
When you have several bills to pay on top of paying off a new car or credit card, things can get overwhelming. Sometimes debt can spiral out of control, making it difficult to get out, especially if you have high-interest loans or accounts. One of the most effective ways to manage this debt is by obtaining a debt consolidation loan, and Priority Plus Financial says debt consolidation helps you manage your debts more efficiently. By consolidating your debts and accounts, you can pay less interest and make one monthly payment.
In Ohio, consumers with long-standing unpaid debts often face wage garnishment—a legal process permitting creditors to collect money directly from your paycheck. Wage garnishment can result in significant financial hardship for individuals and families, leaving you with a reduced income to cover your living expenses. However, if you face wage garnishment in Ohio, you can fight the garnishment order. Ohio law provides guidelines to help you stop or minimize wage garnishment and regain control of your finances. This article will discuss Ohio laws and examine ways to stop wage garnishment.
When you owe money to a creditor, they may take legal action to collect the debt when you fail to pay. If a creditor wins a debt collection case against you, they can then obtain a court order to garnish your wages. Garnishment can cause extreme financial hardship for consumers struggling to pay the bills. A wage garnishment order requires your employer to withhold a percentage of your wages and send it to the creditor.
Creditors tend to freak out when you stop making regular payments. They may tolerate it for a few months, but you’ll probably incur late fees, making it even harder to get caught up on your debt. If you stop answering creditors’ phone calls and don’t try to resolve the issue, they’ll step up their collection efforts and may even sue you. If you receive a Summons for a Connecticut debt lawsuit against you, you must take action fast. A debt lawsuit indicates that a creditor or debt collector wants to obtain a judgment so it can garnish your wages. Avoiding a judgment is critical to prevent wage garnishment. Without a judgment, no creditor can take your pay.
Getting a collection notice means that your creditor decided to sell your debt to a professional collection agency, and you’ll probably hear from it frequently in the coming months. Debt collectors take the collections process seriously — after all, their entire business model is collecting old debts and pursuing consumers for payment. While you can’t stop a creditor from charging off your unpaid medical debt and selling it to a collection agency, it helps to know how the process works. In some cases, you may be able to use it to your advantage.
Immersing itself as a riveting pecuniary horizon within the digitized sphere, cryptocurrency stands as a seismic influence on traditional transactional, investment, and loaning landscapes. In other words, cryptocurrency has shaken up the financial sector and has the potential to change the nature of currency and lending forever. In this article, we’ll explore a new aspect of cryptocurrency that has captivated cryptocurrency enthusiasts: digital asset lending.
You open your mailbox and find a few advertisements, a magazine, and what appears to be a letter from a collection agency. Debt collection notices can come at the most inconvenient times, reminding you of your failure to pay a bill. The collection letter you receive is for a $200 balance on your old Visa card. You’ve long forgotten about the debt, but the collection agency hasn’t! Will it sue you if you don’t pay? That depends on several factors, including the amount you owe, the age of the debt, and whether you attempt to communicate with the collection agency.
When securing a mortgage, lenders are bound by specific rules when it comes to credit scores and other factors. There are a variety of loan types, but the two most common types of mortgage loans are conventional and FHA. Conventional loans typically require a 620 minimum credit score. If your score is lower than 620, you may not qualify for a loan or be forced to pay a larger down payment on top of paying a high-interest rate on the loan.
Being sued for credit card debt is not a good feeling, and it can be pretty isolating. You may have already gone online to look for an attorney to represent you in the case and discovered that it's expensive, time consuming, and a pretty complicated process to find a lawyer. Luckily, Solo Suit exists to help people like you represent yourself in court and feel less alone throughout the debt collection lawsuit process. In this article, we're going to show you an interview that I recently had with a real SoloSuit customer who used our services to fight off a major debt collection agency and credit card company in court. His name is Mason from South Carolina, and here's how he beat Zwicker & Associates Discover credit card in court.
Legal document software is transforming the way law firms and legal professionals manage their client documentation. By automating the creation of routine legal documents, attorneys can save considerable time and resources while ensuring consistency and accuracy. As technological advancements continue to reshape the legal industry, document automation is poised to become an even more integral component.
In Wyoming, a wage garnishment order can be issued by a court or a government agency, directing an employer to withhold a portion of your wages to pay off a debt. Dealing with wage garnishment can be an overwhelming and stressful experience for anyone. Fortunately, options are available to stop wage garnishment in Wyoming. Taking action to stop the garnishment can provide much-needed relief and reduce financial stress. This article will discuss three ways to reduce or stop wage garnishment. Before we get to it, here are Wyoming garnishment laws you must consider.
Student loan debt is necessary for some people to gain a higher education, but it comes with a hefty personal price tag and potential negative effects on the economy as a whole. In this article, we’ll explore the effects of student debt on the US economy, the reasons for student loan debt, and the positive impact of avoiding it altogether. Sued for student loan debt? Settle the debt before going to court with the help of SoloSettle.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a fire, you know how devastating it can be. The physical and emotional scars may last a lifetime. That's why it's so important to have a burn injury attorney on your side. A good lawyer will fight for your rights and make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve. The last thing you want to worry about, especially when you’re recuperating, is negotiating an insurance claim. That’s why you want to contact an attorney. A lawyer will handle all the paperwork and negotiations so you can focus on healing and recovery. If you've been injured in a fire or burned in another mishap then, don't try to go it alone.
In today's world, where money matters get a tad complex, being financially literate is super important. And if you’re a college student, it’s the perfect time to educate yourself on finances so you can set yourself up for a healthy financial future. Plus, doing so can help you make smart choices about loans, housing, tuition, career paths, and even retirement. But let's be honest, most of us weren't taught this stuff in school, right? Luckily, there are plenty of financial resources you can utilize to stay financially fit, even during your university days. In this article, we’ll discuss such financial tools.
Wage garnishment is serious business. A creditor who wins the right to garnish your wages can make your life miserable by seizing a large portion of your weekly income. If you’re currently experiencing wage garnishment, you may find it hard to pay for things you need, like a place to live and food to eat. People who are not under wage garnishment but see the signs that a creditor might sue them should prepare themselves. A creditor who wins a debt lawsuit against you will gain a judgment they can use to garnish your wages or freeze your bank account. In some cases, it makes sense to hire a wage garnishment lawyer to protect you.
Dealing with debt collector calls often leaves you feeling irritated, upset, and helpless. Most times that is their aim. Diversified Consultants Inc often calls to pressure consumers into paying alleged past-due debt. However, paying every debt a collector imposes on you is not always a good idea. For instance, the account may contain errors, the debt may be too old, or you may be a victim of identity theft. SoloSuit can help you stop calls from 800-604-0064 and verify Diversified Consultants' allegations. Even if the debt is yours, you can stop collection calls for good by settling it. This article will help you find out how to achieve this outcome.
Is the West Central Texas Collection Bureau (WCTCB) holding you hostage? Have you been trying to contact them, and the phone takes you straight to voicemail, no matter what time or day of the week you call? Have you referred to their website only to find "under construction"? This article will give you all the information you need about WCTCB in case they bombard you with calls, letters, or emails about an alleged debt. Did WCTCB sue you? Avoid going to court and settle your debt with the help of SoloSettle.
Getting sued for debt is stressful enough, but imagine being taken to court over a fraudulent credit card debt. At SoloSuit, our mission is to empower people who are struggling with debt by helping them respond to debt collectors and debt collection lawsuits on their own, making justice accessible to all. Recently, one of our employees interviewed a real SoloSuit user who was sued by American Express for a $35,000 credit card debt—a debt she didn’t incur. In this article, she shares her story on how she used SoloSuit to respond to a fraudulent credit card lawsuit and win, all in her own words.
Language learning is a fulfilling and enriching journey that can open doors to new cultures, opportunities, and personal growth. However, pursuing language learning while managing debt can pose financial challenges. In this article, we will explore practical budgeting tips and strategies for language enthusiasts who are navigating debt. By incorporating smart financial planning and leveraging resources, you can continue your language learning journey without compromising your financial well-being.
When you stop paying a credit card company or another creditor, like a utilities or telecommunications provider, it will try to get you back on track with your payments. If you don’t respond to these efforts, your creditor will likely charge off your account. A charge-off will wreck your credit score, and a charged-off account will likely end up in the hands of a collection agency. Creditors often sell charged-off debts to collection agencies, especially when they think it's unlikely that the consumer will repay the entire debt. Once the collection agency buys the debt, it will resume collection efforts against the consumer, which may include a debt lawsuit.
Financial freedom, an elusive goal for many, is often hindered by the daunting challenge of lingering debt. Imagine if you could combat this challenge, not with a sword, but with a shield—a shield in the form of cash value life insurance. In the sprawling maze of financial strategies, cash value life insurance shines as an unexplored pathway toward living debt-free. Join us as we journey into this financial landscape, uncovering the power of this tool to guide you along your path to financial independence.
Which lawyer should you consult for the legal matter you are experiencing? That is the first question you must ask yourself because different lawyers handle specific lawsuits. For example, you would not hire an attorney specializing in domestic crimes to represent you in a debt collection lawsuit. Instead, a civil litigation lawyer would be the ideal choice. However, civil litigation lawyers specialize further by dealing with specific laws for a particular offense. For instance, you will likely build a solid slip-and-fall case if you hire a personal injury attorney rather than a probate attorney.
If you are looking for a way out of unsecured debt, you may have heard about Pacific Debt Relief. The company has received excellent reviews from satisfied customers. But will it work for you? Before you sign up for a debt settlement program, you should understand how debt relief companies typically work. Ask yourself questions such as How does Pacific Debt Relief make its money? How does it negotiate debt settlement? Can you do it yourself? And how will settling debt affect your credit score? This comprehensive review by SoloSuit answers these questions to help you make an informed decision.
CreditFresh is a fully integrated technology and service solution provider that works with financial institutions to provide credit to consumers. To collect on delinquent or charged-off accounts, CreditFresh hires debt collectors and incentivizes them to be aggressive and relentless. CreditFresh debt collectors have often violated the law, particularly the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) consumer protections. But you can defeat CreditFresh even if they sue you, or you can settle the debt for good before going to court.
If you’re preparing to form a limited liability company (LLC), before you do so, you’ll need to select a registered agent for your LLC. All states require that you disclose your registered agent information on your LLC formation documents. While you can elect to be your own registered agent, many entrepreneurs choose to hire a registered agent service. A registered agent service offers many benefits and provides a level of protection for your LLC. Here, you’ll find details of how a registered agent service can protect your LLC, and what to look for in a registered agent service.
In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of credit cards so you can make smart and informed choices, with a few tips for responsible use to avoid the pitfalls of spiraling credit card debt. And if you’ve already been sued for credit card debt, we’ll show you how you can settle the debt for good.
Do you want to avoid getting calls and messages from online debt collectors? Are they harassing you for the debt you didn’t owe or paid already? Do you want to know how to protect yourself from such scams? Learn how to use a computer or Macbook correctly and get applications that will keep you safe. Already sued for debt? Settle the debt before going to court with SoloSettle.
Summary: You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers. Disclaimer: this post is not legal advice. George is not a lawyer.
You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, file a Motion to Compel Arbitration, or settle the debt before going to court. Join our live webinars to ask your own questions about how to resolve a debt lawsuit. The following is a transcript for one of our webinars. In it, SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers. Disclaimer: this post is not legal advice. George is not a lawyer.
Merrick Bank offers secured and unsecured credit cards to people with poor credit who want to increase their credit scores. People recovering from bankruptcy or other adverse financial events often use Merrick Bank to help them bounce back and improve their credit history. While signing up for a Merrick Bank credit card can be beneficial, people sometimes have trouble keeping up with their payments as they intended. In other cases, they may find that the credit card doesn’t provide the advantages they hoped for. Whatever the reason, a current client may cancel their credit card with Merrick Bank.
If you’ve recently purchased a used car from Carvana, Drivetime, or another dealership, you may have a Bridgecrest loan. Bridgecrest offers high-interest auto loans to people with poor credit. They partner with dealerships nationwide, which connect customers with Bridgetime when they don’t have financing from another lender. Staying on top of your Bridgecrest payments is critical to avoid late fees, extra interest charges, and vehicle repossession. You can make payments through the company’s website by logging into your account. The company also has a payment app you can download through the Apple or Google Play store.
"Hello. This is Linda from Capital One. If you want to know about our offers, please call me at 1(800) 955-6600.” Have you ever received such a message? The number 800-955-6600 may call you multiple times daily, and you might wonder who is calling and how to stop them. 800 955-6600 is a Capital One number. Many consumers report receiving an automated voice message daily on their answering machine. Interestingly, if you call Capital One, they often act like they don't know what you're talking about. With the blocking feature on most smartphones, you can block unwanted calls, but other approaches exist to stop calls from 8009556600. Let’s explore those below.
Since May 1968, the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) has protected consumers when they borrow money from banks, credit unions, and nonbank institutions. Under this federal law, TILA, consumers are protected from unfair lending practices. For credit transparency, TILA ensures lenders disclose the interest rates and fees charged on consumer loans, such as credit cards and second mortgages. Under the TILA, consumers can also rescind certain home equity loans or lines of credit.
Your 8:00 pm dinner date is abruptly interrupted by an unknown caller. You excuse yourself to take the call. The insurance company sales representative is annoyingly persistent. Your voice betrays the irritation you are trying to hide, so you hang up. "This has got to stop!" you tell yourself. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Many consumers' struggles at the hands of persistent telemarketers. Unfortunately, it is legal for companies to call you at home between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm unless you register on the Do Not Call List.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects you from inaccurate credit reporting. So, you can dispute any mistake you find on your credit report. Contesting an error is crucial because the report affects your ability to borrow money, buy a home, and find employment. Launching an official dispute with the major credit reporting bureaus is relatively simple. But you must keep track of what transpires. In 30 days, the agency should complete the investigation and post its findings.
SoloSuit's founder George Simons responds to live questions from consumers. This post is not legal advice. George is not a lawyer.
A bad credit score can make it difficult to do anything involving a loan or credit extension, including renting an apartment, qualifying for a mortgage, or obtaining a credit card. Sometimes, bad credit can even prevent you from getting a job. When people find themselves in the unenviable position of needing something but having a poor credit score, they sometimes turn to credit repair companies for help. However, most credit repair organizations are scams. They offer quick fixes that usually don’t work, all at an additional cost to you.
Your credit history plays a big role in many things in life, including your ability to obtain a mortgage, buy a vehicle, or obtain a loan. With a solid credit score, you’ll alleviate many of the burdens people with low credit suffer from, like high-interest loans and limited funding availability. An unexpected increase in your credit line is a sign that your creditors like doing business with you. Most credit card companies, including Merrick Bank, regularly evaluate customers and raise their credit lines when they make prompt payments. Is Merrick Bank suing you for a credit card debt? Settle the matter quickly with SoloSettle’s help.
Small businesses that do not want hard credit checks or do not have excellent scores may prefer merchant cash advances. These lenders offer expensive funding but are fast and have a straightforward application process. Bitty Advance has successfully set itself up as a cash advance provider since 2018. While many business owners are still new to this type of lending, some are already in trouble. They face unprecedentedly high fees, UCC liens, and bank account freezes. This article discusses what you need to know about Bitty Advance, qualifications for funding, and possible repercussions if you default. We will also briefly discuss how to get out of debt.
Did you know under the Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968 (CCPA), private creditors cannot garnish your wages at the federal level? Yes. It prohibits your employer from terminating your employment because of a single garnishment and shields a portion of each paycheck from garnishment. Further, your state may adopt more restrictive measures. Many states prohibit private creditors from garnishing more than 25% of disposable earnings or 30 times the federal minimum wage under the CCPA. Further, the garnishing creditor cannot take certain wages that cover your living expenses.
Wage garnishment is arguably any consumer's worst nightmare. Discovering that someone is entitled to your hard-earned money is stressful, then realizing that your employer is now involved in your financial issues increases the stress exponentially. If you are an average consumer already dealing with the high cost of living, it is understandable that you are looking for a way out of the garnishment. Examining South Dakota Codified Laws provides solutions that may work for you. In this article, we’ll review South Dakota’s laws on wage garnishment before we discuss how to object to wage garnishment in South Dakota.
877-366-0169 belongs to Midland Credit Management. As with any legitimate debt collection agency, Midland Credit Management can contact you if you owe money. They may contact you by phone, email, letter, or even in person to collect the outstanding balance. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) oversees when and how debt collectors like Midland Credit Management can contact consumers. By law, debt collectors cannot harass, threaten, deceive, or make false representations to consumers.
Is a creditor or debt collector hounding you for money? Finding the cash to repay your bills can be tricky, especially if you’re experiencing financial issues. Unexpected expenses, medical problems, and family emergencies can all impact your ability to repay your debts. While it may be tempting to ignore a creditor until you get on better financial footing, you’re putting yourself at risk for a debt lawsuit and potential wage garnishment. Creditors don’t like it when you ignore them, and they’ll likely step up their attempts to collect money from you. If a creditor or debt collector initiates a lawsuit against you, you must react quickly by repaying the debt, setting up a payment arrangement, or settling the matter. If your creditor wins a debt lawsuit, they’ll obtain a judgment that allows them to garnish your Massachusetts wages.
If you don’t get back on track with your payments, your creditor may decide to sue you or sell your obligation to a debt collector, who will take further action against you. Ignoring the matter can make matters even worse; you may find yourself the subject of a debt lawsuit. Creditors or collectors who win a debt lawsuit against you will obtain a judgment. The judgment opens the door for further legal action through wage garnishment. Wage garnishment allows creditors to take a portion of your weekly salary to satisfy the debt. Garnishment continues until you repay the entire amount due.
A payment deferred means an arrangement where a debtor is allowed to make a delayed payment or payments for an established time period. This can be helpful for those experiencing unexpected financial difficulties due to job loss, medical issues, or unforeseen expenses that have caused temporary financial hardship. It provides temporary relief from debt repayment. However, it usually comes with additional fees and interest charges.
If you are at the garnishment point, chances are high that the creditor first took a debt collection lawsuit against you, which they won. However, you have options if you’re concerned because you’ve received notice of a lawsuit. You can file an Answer to the lawsuit and offer to settle the debt for less than you owe. SoloSuit can help you avoid garnishment. Stopping wage garnishment depends on whether you argue your case well and provide relevant evidence. Today, we will discuss the various ways to stop wage garnishment in Rhode Island and the laws governing the process.
Knowing how to manage your expenses is important all the time, but let's face it: as we age, money management becomes increasingly important. They say that with age comes wisdom. But with age also comes an increasing need for financial security. As we get older, we tend to rely more on our savings and financial investments. This is why money management and budgeting become more important than ever. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best money management tips for seniors – tracking expenses and planning a budget.
There are two main forms of litigation. Criminal litigation occurs when a prosecutor alleges a defendant broke the law. A criminal case that ends in conviction can result in jail time, probation, and monetary penalties for a defendant. Civil litigation includes claims that don’t have a criminal element. Typically, the plaintiff seeks some form of monetary remuneration or specific performance from the defendant. Civil litigation encompasses many legal practice areas, including family law, personal injury, intellectual property disputes, and debt lawsuits.
When you receive a debt collection notice in the mail, you know trouble is on the horizon. Maybe you know exactly who decided to send your account to collections, or perhaps you’ve long forgotten about your original creditor. However, one thing’s for sure: debt collectors won’t go away until they exhaust all their collection options. If you receive a debt collection notice from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis, prepare for forthcoming letters, emails, and phone calls. The company isn’t going to let you off the hook unless you can prove you don’t owe the debt. And if you get sued by Weltman, Weinberg & Reis, SoloSuit can help you respond in court and settle the debt once and for all.
Consumers with predatory auto loans can seek help from iLending, which aims to help consumers refinance unfavorable auto loans through other companies that provide better repayment terms. While iLending doesn’t offer loans, it acts as an intermediary between customers and lenders like banks and credit unions.
Silicon Valley Bank is known for servicing many tech companies. It specializes in helping tech startups and private equity firms with loans, banking services, and asset management. Individual consumers can also bank with Silicon Valley, and many tech industry employees and California residents have chosen to do so. You might be unfamiliar with the bank if you don’t work in tech or don’t live in California. Silicon Valley Bank was the nation’s 16th-largest financial institution before its collapse on March 10, 2023. According to a Federal Reserve Board finding, the failure occurred due to mismanagement of liquidity and interest risks, along with weakened regulatory action by the Federal Reserve itself.
When you’re suffering from grave financial problems and can’t see a path to recovery, you might consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will erase most of your debts, giving you a blank slate you can use to build better financial habits. However, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does have some significant downsides. You’ll find it very hard to obtain new credit or qualify for a mortgage for up to 10 years. Buying a new home or a car will be much more challenging, and any loans you qualify for will likely have unfavorable terms, like high interest rates. That’s why many people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy use reaffirmation agreements on assets they’d like to keep, such as their vehicle and home.
In the world of personal finance, there’s never a dull moment. There’s always a new strategy for encouraging people to borrow money, whether through payday loans, buy now, pay later “deals,” or seemingly innocuous debt consolidation loans with high interest rates. Tripoint Lending offers a twist on personal credit through its position as a loan brokerage. The company regularly sends special pre-qualified financing letters to selected consumers, advertising sizable loans at low interest rates. However, people who take Tripoint Lending up on its offer don’t always get what they apply for.
Does this situation sound familiar? You’re sitting down to enjoy a family dinner, and suddenly your cell phone starts ringing. You look at your phone, and it’s a number you don’t recognize. You ignore the call, but ten minutes later, your phone starts ringing again from the same number. Debt collectors are famous for using toll-free numbers like 877-591-0747 to harass consumers. The most nefarious collection agencies will call you from a slew of different phone numbers to collect on a debt.
Here’s a truth you’ll need to learn if you currently have bad credit: Predatory lenders exist, and they will use every opportunity available to scam you out of your money if you let them. With bad credit, you’ll find it nearly impossible to obtain a loan from any reputable lender. It’s best to improve your score rather than depend on credit from a shady company. Unfortunately, Celtic Bank is a bit questionable. The little-known regional bank, which has a tiny presence in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides small business loans, equipment financing options, and credit cards for people with bad credit.
It sounds too good to be true. A credit privacy number, or CPN, is often marketed with the promise of a clean credit history. Don’t be fooled. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already labeled CPN offers as scams. Sure, a new credit identity sounds promising, but you could unwittingly find yourself enmeshed in an identity theft operation. Here’s what you need to know about CPN numbers.
When you start preparing to go to college, one thing may be constantly on your mind. How will I pay for it, exactly? Student loans may be the first idea to pop into your mind. But hold your horses and don’t sign the first contract a bank representative offers you! Taking out a loan is a years-long commitment – you’ll be paying it off literally for decades.
Checking your credit score regularly is one of the best financial habits you can practice. How should you feel when you find out your credit score is 600? And what can you do to raise it? The FICO score is the most common metric for measuring consumer credit. Scores range from 300 to 850, with higher numbers indicating stronger overall creditworthiness.
You’ve probably applied for credit at some point and received a denial. A refused loan application will undoubtedly put a tinge of gray on anyone’s bright and sunny day. You likely needed whatever you were applying for, and now you’ll need to figure out how to move on without it. Once a creditor denies you credit, they’ve taken what’s known as an “adverse action” against you. An adverse action is either an outright denial of credit or an approval with less favorable terms than the borrower requested.
If you’re struggling with debt, you’ve no doubt stumbled across Money Management International. The organization offers a variety of financial services, from budgeting help to debt relief. Here’s what you need to know about Money Management International so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to debt management.
Dealing with the IRS can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a range of services that can help taxpayers with their tax-related issues. In this article, you will learn more about how to get local IRS tax help in your state in four simple ways.
Bankruptcy will greatly affect your credit score, as it is a worse-case scenario and stays on your credit report for up to 10 years. Debt settlement, on the other hand, can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years, which is less damaging than bankruptcy. So, if you find yourself struggling with debts piling up, debt settlement could be the ideal option to help you resolve debt with the smallest effect on your credit score. Ultimately, choosing between debt settlement and bankruptcy depends on your current financial situation and the type of debt you have outstanding.
When you start a business and form a limited liability company (LLC), you hope that the business will succeed, but the harsh truth is that most startups fail. If you’re in the unfortunate situation of closing your business because things didn’t work out, you’ll have to deal with the debts of the LLC. But how do you handle those debts? Below you’ll find an explanation of your options for how to handle debts when your LLC fails.
The first time they called, it was an annoyance. You answered the phone only to hear a prerecorded message identifying the caller as Capital One. But you didn’t follow the advice to contact the company in return — and ever since then, your phone has been ringing off the hook. How can you stop calls from 800-955-6600? Keep reading to find out.
The wage garnishment process begins when you fail to pay a debt, such as a credit card bill, medical bill, or personal loan. The creditor then files a debt collection lawsuit and wins the case, giving them the right to collect the debt through various means, including wage garnishment. However, debtors in Vermont do have options to fight a wage garnishment. You can object to the order, file a claim of exemption, or negotiate with creditors. Keep reading to learn about these options in detail. But before we dive into it, let's look at the wage garnishment laws in Vermont.
The huge cost of higher education can present a significant obstacle for students. Nonetheless, there are several innovative methods for financing a college degree that can help minimize student debt and promote financial self-sufficiency. In this article, we will examine several of these methods and offer suggestions and tactics for maximizing your chances of success with each method, as well as ethical considerations to keep in mind as you pursue your college financing goals. Keep reading to learn how you can graduate college debt-free.
If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely received a collection notice from Diversified Consultants at some point. Diversified Consultants was a collections agency in Jacksonville, FL, that purchased overdue consumer debts. While the company is now closed, thousands of people were at the receiving end of its collection efforts. Debt collectors aren’t known to be subtle when chasing after you. Most will call you frequently and send you letters until you agree to repay the obligation or set up a payment arrangement. If you ignore a collections agency like Diversified Consultants, it may decide to sue you.
It’s a busy day, and you’re diligently dealing with work responsibilities. Suddenly, your cell phone starts ringing, and 1-800-390-7584 appears on the caller ID. You have no idea who the caller is, so you ignore it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, and 1-800-390-7584 calls you seven more times over the next week. If this situation sounds familiar, you’re dealing with a collection agency known as Enhanced Recovery Company.
When you first applied for a credit card or took out a loan, you probably didn’t anticipate any trouble repaying it. At the time, you needed the money and thought you had enough income to make regular payments. Unfortunately, you ran into problems that harmed your financial stability, like losing your job or contracting a severe illness. Creditors note when clients stop paying their bills, and they usually escalate their collection efforts to get them back on track. If phone calls and letters don’t resolve the debt, they may decide to sue you. If you’re the subject of a debt lawsuit, you might consider hiring a debt collection attorney to defend you. However, finding a debt collection attorney in your area isn’t always straightforward.
Is a caller from 800-289-8004 constantly ringing you on your cell phone or bothering you on your home line? If so, you’re probably tired of seeing the same number on your caller ID. You might wonder if you’re a spam target or if the calls are legitimate. The good news is that 800-289-8004 belongs to Wells Fargo Dealer Services, so you’re not the victim of a phone scam trying to extort money from you. The bad news is that calls from 800-289-8004 will probably continue until you communicate with Wells Fargo.
Creditors report your account as a charge-off when they believe it’s unlikely they’ll recover the entire amount you owe on the obligation. Each creditor follows its own specific criteria, but most lenders report charge-offs after three to nine months of nonpayment. In this article, we’ll explore how charge-offs work, how they can affect your credit, and how to handle them.
If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be asking yourself, “do I need to hire a lawyer?” The answer is no. You do not need to hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy. You have the option to represent yourself and file pro se. The article offers insights and guidance on how to file Chapter 13 without an attorney.
If a creditor decides to sue you, it’s fed up with not receiving any payments toward your outstanding obligation. The creditor is taking more drastic action; if it wins, it might garnish your wages. Wage garnishment is pretty serious. In wage garnishment, your creditor tells your employer to withhold a portion of your income until you repay your debt. A successful wage garnishment can take a hefty chunk of your paycheck, making it more difficult to pay for other things you need or support your family.
By the time most consumers are dealing with a wage garnishment, their financial situation is typically strained. They have defaulted on loans, have had to respond to numerous collection calls and letters, they may have even attended court hearings and lost. Still, you can use state and federal laws to stop a garnishment. This guide helps you understand Montana wage garnishment laws and how you can use them to your advantage. And if you settle your debt before going to court, you can avoid wage garnishment altogether. Someone could garnish your wages for many reasons, but this article focuses primarily on debt collection judgments.
If you’re facing a debt lawsuit in Delaware, you need to know how to handle the situation and what the repercussions of losing your case could be. In a debt lawsuit, a creditor will try to convince a judge that you owe the money and that the only way to collect it is through a judgment. A judgment allows your creditor to escalate collection efforts through wage garnishment. A wage garnishment order means your employer must withhold a portion of your paycheck to repay your creditor. It’s common to have a higher monthly payment through wage garnishment than in a traditional repayment arrangement, making it harder to afford your other expenses, like rent and groceries.
Credence Resource Management is a debt collector you may hear from if you have an overdue bill with a telecommunications company, utility service, or healthcare firm. The company purchases debts from various clients, including AT&T, Cox, Dish Network, and some healthcare companies, and tries to collect them from consumers. Keep reading to learn more about Credence Resource Management, how it works, and how you can beat the company in court.
Wage garnishments can wreak financial havoc on your life, making paying for other important obligations, like rent or car payments, more challenging. If you have a family, you may find it much harder to provide the monetary support they depend on you for. Is a creditor suing you for an unpaid debt? SoloSettle can help you negotiate a debt settlement.
As a recent college graduate, you might feel anxious about repaying student loans. It can feel overwhelming to consider your debt and how long it will take to pay it off. However, there are steps you can do to properly manage your student loans and streamline the repayment process. You'll find some tips on managing student loans in this article. From creating a budget to refinancing, we'll cover all you need to know to manage your student loan debt. And if you've been sued for debt, we'll discuss how you can settle the debt once and for all. So let's start now!
If you reside in Indiana and are being contacted incessantly by a creditor or debt collector, then it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling intimidated and anxious. You may not be sure how to approach the situation or what steps you can take to address the debt collector. SoloSuit is here to help. This article provides a comprehensive overview of debt collection laws in Indiana, including laws designed to protect you from harassment, intimidation, and deceptive collection practices.
When you take out a loan or a credit card, you assume responsibility for repaying the obligation. Typically, creditors require you to make monthly payments until you repay the debt. If you fall behind on your payments, you’ll start hearing from your creditors through regular phone calls and letters. Whatever the reason for your lack of payments, it’s critical to communicate with your lender to avoid legal repercussions. If you don’t explain your circumstances to the creditor, it will take further action, like suing you for an unpaid debt or selling the account to a collections agency. A debt lawsuit can result in a judgment, which the creditor will use to garnish your wages in Indiana.
Receiving calls throughout the day from the same debt collector, or multiple debt collectors, can be stressful, demoralizing, and incredibly frustrating. Please understand that you do not have to endure this type of inappropriate behavior from creditors and debt collectors. There are laws that prohibit debt collectors from repeatedly calling you throughout the day in an effort to extract repayment.
New Hampshire laws allow you to fight the garnishment order. The options available include objecting to the garnishment, filing a claim for exemption, and negotiating with the creditors. SoloSuit will discuss these options to assist you in choosing one that best suits your situation. Before diving into it, let’s explain New Hampshire's wage garnishment laws.
People who obtain a wage garnishment order against you will receive a portion of your paycheck until you repay your debt. That means you’ll have less money to spend on other needs, like housing, food, and transportation. If you’re having trouble making ends meet now, a wage garnishment will make your life miserable. You can avoid wage garnishment when you settle your debt before going to court.
Receiving notification of impending wage garnishment isn’t just bad news—it’s awful. Despite your objections, a creditor, ex-spouse, tax authority, or other entity will receive a portion of your paycheck until you repay your debt. Wage garnishment can severely hinder your ability to pay your other obligations, like rent and car payments. If you struggled to make ends meet before, wage garnishment will worsen the situation.
Are you facing wage garnishment in North Dakota? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your financial situation. However, there's hope. Like many other states, North Dakota provides legal options for consumers to stop wage garnishment and regain control of their finances. For instance, North Dakota laws restrict the amount a debt collector can take and the types of income eligible for garnishment. With these laws in mind, you can make a formal request to object to the garnishment or be exempted from paying the full amount in the order.
Suffering from financial problems can cause severe stress and anxiety. You know you need to pay your bills, but you may be unable to. Perhaps you’re out of work or dealing with medical issues. Whatever the cause, you must take action to prevent a debt lawsuit and potential wage garnishment. Creditors will seek to garnish your wages if they win a debt lawsuit against you. A successful debt lawsuit gives creditors a judgment, which they can use to collect money from you until you satisfy your debt.
People struggling with a significant amount of credit card debt, medical debt, and other forms of consumer debt may be contemplating signing up for a debt settlement program or possibly attempting to negotiate a debt settlement on their own with creditors. However, there is a prerequisite that needs to be addressed before considering different debt settlement programs, strategies and techniques. Do you qualify for debt settlement? This article offers insights that can help answer this important question.
If you’ve recently financed a car, you may find that Exeter Finance holds your loan. Exeter Finance partners with thousands of auto dealerships nationwide, helping people buy cars even if they have poor credit or minimal income. While Exeter Finance can help you obtain a vehicle when finding a lender is nearly impossible, you can expect high interest rates that increase the cost of your monthly payments. If you find yourself drowning in debt as a result of high-interest loans with Exeter Finance, debt settlement may be your way out.
The idea behind credit card debt forgiveness is that if creditors can’t get the full amount owed in a reasonable timeframe, they may decide that something is better than nothing and forgive the rest. But debt collectors will only resort to forgiveness in extreme situations, usually after several missed minimum payments. So it’s more about your creditor making the best of an unprofitable situation. The United States does not have a Credit Card Debt Forgiveness Act to regulate debt forgiveness granted by creditors and debt collectors. Regardless, there are many tricks you can employ to reduce your overall debt from credit cards. Keep reading to learn more.
A debt lawsuit is serious, and it’s not something to ignore. If you don’t defend yourself or try to resolve the matter before your court date, your creditor or debt collector will likely win a judgment against you. This judgment gives a creditor or debt collector the right to garnish your wages until you fully repay your obligation. Wage garnishment can eat into a significant portion of your monthly pay. Depending on your earnings, the creditor may seize hundreds or thousands of dollars each month — money you probably need for other obligations. You can stop wage garnishment before it starts by facing the issue head-on. In this article, we’ll walk you through Arkansas laws concerning wage garnishment and explain how to prevent it from happening to you.
There are certain actions that can extend the statute of limitations on debt. Even if one of these actions is done inadvertently or by accident, the statute of limitations can still be prolonged, giving creditors and debt collectors more time to either pursue debt collection or file a lawsuit to try and recover the debt.
Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation (KHESLC) manages student loans for Kentucky residents, including loan forgiveness programs. A board of directors oversees KHESLC's loan forgiveness program and its overall operations and programs. A borrower's eligibility for loan forgiveness may vary based on the type of loan and their circumstances. As higher education costs rise, student loan debt in the United States rises.
CashPro is a digital platform that lets customers create payments, receipts, liquid assets, investments, and foreign exchange transactions. Many find the platform effective and efficient in managing their finances, making it a popular choice. With CashPro, you can connect via desktop, mobile apps, APIs, and file transfers, bringing convenience and efficiency to the next level.
In a legal context, a Complaint is a formal written document that initiates a civil lawsuit. It is a legal pleading that sets out the allegations and claims made by the plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit) against the defendant (the person being sued). The Complaint typically includes a statement of facts describing the plaintiff's case, the legal basis for the claim, and the relief sought by the plaintiff.
Debt settlement is an option many consumers choose when they are overwhelmed with debt. It enables debtors to pay less than they owe or get a better payment plan suitable to their current income. While it is possible to settle a debt on your own, hiring a debt settlement company can make the process easier. Debt settlement companies can alleviate the stress of dealing with debt collectors, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your financial health.
Basically, when someone with outstanding debts passes away, the debt continues to survive. An apt description would be “The Walking Debtor.” But before we dive into what happens with debts in the wake of someone’s death and the amount of time a creditor is allotted to try and collect on that debt, let’s go over some basics about time limitations placed on debts.
Getting the car of your dreams after successfully maneuvering the financing process is exhilarating. However, for many Bridgecrest customers, that excitement is short-lived. Before you know it, your loan balance is growing, you are paying more interest than you signed up for, and you are haggling over the company's unforgiving policies. You are not alone, considering the number of complaints Bridgecrest receives daily. But you don't have to feel stuck. You can get out of the loan and be free again.
The Consumer Credit Reporting Act (CCPA) is arguably one of the most important and impactful laws when it comes to financial transactions, consumer lending, debt collection, and other aspects of financial services. The CCPA, which was signed into law in 1968, instituted a number of regulatory restrictions on banking institutions, credit card issuers, debt collectors and so forth. In addition, the CCPA introduced an array of regulatory and legal safeguards that consumers in the United States continue to utilize and access to this day.
Advanced Call Center Technologies is one of the 6,345 Debt Collection Agencies that might contact you for the alleged debt. Despite its name, Advanced Call Center Technologies is a debt collection agency that may violate the FDCPA to collect a debt. Here is a secret you may not know: sending a Debt Validation Letter can stop collection calls.
First Investors Financial Services (FIFS) is a third-party auto loan company in Atlanta, Georgia. It offers automobile loans and leases to consumers looking to purchase or lease a car. The company works with various automobile dealerships across America, providing loans for both new and used vehicles.
A call or letter from Online Information Services (ONLINE) may come as a surprise because it is a third-party debt collector. You did not sign original contracts with them, which may cause confusion about why they are contacting you. If the company has contacted you, it thinks you owe a third-party money and wants you to pay. Online Information Services also develops tools to help providers recover bad debt and increase profits. So you can expect it to have all the resources it needs to track down consumers and coerce them into paying alleged debts.
JCPenney is one of the oldest retail stores in the U.S. Since the early 1900s, JCPenney has defined the retail landscape through its wide variety of offerings, including clothing for the entire family, household goods, and fine jewelry. While the chain has undergone several significant changes in the past few decades, it remains popular for consumers seeking quality goods at fair prices. JCPenney offers its frequent shoppers two credit card programs, which Synchrony Bank oversees. To manage or close your JCPenney account, you must contact Synchrony Bank.
If you’re like many Americans, you turn to Old Navy when you need new clothes. Old Navy is famous for its low prices on comfortable attire for the whole family. Customers can shop for shirts, jeans, dresses, and activewear in various styles and feel good knowing they aren’t overpaying for their purchases. Loyal customers can apply for a Gap Inc. credit card, which clients can use at any store in the Gap family, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta. Barclays Bank Delaware oversees the Old Navy credit card program and has two cards to choose from. If you’re being sued for a debt from your Old Navy credit card, you can settle it for less with SoloSettle.
Mortgages are the most common liens on homes. The property title is in your name when you take out a mortgage. However, the lender has some legal claim to the house until you fully repay the loan. That legal claim is called a lien—an attachment to the home that gives the holder some property rights.
Most homeowners enjoy updating their homes, whether they’re installing a new pool, renovating the kitchen, or adding a water purification tank. However, home renovations aren’t cheap, so many people turn to outside financing for help. Aqua Finance offers loans for home improvement projects like water treatment systems, HVAC units, pools, and spas. To obtain a loan, the homeowner must work directly with a contractor or company that collaborates with Aqua Finance.
Best Buy is a popular megastore where you can find any electronics you need, including televisions, computers, smartphones, refrigerators, and fitness equipment. Many people go directly to Best Buy when they need a new device or electronic peripheral. When making a purchase, customer service associates will ask if you’d like to sign up for a Best Buy credit card. Best Buy offers two credit cards issued by Citibank, N.A., and cardholders are eligible for special financing deals.
Investing in education yields one of the highest returns. But despite its undeniable benefits, it greatly burdens the borrower. Today, graduates are entering the workforce with unprecedented debts from student loans. On top of that, the older population is still paying off loans, even years after graduation. The solution is to get a college degree without student debt. Luckily, there are ways to achieve this goal, and we’ll discuss them in this article.
This article provides information about the financial liabilities associated with DUIs. It gives you an idea of what to expect from a DUI charge regarding costs, expenses, and fines. More importantly, you’ll get tips on mitigating the costs of DUIs and protecting yourself from this unfavorable situation.
GPS tracking has become common among employers in various industries, from delivery services to construction companies. This technology brings many benefits, such as automated workflows, improved efficiency, and safety, just to name a few. However, not following the GPS tracking best practices can put employers at legal and compliance risks, leading to serious consequences.
Kohl’s is a popular retail store with hundreds of storefronts throughout the U.S. Many people shop at Kohl's because of its high-quality goods and frequent discounts. The store offers clothing for the whole family, plus home goods, children’s toys, and shoes. Like many retail stores, Kohl’s offers a credit card that consumers can apply for. Capital One, N.A. manages Kohl’s credit card program.
All three major credit monitoring bureaus give credit unions, and other authorized financial institutions, access to consumers' credit reports. They can also perform soft and hard pulls on your credit to pre-qualify or approve your loan application. This article discusses why Truliant works with credit reporting bureaus, which agencies they use, and how these checks affect financial health.
People who still owe money on their vehicles won’t have a clear title. They can’t sell the car to someone else unless they satisfy the remaining loan balance or the buyer agrees to assume the loan. Once the individual pays off their vehicle, they’ll have full ownership. When a lender removes a lien from a paid-off car, it’s known as a lien release. If you’ve been sued for a car loan debt, you can avoid going to court when you settle the debt.
People shopping for vehicles may come across Consumer Portfolio Services. Consumer Portfolio Services offers financing to people with poor credit, low income, or lack of credit history. The company primarily collaborates with independent franchise dealerships that sell used vehicles.
Canceling subscriptions you don’t need can save you money. But what happens if you don’t recognize the name of the organization that charges your credit card? Is ABC Financial one of the companies debiting your account each month?
While the concept of a lien on your assets may sound frightening, liens reassure lenders if you default on your obligations. Without liens, obtaining financing for significant purchases, such as a home or vehicle, would be more challenging. If you are struggling to keep up with your financial obligations and find yourself entangled in a debt lawsuit, SoloSettle can help you settle your debt and prevent liens resulting from a court judgment.
You can recover from a bad credit score, but it usually takes time and diligence. Sometimes, people become desperate and look to credit repair services, like Lexington Law Firm, for help. There are numerous companies in the credit repair industry, and not all of them are legit. Do your research before paying for their services.
Subsidized loans target financially needy students. The amount they can borrow is the enrollment cost minus expected family contribution and other financial aid. Unsubsidized loan applicants do not need to prove that they are struggling financially. Both are low-interest loans when compared to private lenders' interest rates. This article explains which loan type may work best in your situation. First, let's discuss the significant differences between these two types of loans.
Debt is a reality of life, but it doesn't have to be a burden. With the right strategies and financial planning, even those with significant debt can improve their credit score and pay down their debts over time. This article will explore what a credit score is, how to maintain good credit health and the advantages of debt consolidation loans, installment loans, and debt settlement.
LGFCU loan repayment terms range from 12–60 months with no prepayment penalties if the borrower pays off the loan early. Even with reasonable repayment terms, some borrowers get into a rough patch and fail to make payments on time—leading to an unpleasant experience with the debt collectors. For instance, if you receive multiple calls a day from LGFCU, you can send a Debt Validation Letter to stop their calls.
If you based your financial decisions on nothing but solid reviews, you would likely think that LoanMart was a great option. In fact, some consumers took a loan with LoanMart based on these reviews, and instead of getting the fantastic services they read about, they had an unpleasant encounter with LoanMart. To help you get a holistic picture of LoanMart, we will give you more information about them, discuss the customer reviews, and explain what action to take if LoanMart violates your rights.
If you choose to be a pro se litigant, it is crucial to understand its implication and prepare well. This article will give you more information on when to consider representing yourself, mistakes you should avoid, and options to settle the matter out of court.
Credit cards are a lifeline to most American consumers. With them, you can perform safe cashless transactions, buy on credit, receive cashback offers on purchases, and build your credit. Consumers can shop at Macy's and using their credit cards. Macy's is not a bank, so someone else has to power these transactions. Enter Department Store National Bank (DSNB), an offshoot of Citigroup. But how does this relationship work? Keep reading to find out.
A debt lawsuit is your creditor’s opportunity to obtain a judgment against you. A judgment allows your creditor to take additional measures, such as garnishing your wages or freezing your bank account. If your obligation concerns property, like a mortgage or auto loan, the creditor may gain the right to seize it. You’ll want to avoid a judgment at all costs. You can do so by settling a debt before your court date. In this article, we’ll explain how to settle a debt in New Hampshire and avoid going to court. Let’s get right to it.
If a creditor or debt collector wins a lawsuit against you, they’ll obtain a judgment they can use to enhance their collections practices. A judgment will allow them to garnish your wages or potentially even freeze your bank account. You’ll want to avoid a judgment and move on from the obligation. The best way to do so is through debt settlement. In this article, we’ll discuss how to settle a debt in Idaho and how SoloSettle can make the process easy and painless.
This article explains how debt can affect you as a homebuyer and lists tips on handling debt in a way that’ll show lenders you can afford a new house. So before you take out any loans, know that doing so can affect your credit rating and capacity to request future loans. Managing your debts and credit score can positively impact your future financial needs and help you avoid severe financial distress.
Global Lending Services (GLS) is a leading automotive subprime financing company in Greenville, South Carolina. It provides financing solutions to customers purchasing used and new vehicles in over 15,000 auto dealerships throughout the United States. GLS boasts of having originated over $10 billion in loans with a 72% approval rate. GLS assures its customers that they utilize state-of-the-art technology and analytics. As a result, they provide services to help customers with transportation needs while creating a dealership-friendly environment.
Sometimes you can’t afford to catch up with your payments. You may have lost your job or taken on too much debt. If you don’t resume your payments, your creditor will likely charge off your account and sell it to a collection agency. In some cases, the creditor or debt collector will even start a debt lawsuit. Even if you’ve been sued for a debt you owe, it isn’t too late to settle the matter. SoloSettle makes debt settlement simple with a tech-based approach. Keep reading to learn more.
A creditor who starts legal action against you is seeking a judgment. A judgment grants your creditor additional debt collection privileges, like freezing your bank account or garnishing your wages. You’ll want to avoid a judgment since it goes into your public record and can impact your ability to obtain loans in the future. If you’ve been sued for a debt, you can reach out to creditors and debt collectors to negotiate a debt settlement before your court date. With SoloSettle, that process is made easy. Keep reading to learn more.
In this article, we will give you more info on Brite Solutions' debt settlement services and its reviews. If you’re considering debt settlement, you should know that you can use SoloSettle to take matters into your own hands and settle your own debt—for good!
While debt settlement can be a great option if you are struggling with debt, you should take a close look at JG Wentworth’s debt settlement services before enrolling in their program. Alternatively, you can take matters into your own hands and settle your debt with the help of SoloSettle.
A Summons is a legal document that notifies a defendant that a lawsuit has been filed against them and that they are required to appear in court. It generally contains information such as the names of the parties involved, the court where the case will be heard, and the deadline for the defendant to respond to the lawsuit. A Summons is typically served by a process server or other authorized person who delivers it to the defendant in person, although it can also be delivered by mail in some cases.
Even though they have a right to attempt to collect the debt, the law doesn't allow Galaxy International Purchasing to harass or mistreat consumers. Today, we will look closely at Galaxy International Purchasing, the complaints they’ve received, how you can exercise your rights, and what to do after they sue you.
In this article, we will look at how important it is to learn about debt and money early on, as well as how to deal with student and post-graduate debt. We'll also offer more tools for students and teachers who want to learn more about money management and financial skills. Finally, we’ll cover how SoloSuit can help you respond to a student loan debt lawsuit.
Identity theft and debt-related fraud are serious issues that can have a devastating impact on individuals and businesses alike. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information and uses it to commit fraudulent activities, such as opening credit card accounts or taking out loans in your name. Debt-related fraud, on the other hand, involves using someone else's personal information to incur debt that they will be held responsible for.
Before signing up to work with a debt settlement company, it’s critical to make sure they aren’t going to steal your money and disappear into thin air. After all, you’re trusting the organization with sensitive information, including your personal data and financial details. One debt settlement company that’s recently gained traction is United Debt Settlement. Let’s examine whether United Debt Settlement is an organization you can trust.
If you are considering using Palisade Legal Group for debt settlement, it is crucial to realize you may be left in the same financial hole you're trying to escape by debt settlement companies that overpromise and underdeliver. SoloSettle can help you settle your debt on your own.
If you have unsecured debts, it is possible to settle them and avoid a judgment. You can pay less than you owe and move forward from a challenging situation. Keep reading to learn about three steps you can take to settle your debt in Washington.
Legal action against a consumer is known as a debt lawsuit. Creditors who file a debt lawsuit seek to obtain a judgment against the consumer, which will allow them to increase their collection activities. A judgment can enable the creditor to garnish a consumer’s wages or freeze their bank account. You’ll want to avoid a judgment and stop further collection activities by your creditor. You can do so through the debt settlement process.
Accredited Debt Relief is a for-profit business, so consumers should know that some creditors may avoid working with them. It's only available in some states, which blocks many consumers from using its services. So, what do consumers think about hiring Accredited Debt Relief for debt settlement services? What does SoloSuit think? Keep reading to find out.
At SoloSuit, we aim to help you navigate the densely populated, sometimes murky, debt relief industry. Today, we will look at New Era Debt Solutions. Read on to discover if this company is the best fit for you, or get started with the debt settlement process on your own with SoloSettle.
The debt settlement process is simple — the consumer makes an offer, the creditor accepts or counteroffers, the consumer pays once both parties agree on an amount, and the debt is settled. But there are a few other hoops to jump through to avoid any blunders. To settle a debt, follow these three steps: Respond to pending debt lawsuits. Determine how much you can afford, then send an offer. Get the debt settlement terms in writing.
Creditors and debt collectors can pursue debt lawsuits against consumers who don’t repay their loans. A debt lawsuit can result in a judgment, which can lead to wage garnishment, liens on your property, and more. No one wants to deal with the consequences of a judgment. Resolving the issue before your court date is best. You can do so through debt settlement. Keep reading to learn how you can settle your debt in Nevada—once and for all.
When a creditor decides to sue you for unpaid debt, they’ll seek a judgment from your local court. A judgment grants your creditor additional rights to collect on the obligation. They’ll be able to garnish your wages or freeze your bank account. If your property is collateral for a loan, they might seize it. Luckily, there are ways to avoid a judgment and the hassle that it creates. One way is through debt settlement. In this article, we’ll discuss how to settle a debt in Delaware, including state-specific laws and requirements.
If your creditor decides to sue you for an unpaid bill, you’ll want to resolve the matter quickly. If you don’t, and the claim goes to court, the judge may award your creditor a judgment against you. A judgment will allow your creditor to take further action, like garnishing your wages. In some cases, they may be able to freeze your bank account or seize your property. In order to avoid a judgment, you can settle the debt before your court date. Keep reading to learn more about how to settle a debt in Connecticut, including state-specific laws and procedures.
If your creditor starts a debt lawsuit against you, they will seek a judgment. A judgment will allow them to reclaim the money due to them by seizing your property, garnishing your wages, or freezing your bank account. You want to avoid a judgment at all costs. To prevent a judgment, you’ll need to settle the claim with your creditor before your court date.
You don’t want to lose control of your finances, so it’s best to repay or settle your debt before your court date. Resolving the matter stops a potential judgment and removes your further obligation toward the debt. In this article, we'll discuss how to settle a debt in Minnesota. Let's jump right in.
If you’re facing a debt lawsuit from your creditor, you need to try to repay the debt or settle it before your court date. That way, you can avoid a judgment and move on from this stress in your life. In this article, we’ll discuss how you settle debt in Georgia once and for all. Let’s get right to it.
If your creditor decides to pursue a debt lawsuit against you, a court may award them a judgment. A judgment will allow the creditor to take more intrusive actions against you, which might include garnishing your wages or freezing your bank account. You don’t want a judgment, so it’s best to resolve your case before it goes to court. You can do so by repaying or settling the debt with your creditors.
Scams are everywhere these days. Whether you end up on a robocall list or receive unwanted, fishy-looking emails, there is no end to the lengths scammers will go to to get between you and your pocketbook. Unfortunately, scammers often use debt settlement and relief to target those in dire financial straits. They prey on a consumer’s vulnerability, trying to convince them they can repair their credit, eliminate their debt, or reduce their credit card balance.
If you’ve ever been in a dispute with a creditor, you may have been subject to mandatory arbitration. Mandatory arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution that foregoes a legal trial. While either a creditor or the debtor can initiate mandatory arbitration, both parties try to avoid it since it can be expensive. During mandatory arbitration, the initiating party asks a third party to oversee the outcome of a dispute.
You’ve likely been on the receiving end of a robocall or phishing email, whether you realized it or not. These minor annoyances can lead to severe repercussions if you take further action, like signing up for their services or giving them access to your data. However, consumers also have another type of scammer to look out for: fraudulent debt settlement companies.
Use our Document Calculator to decide what to do next in your lawsuit.
If you’re looking for help settling your debts, you’ll need to find a company you can trust. There are many debt settlement organizations that make lofty promises but can’t deliver on their results. Some will take your money and disappear forever, while others won’t do anything to settle your debts, leaving you with a poor credit score. One company that offers debt settlement services is Turnbull Law Group. Today, we’ll evaluate Turnbull Law Group to determine whether they’re worth your time.
Debt settlement companies negotiate your debt to a lower amount or get you a better repayment plan. Part of the promise is to get you out of debt faster than you would have on your own. Although Infinite Law Group (ILG) has succeeded in helping thousands of debtors, it has also disappointed many. Keep reading for more information on Infinite Law Group customer reviews. Before we get into that, though, let’s discuss how ILG works.
You can have a justifiable reason for not paying a debt settlement payment. You may have earned enough money through a job promotion or inheritance and prefer to pay your debt in full. That would appeal to you because an account marked “paid in full” is better than one marked as “settled.” On the other hand, you may face more financial difficulties and therefore be incapable of paying the settlement. Whatever the reason, not honoring your settlement agreement has its drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss the adverse outcomes of not paying a debt settlement and help you to make the right decision.
Freedom Debt Relief is among the largest debt relief companies in America. As of 2023, it has settled over 4 million accounts and over $15 billion in debt. Despite its outstanding record, many consumers have had negative experiences working with them. Today, the SoloSuit team will give you more details on Freedom Debt Relief debt settlement reviews. But before we dive into it, let's discuss how Freedom Debt Relief works.
Nobody wants to face a debt lawsuit, but you absolutely do not want a judgment. You can stop a lawsuit from proceeding further by repaying or settling your debt before the court date. Debt settlement is the best option if full repayment is outside your reach. In this article, we’ll explore everything you should know about how to settle a debt in Michigan. Let’s get right to it.
You can attempt debt settlement yourself or work directly with a debt settlement company to keep the process organized. However, before you decide to collaborate with a debt settlement organization, you’ll want to make sure they’re a bona fide company that isn’t going to run off with your money. Eagle One Debt Solutions is one increasingly popular debt settlement service. But should you trust them with your financial future? Let’s find out.
Debt settlement companies like TurboDebt are designed to help consumers crawl out from under unmanageable debt. That’s good news for many Americans, seeing as US credit card balances reached a jaw-dropping $866 billion near the end of 2022, accompanied by an increase in unpaid balances tool. If you’re knee-deep in debt, could TurboDebt offer relief? In this article, SoloSuit reviews TurboDebt and explains how to respond to debt collection lawsuits to get relief fast.
The debt relief industry is filled with scams. The most frustrating is when scammers take advantage and dig you deeper into debt while falsely promising you financial freedom and good credit. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) keeps a close watch and often flags fake debt relief companies. It also helps you, as a consumer, to spot a scam before it is too late. This article will discuss these red flags. We will also explore a better route to take when you are drowning in debt.
In an ideal world, you could pay for your college education. Alternatively, you can do that solely through scholarships and grants, which would free you from the responsibility of making any repayments. Unfortunately, most student athletes do not live in an ideal environment. As a result, they are forced to create a funding mix that includes a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans.
Financial planning can be the key to unlocking a secure and stable future. It's never too early—or late—to start building your financial plan so you can achieve your goals and live the life you want. In this article, we will discuss 7 tips for college financial planning. But first, let’s explore why financial planning is so important.
There are many debt settlement companies out there offering assistance, but not all debt settlement companies are legitimate. In this article, SoloSuit reviews to help you determine if collaborating with them to settle your debts is worth it.
Settling your debts can rid you of outstanding loans you can no longer keep up with. Once you finish the process, you’ll be in a better place to manage your money, but simply making the decision to settle your debts isn’t enough, however. If you don’t plan on managing your debt settlement process yourself, you’ll need to find a company you want to work with. There are many debt settlement companies out there, but one of the most popular is National Debt Relief.
When you enroll in a debt settlement program, the debt specialist informs you that you must open an account to make deposits. Global Holdings is among the leading companies in the United States that offer these services. They handle the deposits and make payments to creditors and debt collectors. Today, SoloSuit will take a closer look at Global Holdings' debt settlement reviews and its business practices. Before we dive into it, let's first understand how Global Holdings works.
If you’re facing a mountain of debt, you probably want to get rid of it — and the sooner, the better. Should you attempt to handle it independently or get assistance from a professional, like a debt settlement lawyer? Let SoloSuit explain when it’s time to get out the big guns and when it’s okay to handle the situation yourself.
Use our deadline calculator to calculate your deadline.
If you’re considering debt settlement, you’ve probably researched how it works and are seeking a company to handle the process for you. Century Debt Settlement is a popular option and its recommended by SoloSuit.
If you’re embarking on a debt settlement journey, you’ll want to find a company that isn’t looking to scam you out of your money. After all, you’re probably going through the process because you need financial help — you don’t want to worsen the situation. Are you wondering, “How do I know if a debt settlement company is legitimate?” Here are a few of the things you’ll want to look at.
The FDCPA is a comprehensive piece of legislation that sets rules for communications between debt collectors and consumers. All debt collectors must adhere to this law. If their actions violate any of its provisions, consumers can file a complaint against them and potentially receive compensation. It’s essential to report a violation of the FDCPA to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) immediately. That way, the FTC can investigate and request the debt collector stop their illegal activities. Your report can protect you and other consumers.
If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a credit card. According to the Federal Reserve, 81% of Americans over age 18 have at least one credit card, and 63% of cardholders admit to carrying a balance on their cards sometimes. Credit card terminology can be confusing. For example, if you have a credit card that you’re making payments on, you may wonder, “What is the amount of money you still owe to their credit card company called?” It’s called your credit card balance.
If you’ve ever been sued for owing a debt in a different state, then this article is for you. Your case is in the right venue if the plaintiff filed in a court dedicated to your specific matter, usually small claims court, and the courthouse is in the most convenient location or where the civil action occurred. If a collection agency files a case in the wrong venue, as a defendant, you can object and request the judge for a venue change.
The purpose of credit counseling is to assist consumers with financial difficulties. Credit counselors are trained to help people with a wide range of money issues, like debt management, budgeting, home purchases, and insolvency. Credit counseling is helpful, but being financially literate is even more important because it helps you avoid economic distress by preparing you to deal with specific financial obstacles. When dealing with finances, it is crucial to both understand how credit counseling works and become financially literate. In this article, we’ll explore each of these concepts in detail.
If you’re the subject of a debt lawsuit, you’re likely wondering how to avoid a judgment. Paying the debt in full will stop any legal action against you. However, you can attempt to settle the debt for a percentage of what you owe if you can’t afford to repay in full. Settling a debt involves paying a lump sum in exchange for dismissing the lawsuit and other collection activities. In this article, we’ll explain how you can settle a debt in Illinois.
The Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) is a regulation established in 1995 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under 16 C.F.R. Part 310. It protects consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls and deceptive sales practices. The law also outlines payment restrictions for the sale of certain goods and services by telemarketers. One of these services is debt relief. If you find yourself struggling with debt, you may consider reaching out to your creditor or debt collector to settle the debt. In this article, we’ll discuss how the TSR applies to debt settlement services and how you can protect yourself from scams and unfair practices.
ACS Ed Services (also known as Conduent Education Services) was once among the largest loan servicing companies contracted by the Department of Education. At some point, it was the leading student loan company with a record of receiving a $2 billion federal contract. On September 1, 2019, it ceased all its student loan services. The pending accounts were transferred to other loan servicers. After the transition, confusion occurred among borrowers, but the loan terms and payment options did not change.
If you receive a debt collection notice from EOSCCA, you likely won’t recognize them. Included in their letter should be information related to the debt that you may owe. This information should include the original lender, the account number, and the amount of the debt. However, before succumbing to the debt collection letter and simply paying it off, make sure that this is a legitimate debt that you do, in fact, owe.
The term liquidation can be confusing. For example, you say you have liquidated the debt when you pay off your credit card debt. However, that is not the same as a liquidated debt. Additionally, if real property is seized to pay off your outstanding balance, that's property liquidation. So what is liquidated debt or unliquidated debt?
If you receive notice of a debt collection lawsuit, you face a potential judgment from the court. A judgment grants creditors and debt collectors additional rights, allowing them to garnish your wages or place a freeze on your bank account. Depending on the type of case they have, they might even be able to seize your property. Fortunately, settling your debt is usually possible before your court date. Debt settlement helps you avoid a judgment and move on from the obligation. If you’re interested in settling your debt in Nebraska, there are a few steps you’ll need to take.
Debt settlement requires you to pay a certain amount to your creditor in exchange for them dismissing the claim against you. If you’re successful, you won’t need to worry about the overdue obligation anymore, and you’ll avoid a judgment. In this article, we’ll explore Florida debt settlement and everything you should know to settle your debt there.
If you wonder how debt can create wealth, the answer is on the surface. If you use the money in ways that enable you to build wealth, borrowing money might be beneficial. On the other hand, borrowing money might be detrimental if it leaves you broke and in debt. Below, we describe several debts and how you might use them to your advantage.
If you’ve received notice of a debt lawsuit against you, it may seem like the end of the world. No one wants to go to court or be stuck with a judgment against them. Fortunately, settling the lawsuit before your court date is possible, which can avoid a judgment and stop future collection activities against you. Let’s walk through how the debt settlement process works in Montana.
Many South Carolina citizens have avoided filing for bankruptcy through debt settlement. Creditors and debt collectors who accept debt settlement often want to close delinquent accounts to improve their portfolios. Others want to get a small margin of the revenue rather than lose the whole amount. Consider debt settlement if you still have an income stream. You can plan to save around 60–80% of your entire debt amount. Afterward, approach the creditor through a debt settlement company or on your own and offer to pay off the debt. In this article, we will cover how to help you get the best settlement deal in South Carolina.
If you find yourself unable to get your payments back on track, your creditor may try to take legal action against you. They’ll file a debt lawsuit, and you’ll need to make arrangements to settle the matter before your court date or face a judgment. A judgment can make your life miserable, giving creditors and debt collectors the right to freeze your bank account, garnish your wages, or even seize your property. In this article, we’ll discuss how to settle a debt in Wyoming before going to court and the laws you need to know to protect yourself.
Choosing between a professional living trust and a will depends on your particular circumstances and the sensitivity of your family situation. For instance, do you want your estate to go through probate, for guardians to be named for your children, require property transfer while still alive, or have witnesses present?
If you’re facing a debt lawsuit in Arkansas and cannot afford to repay the debt in full, you can attempt debt settlement. Debt settlement allows you to resolve the debt for a lesser amount than the total value of the obligation, avoid a judgment, and stop future collection efforts.
If you’ve received notice of a pending lawsuit against you for debt in Vermont, there are steps you can take to settle the matter before your court date. A settlement protects you from the possibility of a court-ordered judgment, which will allow your creditors to increase their collection actions against you by garnishing your wages or freezing your bank account. Settling your debt isn’t too complicated, but it takes a little time and know-how. You should also understand Vermont’s laws concerning debt collections. This article has everything you need to know to settle your Vermont debt.
Facing a debt lawsuit will make anyone worry about their financial future. No one wants to suffer the repercussions of losing a debt lawsuit, which may include a judgment that allows the creditor to garnish wages or even freeze bank accounts. Fortunately, you have alternatives if facing a debt lawsuit in Utah. You can attempt to settle your debt before your court date, allowing you to save some money, resolve the issue, avoid a judgment, and start over financially.
Debt settlement can be the solution to get out of debt when keeping up with monthly payments becomes challenging. It is a method that has helped millions of consumers get out of debt to avoid plunging deeper into debt or filing for bankruptcy. Debt settlement entails paying a creditor or debt collectors a significant percentage of what you originally owed—after making a settlement offer directly or through a debt settlement company. Once you make the payments, the debt is marked as paid and any pending lawsuits are withdrawn.
Most consumers drowning in debt would appreciate a fresh start to rebuild their financial status and improve their credit scores. Debt settlement is an option to consider if you have a consistent income that you can save for several months and then offer to clear the debt for less than you originally owe. You can also plan for settlement if you anticipate a lump sum from an investment or a gift.
Legal aid offers assistance to people living at or below the poverty line and who cannot afford legal help, granting them better access to services in the civil and criminal justice system. While the sixth amendment gives a right to counsel in all criminal proceedings, that provision is not included for civil matters such as debt lawsuits or family matters. Hence, legal aid providers do their best to bridge this wide gap by protecting the rights of low-income people in areas such as housing, consumer, employment, family, and education. For example, SoloSuit offers legal aid to people with debt-related matters.
Few things are as stressful as a lawsuit. If you’re an Arizona resident who’s been sued over debt, you have a limited window in which to act. What are your next steps? How can you settle your debt as quickly as possible? Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to help you settle a debt in Arizona.
For years, it was acceptable for employers to hire, fire, or promote employees based solely on their age. Older workers, especially, suffered because of the unsubstantiated belief that they had too little to offer. But that changed with the establishment of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) in 1967. This article will unpack the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) using less plain language to help you identify this illegal practice at your workplace.
False imprisonment, also known as unlawful imprisonment in the first degree, typically occurs when a person intentionally restrains another person from free movement or leaving a particular location without consent. The movement can be restricted in a vehicle, building, street, or any other place where a person is held against their will. In this article, SoloSuit will give you more information on false imprisonment by explaining the situations that qualify as false imprisonment, the elements required, and the viable defenses.
Facing a debt lawsuit in Wisconsin is stressful. If you don’t take action, your creditor may obtain a judgment against you, allowing them to garnish your wages or freeze your bank account. Fortunately, you can attempt to settle the debt before your court date and avoid a judgment. Here’s how.
Receiving a debt collection lawsuit can worsen a bad financial situation if you do not know how the courts work or if you feel overwhelmed and fail to respond to the lawsuit. Arkansas residents do not need to remain in the dark regarding their case information. You can access your case files online or in-person by visiting the courthouse where the lawsuit was filed.
Are you being harassed by a company known as Cavalry SPV? Are you clueless about who this company is or how it got your information? If so, you’re not alone. Cavalry SPV is one of the nation’s largest debt purchasers in the United States. They regularly purchase old obligations from large banks and creditors, including Wells Fargo and CitiBank. Cavalry SPV is one of those debt collectors, and they often engage in underhanded tactics to collect money from unsuspecting consumers. The group’s subsidiary, Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC, performs most of its debt collection activities. Wondering how to settle a debt with Cavalry SPV? Here are your options.
Taking out a student loan is a path to further education. It can be a better option than paying your own way through school, but it comes with certain obligations. Like any type of loan, student loans come with a long list of pros and cons. If you’re considering financing your education through a student loan, you should understand these pros and cons before taking any action. In this article, we’ll go over some basic advantages and disadvantages of student loans and how to get out of student loan debt.
If you owe a debt to Capital One, you’re not alone. Many people have difficulty keeping up with their credit card payments. There are a few ways you can reclaim your financial health and overcome your debt with Capital One. In this article we’ll explore these options and more. Let’s get right to it.
Millions of customers use Wells Fargo for their financial needs, and many have credit cards, personal loans, or mortgages with the company. However, people who face financial difficulty may find that they can’t meet their minimum payments with their loans. Let’s talk about potential solutions for managing your Wells Fargo debt.
Having an account with Navy Federal entitles you to certain benefits, including low-cost loans and credit cards. You can also get a mortgage or home equity line of credit (HELOC) as a Navy Federal member. However, sometimes people face unexpected difficulties, and they can’t make payments on their Navy Federal credit card or loan. If you find yourself unable to satisfy your obligations with your Navy Federal debt, you have a few options. You can attempt to set up alternative payment arrangements, get a debt consolidation loan, or settle the debt. Here’s how.
If you have debt you can’t seem to get rid of, you may consider debt settlement. Debt settlement allows you to pay a percentage of your debt in one lump-sum payment to resolve it once and for all. Once the creditor or debt collector receives the money, they close your account and your debt goes away. Debt settlement is a great way to save money, get rid of badgering debt collectors, and give yourself a financial refresh.
Owing an old debt can be very frustrating. Somewhere in your mind, you’re aware of the lingering money you owe, and you wonder how you’ll pay it or if anyone will pursue you for it. Debts don’t usually go away on their own. A creditor may grow tired of pursuing you and write the debt off, but they’ll usually sell it to a debt collection agency. Once a debt collection agency purchases your old liability, they’ll begin a collection process that may be even more annoying than that of your original creditor. In some cases, the debt collection agency is a law firm.
American Express is one of the largest and oldest credit lending institutions globally. The company first opened in 1850 in downtown Manhattan. According to Forbes, American Express is one of the most valuable companies in the world. AMEX requires customers to make higher minimum payments toward their balance than other creditors. Clients with financial problems sometimes have difficulty meeting the minimum payment and fall behind on their obligations. Fortunately, you have options if you can’t pay your American Express bill. Let’s discuss potential solutions for paying off your debt or settling it.
Debt settlement has assisted countless Maryland consumers drowning in debt. It helps them deal with the most urgent debts, relieving them from the pressure that builds when debt collectors won’t stop calling. If you’ve been sued for a debt in Maryland, it isn’t too late to settle. You can reach out at any stage of the debt collection process, including during a debt lawsuit, to settle. This article will explain how to reach a reasonable settlement agreement with Maryland creditors and debt collectors.
Is debt standing between you and financial freedom? Or, are you looking for a way out of debt without using bankruptcy? Then debt settlement may be the method you need to become debt-free. This method allows you to pay off the most urgent debts, often for less than you originally owed.
Following bankruptcy, consumers often feel relief. Their debts are gone, and they can start from scratch with a blank financial report card. However, communication can often fall through between consumers and creditors during bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers will notify current creditors of their client’s petition for bankruptcy, but creditors will occasionally have already discharged their client’s debt.
If you’re seeking to eliminate your debts through settlement, congratulations! With debt settlement, you can wipe out your old obligations and start your new life unencumbered by the neverending cycle of minimum payments and debt collectors. Before starting the debt settlement process, you’ll need to understand how it works, including what to ask for in the agreement. You’ll also need to prepare yourself for inevitable negotiations. Depending on the number of creditors you have, you may need to speak with multiple companies before you become debt-free.
Owing unpaid money to any lender is never ideal, but it can be even more challenging if you cannot stick to your regular payments with the creditor. If you owe money to a creditor such as Bank of America, you’ll need to make some decisions. You can attempt to negotiate a repayment agreement, consolidate your debt, or settle it.
You probably have a few debts you're responsible for, like a credit card or medical bills. If you don’t keep up with your payments, your creditor will likely step up collection efforts. You might receive a lot of calls, emails, or letters from the creditor or a debt collector working on their behalf. If you don’t return to making your monthly payments, your creditor will probably charge off your account. They may sell it to a collection agency or take legal action against you.
Rhode Island citizens have multiple debt settlement companies that can help consumers get out of debt. Legitimate companies use proven methods that are legal and supported by the government. They operate under strict laws to ensure consumers are not scammed. When you choose debt settlement to manage your debts, you initiate contact with the creditor and offer to pay a small percentage of what you owe. After they respond with a counteroffer, you can increase your offer by a small margin and wait for their response. Once an agreement is reached and paid off, they will report the debt as settled to the credit reporting agencies and dismiss any lawsuits against you.
Is your balance with Citibank keeping you up at night, causing stress about what your financial future holds? Are you unable to keep up with your minimum payments with the lender, or do you want to eliminate them so you can redirect your money toward meeting your basic expenses? If you’re tired of dealing with Citibank, you’re not alone. There are many alternatives available for eliminating your Citibank debt.
Credit card debt can haunt you. So can debt collectors. But if you try not to think about it, the problem will eventually go away, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, if you’ve been receiving phone calls or letters from Chase Bank, or someone claiming to represent them, you’ll need to formulate a game plan before things get worse. Your best bet is to settle your debt for a lower amount, which can save you money as well as prevent you from going to court. Here’s how the process works.
A new year inspires new goals, and for many, reducing debt is one such goal. If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of debt, it can seem nearly impossible to surface from it. One way to tackle overwhelming debt is to pay more than the minimum monthly premiums. To do that, you may need to free up extra cash to put toward paying off debt. This means cutting down on expenses. But where do you start, especially in a tough economic climate? Here are five ways to reduce expenses and free up money for debt repayment.
Are you worried about your debt situation and wondering what to do? Maybe the debt collectors call multiple times a day, or you've already received a lawsuit. Either way, don’t despair. It’s not too late, and you can still take action and begin your journey to becoming debt-free. Debt settlement is an effective way of paying off your debt by accumulating some money and making an offer to your creditor (or a debt collector) to clear the debt for less than the initial amount. This method is best used for the most pressing debt to work your way out of other debts.
Owing debt is hard, especially if it prevents you from living the kind of life you’d like to lead. You might have been able to make minimum payments for a while, but sometimes things happen that make you fall off track. In the worst cases, a creditor or debtor will sue you for unpaid debt. If you receive a notice that you’re being sued for debt in New Jersey, you may be wondering how to handle it.
If you’ve recently received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, you may wonder who the company is. This letter probably means that you owe money for an unpaid debt with an old creditor. Since you likely never heard of Portfolio Recovery before receiving the letter, why would you owe it money? Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt collector that purchases overdue consumer and business debts, including credit cards, medical debt, and other types of loans. Once it receives your account from a creditor, it will begin contacting you to set up a payment arrangement.
Being in debt can feel like a pit in your stomach that never goes away. The situation can worsen if your creditor, or debt collectors, contact you multiple times a day or take you to court. Even when things get to this point, debt settlement is a viable option you can use to salvage your financial situation. Debt settlement occurs when you offer to pay off a debt to a creditor for less than the original amount. In some situations, the creditor can also approach you when they perceive you may not pay the debt at all—after you miss several months of payment.
Receiving notice of a debt lawsuit against you is scary. You’re likely wondering what will happen if you lose and how a judgment will impact your wages and bank account. Fortunately, you have a better option: Settle the debt ahead of time to prevent a judgment and its consequences. So, if you’ve been sued for debt in New York, this article will teach you how to respond to the lawsuit and work out a settlement before your court date.
At any time, you may need legal aid. A divorce, death, child protective services (CPS) investigation, lawsuit, or even a landlord-tenant conflict can leave you feeling lost, stressed out, and unsure of what to do. But legal aid allows you to get help from an attorney for your legal problem. There are over 750 separate and independent civil legal aid providers in the United States. These providers are primarily staff-based and funded by many sources. A total of over 900 pro bono programs and hundreds of law firm pro bono programs supplement this system.
Learning that you’re the subject of a debt lawsuit is troubling — especially if you don’t have the money to repay the bill before your court date. While you can try to set up a payment arrangement, many creditors don’t like long-term repayment plans. Instead, winning a lawsuit against you can give them access to your money through wage garnishment and other methods. There is a way out of this situation that will save you money, satisfy your creditor, and end the collection activities against you for good. It's called debt settlement.
If you’re embroiled in litigation, you may wonder how long your case will take to resolve. Lawsuits are often complex, and it can be frustrating if your claim seems to be dragging on with no end in sight. The time it takes to settle a lawsuit can vary significantly from case to case. Some lawsuits settle within a few months, while others go to trial and can spend years in court.
If you have an old debt dragging you down, you may be looking to settle it. Settling debts allows you to pay a reduced amount to the creditor, typically 50% of its original value. In exchange for your payment, the creditor agrees to absorb the remaining amount due to them, and you’re free from further collection efforts.
Few things are as terrifying as a lawsuit. Going to court over credit card debt can cost you time and additional money, and it may even be embarrassing to take time off of work for a debt-related lawsuit. Is there a way to settle credit card debt before going to court? The answer, fortunately, is yes. This guide will help you learn how to settle your credit card debt and avoid the additional expense and hassle of a court appearance.
Is debt the root cause of all your troubles at the moment? How do you find relief from the most pressing debt or the most aggressive creditor? Debt settlement can be the method to use to help you clear a debt that creditors are persistently pursuing. Debt settlement in Pennsylvania involves offering to pay a creditor or debt collector collector a lump sum percentage of the outstanding debt.
Do you have an unpaid debt you wish would disappear? Have you had a lawsuit filed against you by a creditor in an attempt to collect a debt? If so, you may be wondering what to do next. After all, ignoring the lawsuit won’t make it go away and will probably make matters worse. If you’re struggling with debt in Mississippi and are facing a lawsuit because of it, you can settle your debt for less and regain your financial freedom.
Have you received a Summons in the mail for a debt lawsuit? Getting sued for a debt you owe in Alabama can be frightening and anxiety-provoking, especially if you’re concerned about repaying the debt before your court date. You may wonder where you’ll come up with the money or if you can fight the lawsuit in court.
Discover Financial Services is the third-largest credit card company in the United States. Aside from its massive footprint in the credit card sector, the company also offers traditional banking services, home equity loans, personal loans, and student loans. Despite the numerous customers that choose to do business with Discover, the company currently has a one-star rating with the Better Business Bureau. Discover customers frequently complain about its collection practices and differences between the credit offers they receive and the actual interest rates charged. If you’ve got debt with Discover, you likely want to get rid of it quickly. Here are your options.
The Federal government works with the state of Florida to assist workers who are unemployed for reasons beyond their control. The Florida Reemployment Assistance (Insurance) Program helps residents care for their financial needs until they find work. The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is responsible for this program.
You may be attracted to the idea of borrowing money to pay current loans, especially if you struggle to keep up with repayments. Some consumers use the opportunity to increase their spending. But as exciting as it sounds, debt consolidation can cause some serious financial issues. Whether it is wise to consolidate debt or not depends on your needs. Before incurring additional liabilities, you should determine if the new loan will solve your underlying issues. This article will discuss the pros, cons, and other variables of debt consolidation so you can decideestablish if it is right for you.
If you owe a debt that you can’t afford to repay, you may consider settling it. The settlement process involves paying a portion of the amount owed in return for wiping your account with the creditor clean. Sometimes, creditors agree to a settlement, especially if they don’t believe you can fully repay them.
Are you caught in a debt trap that you can’t seem to get out of? Maybe you are making regular payments on obligations, only to see most of your money go toward interest and not your loan's principal. You might struggle to make regular payments and find yourself with little disposable income to put toward savings or retirement.
Debt collectors and portfolio buyers like CKS Financial are the worst callers for consumers to handle. They are aggressive, persistent, and sometimes abusive in their collection attempts. There is no doubt their efforts can seriously stress you out.
Debt settlement continues to assist countless consumers in regaining their financial life by allowing them to pay off long-standing debts. In Louisiana, delinquent accounts often lower your credit score affecting your likelihood of getting a loan or a new line of credit.
Midland Funding, LLC is one of the nation’s most prominent debt collectors. The company frequently purchases charged-off accounts from creditors like JP Morgan Chase, Synchrony, and Capital One. Creditors typically charge off accounts when the consumer stops making payments for six months or longer. If your old credit card account is with Midland Funding, you’ll want to take action quickly to avoid a potential debt lawsuit.
LVNV Funding, LLC, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a large purchaser of consumer debt. The company holds a portfolio of overdue obligations and outsources collection of the debts to another organization, known as Resurgent Capital Services. If LVNV Funding purchases a debt you owe, you’ll likely start receiving letters and emails from Resurgent Capital.
If you’re like many Coloradans, you’re paying back a personal loan, medical debt, or a credit card — or all three. While you try to stay on top of your obligations, you might get too caught up in debt and find it impossible to make your payments. When you stop paying your creditors, they take notice. They’ll probably start calling you and sending you letters. If you don’t resume your payments, they may charge off your account, sell it to a collection agency, or file a lawsuit against you.
If you received a Summons and Complaint from KLS Financial Services regarding an unpaid debt, you have options. Don’t throw your hands up in despair or waive the white flag of defeat. Yes, the thought of batting a debt collection company in court can feel daunting, and even a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you proactively prepare, you can beat KLS Financial Services in court. This article explains how to achieve that and everything else you need to know about debt collection lawsuits and KLS Financial Services.
“I can’t wait for Capital Management Services to call me about my debt again!” — said no one ever. When Capital Management Services starts calling, it could be that they think you owe a debt. There’s a chance you might actually owe, but before you send over any money, you should do some investigating to understand your options. You can request a debt validation before taking any action and fight back in court if you’ve been sued by CMS.
You may have taken out a loan to obtain business equipment or property if you’re a company owner. Business equipment allows you to create or produce the goods and services that attract your customers. Typical business loans involve funding for commercial real estate, business vehicles, office equipment, or inventory.
Facing a fierce debt collection agency in court, like GLA Collections, can be intimidating. Debt collection companies like GLA Collections understand the ins-and-outs of debt collection laws and may seem to have the upper hand against you in a legal proceeding. However, there are strategies you can use to beat GLA Collections in court. This article explains how to achieve that and everything else you need to know about debt collection lawsuits and GLA Collections.
You may have heard of a Motion for Summary Judgment, but you might need clarification on its meaning. Put simply, a Motion for Summary Judgment can expedite the legal process by asking a judge to decide a case based on the evidence provided. Either a plaintiff or a defendant can file the motion. The judge will then decide whether to grant the motion depending on the case’s circumstances and evidence. Either side can rebut the motion by providing their own evidence and arguments.
Has Franklin Collection Services Inc., commonly called "FCS," contacted you? It can be a scary experience having a debt sent to collections. What are your rights if Franklin Collection Services goes after you for money, and how far will they go to get paid?
You can look up any public court case in Tennessee online. An "open court" case is one whose records are not confidential. Aside from accessing the documents filed in the case, you may also attend the proceedings if you want to, even when you are not a party to the case.
If you take the time to thoroughly review your credit card agreement, there is a good chance you will find a mandatory binding arbitration clause. In many instances, an arbitration clause within such an agreement is relatively brief, but the impact it can have on your legal rights is huge.
You’re struggling to keep up with your mortgage, car payment, and grocery bills without falling behind on credit card or personal loan payments. The stress might seem never-ending. If you’ve gotten to the point where you can no longer make monthly repayments, you need to know your options.
You may have heard of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) new Debt Collection Rule. The Debt Collection Rule came into force on November 30, 2021, and provides specific safeguards to consumers who owe debts.
If you’ve had enough of the constant bills and a lingering debt hanging over your head, you may have decided to work with a debt relief agency to take action on your outstanding obligations. Maybe you felt like you couldn’t keep up with your minimum payments, and debt settlement could get you out of the woods with less damage to your credit than bankruptcy.
Credit cards are credit facilities by banks that usually have a preset limit. When consumers talk of credit cards, they almost always refer to unsecured cards. They are the most common credit cards because of quick approvals without requiring collateral. In 2019, Experian estimated that the average American consumer had four credit cards. And as the cost of living keeps increasing, more people are relying on this type of debt for upkeep. Unsecured credit cards have their upside and downside. Before opening a new credit card account, you should understand these factors. First, we will examine why consumers prefer unsecured credit cards.
Knowing that you owe money to a debt collector or creditor can be immensely frustrating, especially if you cannot fully repay the debt. You may struggle to make payments for months or years only to see little difference in the outstanding balance. Fortunately, you can settle your debt if you are struggling to make ends meet. Many creditors and debt collectors are willing to settle for a portion of the original debt amount, especially if you explain your financial circumstances and obstacles.
Unemployment benefits temporarily cover a portion of your wages if you lose work. The insurance typically covers employees who were laid off or furloughed. But what if you quit? You could still receive unemployment provided the state considers your reason for leaving “good cause.” A good cause for quitting means that you separated from the employer for valid reasons and that the cause could not be resolved with the employer.
Student loans can wreak serious havoc on your finances, especially if you don’t have the means to repay them. The monthly payment for a student loan can stretch into hundreds of dollars, impacting your disposable income and reducing your ability to afford an asset like a home. Getting rid of student loans has traditionally been difficult. It’s next to impossible to eliminate them through bankruptcy, so most people are stuck with them until they repay them, no matter their financial circumstances.
Are you finding it challenging to keep up with your minimum payments on your credit cards or other loans? Are you looking for a way to eliminate your debts quickly while saving money on interest and the amount you owe? If you are, you’ve probably come across debt settlement.
Being in debt is never a good time. When debt collectors come knocking, it only makes matters worse. If you’re shelling out money toward paying off a debt, you may not see much reward for your efforts — especially with high interest rates involved. If you can’t keep up with your payments or stop making them altogether, you may be taken to court for the matter.
Are you the victim of an unfortunate accident or on the receiving end of someone else’s wrong actions? If so, you may consider filing a lawsuit against the individual or entity that harmed you. A legal claim can help you recover damages for your losses or force someone to stop doing something that is negatively impacting you.
Dealing with debt sucks. You may find yourself facing a debt collector who doesn’t want to let you off the hook, calling incessantly and trying to get you to pay up. Each communication makes your heart drop, but you’re probably unsure of how to get it to stop. If this sounds like you, you’re likely under a lot of stress. Credit problems can cause lots of anxiety and even put you into depression. You'll have to take action to stop the calls and eliminate the problem. You can either pay off the bill, set up a payment arrangement, or attempt to negotiate a settlement with the creditor.
Is a creditor or debt collector chasing you for an unpaid debt? Have you received notice of a debt lawsuit against you in South Dakota? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of people face debt lawsuits across the U.S. every day.
Are you being sued for debt by a creditor or a debt collector? If so, you need to take action quickly to prevent a default judgment against you. If the court grants a default judgment, creditors and collectors can take harsh measures against you to collect the money owed, like garnishing your wages or freezing your bank account.
Do you have an outstanding debt with a creditor that you’re unsure how to handle? Sometimes, people fall behind on their regular payments due to job loss or other life situations, and they’re not sure how to resolve the problem. They may be in so much debt that their attempts to overcome it are futile.
Have you received a settlement offer from a creditor or debt collection agency? If so, you have a choice to make. You can accept the offer, counter with an offer of your own, or ignore the communication.
An outstanding debt can cause you sleepless nights if the debt collector is constantly contacting you, demanding that you pay. They may call at odd hours of the day or night and leave countless emails or voicemails. If you ignore their attempts to collect, they may sue you for the debt, fees, interest, and legal costs. Indiana debt collection laws allow debt collectors to take you to court before the statute of limitations on debt expires.
Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone runs into problems beyond their control. You might fall into debt due to a bad decision or two or an unexpected crisis, like losing a job or going through a divorce. Regardless of the reasons for it, owing money you can’t afford to repay is one of the hardest challenges you’ll face.
In legalese, lawyers use a Motion to Strike to remove part of the other party’s pleas or evidence from the record of the judicial proceedings. In a courtroom, the plaintiff’s or defendant’s legal team can ask for the removal of certain information given in a trial, hearing, Complaint, or Answer.
A settlement agreement can help you bypass the lengthy and costly litigation process. For example, you can offer to settle instead of enduring a debt collection lawsuit. The court will dismiss the case if the debt collector accepts your offer.
The legal phrase “nunc pro tunc” originally came from Great Britain. It’s a Latin term that translates into “now for then.” Many countries, including the U.S., use the phrase to refer to a retroactive correction of a prior ruling.
Many students accrue debt as they pursue an education hoping for a better future. But a lot of graduates have difficulty repaying their loans. Repayment may take several years and require a consistent income flow.
A bench trial is a trial without a jury. Instead of jurors, the judge alone holds decision-making power. They will hear both sides of a case and examine the evidence before issuing their findings.
Many Americans do not have a will or have not thought about their real estate and other financial affairs after their demise. According to many, it is superstitious, and they fear tempting the "forces" that affect death. But, superstitious or not, a will is an essential part of preparing for the future.
Are you involved in a lawsuit or thinking about filing a lawsuit? Do you like watching TV shows about legal affairs, like “Law and Order” or “Better Call Saul”? If so, you’ve probably heard of the legal term litigator, but you may not know what it means. People often interchange the terms litigator and trial lawyer, but they mean different things.
Have you ever wondered what hearsay is? Hearsay is commonly used in a legal context, but you may also hear someone use it to describe gossip. Understanding hearsay in a legal context can help you if you ever find yourself involved in judicial proceedings.
Understanding how arbitration works is essential when seeking to resolve a dispute because you'll know what to expect and how to maximize every step in the process. Arbitration is common in the business world, where people handle employment contracts, retail contracts, partnerships, and credit card agreements.
After five years, Equifax victims are finally beginning to receive updates about their upcoming settlement payments for the massive breach five years ago. Class-action settlement recipients were notified by February 25, 2022, about their eligibility and payment options through emails sent by the claim's administrator. You may have a ticket for free credit monitoring for four years if you receive this email.
At its core, injunctive relief is a performance remedy that a plaintiff or defendant can request from the court. If the court grants injunctive relief, the impacted parties must either take specific actions or stop them. For instance, a plaintiff can request injunctive relief to stop someone from building an outdoor concert hall next to their home.
Child custody has two main components—legal and physical possession. Physical possession of a child is when a parent has physical control of the child. In comparison, legal rights mean deciding your child's health, education, religion, etc.
Getting sued for an old debt is frustrating and stressful. The case against you is going to court, and you have a limited timeframe to take action to protect your rights. You’ll need to take action if you don’t want the case to become part of your public record. You have a few alternatives: pay off the debt in full before your court date, attempt to come to a settlement agreement with your creditor, or file an Answer and fight the case.
Debt settlement is the process of offering a creditor or debt collector a percentage of the original value of an obligation in exchange for an agreement to eliminate the remaining debt. You can realize significant savings through debt settlement, often paying as little as 50% of an obligation with no further interest charges or penalties.
Debt collectors know the buttons to push to cause consumers to panic or constantly live in fear of dire financial consequences. ARSC is no exception. It is a relatively new collection agency that aggressively pushes consumers to pay a debt that is sometimes not theirs, or the debt information is inaccurate.
A significant part of the divorce process is alimony. Alimony can refer to several payments made from one spouse to the other, and divorcees are entitled to alimony to maintain a similar standard of living.
As if keeping up with your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not stressful enough, you must also stay on top of every credit account, inquiry, and collection on your credit report. Finding an unfamiliar organization or company name on your credit report is worrisome. It is common for creditors to report using a different name from the one you know. Sometimes it is even an alternative identity. Other times it can be an acronym or the bank that financed your account. WFDS has been subject to such confusion.
Are you tired of receiving calls from your creditor or a debt collector for a debt you owe but are finding it hard to keep up with the payments? Debt settlement can be an option to eliminate the debt and rid yourself of persistent debt collectors.
When you seek legal advice from an attorney, you expect them to provide you with the correct information you need to make crucial decisions. Whether your attorney advises you in a personal injury claim or some other matter, you expect their advice to be accurate and in your best interests.
Many people use estate planning tools to ensure that their family is protected and their wishes carried out upon their death. One common estate planning instrument is a living trust. Living trusts help beneficiaries avoid probate, which can be long, expensive, and arduous. In some cases, living trusts can also protect assets from lawsuits.
If you’ve stopped paying your creditors for unpaid debts, they will likely report your account as a charge-off after four to six months of non-payment. Charge-offs reflect negatively on your credit report and may drop your credit score by 100 points or more.
Is a debt collector pursuing you for an old debt you wish was long behind you? If so, you may try to settle the obligation. Under debt settlement, you agree to pay a certain amount to the collection agency. In exchange, the collection agency accepts your payment and writes off the remaining balance.
If you’re considering bankruptcy to eliminate your debts and rebuild your financial health, you’ll want to understand how it works. There are two types of bankruptcies that individuals typically may file: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Both have different requirements that consumers must meet, and both can erase specific types of debt.
The United States has a long history of defending the rights of its citizens, especially those facing discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or religion. But despite the many protections available through civil rights laws, many people regularly face discrimination, especially regarding employment, housing, and police conduct.
Whenever you apply for credit, you hope to keep up with the monthly payments. You also may not foresee the original creditor selling your account to a third party. So you may be surprised, even shocked, to learn that you now have a contract with Westlake Portfolio Management. Even more distressing is having to set up a new repayment plan.
Do you feel misled by Freedom Debt Relief? Did you sign up for their debt settlement services only to find yourself in a worse position than before? You are not alone. In the last few years, Freedom Debt Relief has been the subject of two major lawsuits alleging that the company did not act in its clients’ best interests.
Every day, thousands of American consumers have to deal with debt collection calls. One such caller is Credit Bureau Systems, Inc. Credit Bureau Systems (CBS) started out collecting for the healthcare industry. It eventually branched out to other sectors. But the goal is the same: to get consumers to pay on delinquent accounts.
Can a regular consumer like you go up against a big debt collector like American Profit Recovery? Absolutely. SoloSuit is the only weapon you need. American Profit Recovery (APR) aims to help its clients recover money from defaulted accounts. While their mission is simple—to help creditors improve cash flow by getting invoices paid—it's not unusual for debt collectors to get aggressive.
The threat of being sued in Iowa courts for a debt can be upsetting, but even once a lawsuit has been filed, there are still ways to fight back and win. With the help of SoloSettle, you can settle a debt before it ever proceeds to trial. Debt settlement saves you time, money, and, most importantly, allows you freedom from the stress and worry that come with a pending lawsuit.
Typically, if your debt was forgiven or canceled by a lender, the amount forgiven is taxable. However, tax exemption is possible depending on your situation and the type of debt. If you qualify, you can eliminate or reduce the tax charges.
Every couple hopes their marriage will last a lifetime after getting married. No one enters into a marriage thinking it might end in a divorce down the road. But marriage is not always successful.
The trouble with Helvey and Associates is they do their best to get on your nerves until you pay. Their persistence and harassment can make consumers start paying even without confirming the facts.
Do you wince every time the phone rings? Outstanding debts are stressful enough without the addition of persistent debt collectors. The best way to free yourself of this burden is to settle your debt as quickly as possible. But what if you don’t have the money to pay your debt in full? Will collection agencies settle for less? The answer, surprisingly, is yes.
You’ve probably heard of a mistrial but may not know what the term means. Essentially, a mistrial occurs when something happens during court proceedings that adversely impacts the outcome of a case. A judge will declare the case a mistrial before granting a finding for the defendant.
Your credit score is one of the first things that financial institutions look at when considering you for a loan. It can influence your eligibility for a mortgage or even your ability to rent an apartment. Paying your bills on time is one of the most important ways to preserve your credit.
If you’ve ever thought about hiring a lawyer, you’ve likely wondered how you’d pay for their services. After all, attorneys don’t exactly have a reputation for being cheap—on TV, you always see them dressed in snazzy suits, winning the big bucks for their clients in court.
You might consider filing a civil lawsuit if you’ve suffered physical or financial losses due to someone else’s actions. While a civil case can’t restore your health, it can entitle you to monetary damages you can use to get back on your feet following an unfortunate incident.
Affidavits are a common type of document used for legal purposes. In a civil or criminal case, a lawyer may ask a plaintiff, defendant, or witness to sign an affidavit guaranteeing that the facts they gave are accurate and true. Affidavits are standard in family law and bankruptcy cases, though they may also appear in other types of cases.
Are you curious about bar associations and what benefits it has for you as a young lawyer? Becoming a bar association member can have a lifelong and positive impact on your career and personal life. For instance, bar associations help you:
Although debt collection phone calls can be annoying, a ruined credit report is worse. AWA Collections knows that consumers will do anything to protect their credit scores.By reporting, they hope to pressure you to pay in a hurry, sometimes without the full details of the account. But worse, collections make consumers panic, reacting in ways that can harm them further, like renewing zombie debts. In the company's own words, they “use credit reporting to compel (consumers) to make payment.”
Americans' purchasing power has increased, thanks to credit, allowing them to buy homes, cars, and other goods utilizing a “buy now pay over time” method. But consumer debt was $16.5 trillion as of September 2022, with the average American debt among consumers being $96,371.
When 'WUVISAAFT' shows up in your bank statement transaction history, it may mean some money was transferred using your credit card or debit card through Western Union Money transfer services.
People who file for bankruptcy are typically in extreme financial distress. They may be unable to work, facing significant medical debts, or dealing with a substantial reduction of their ordinary income. Usually, an individual in bankruptcy sees no way out of their current situation aside from completely eliminating their debts.
Debt collectors can be excessively annoying, including Alliance Collections. They know the best stress-causing buttons to push to convince you to pay by borrowing again (often at high-interest rates) or using your life savings. It's even worse if you do not have these options available, and you may reluctantly file for bankruptcy.
Was your last encounter with a Capital Accounts agent nasty? Did they speak rudely or threaten you in any way? Collection agencies sometimes feel superior because of their enormous size compared to the individual consumers they’re contacting.
Do you cringe every time you hear the phone ring because you suspect it's Reliant Capital Solutions (RCS) calling again? Are you wondering whether they have a right to contact you multiple times a day? According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), they should not call you more than once a day for the same debt.
Tenancy in Common (TIC) is a unique type of co-ownership in which two or more parties share equal or varying ownership rights of a commercial or residential property. If the co-owner dies, their share of the property goes to the beneficiary.
You ask a lawyer friend of yours if you are likely to win your case, and they say, “yes and no,” and quickly change the subject. Why won't they answer with a yes or a no? You can’t help but wonder why attorneys can be so stingy with legal advice.
“Yay! Another call from a debt collector!” — said no one ever. Dealing with debt collectors like National Recovery Agency (NRA) is no fun, and if they are coming after you incessantly, you are not alone.
American courts broadly define moral turpitude as behavior that shocks the public's conscience. They deem it an act of base, vile, or depraved behavior that contravenes morality and rights owed to fellow men.
No one likes receiving a call from anyone asking for money, let alone debt collectors. It’s understandable if you feel frustrated after receiving several calls from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau (MAB). As a debt collection agency with over 30 years of experience, MAR has mastered the art of harassing consumers into paying their outstanding debt.
If a debt collector or creditor is hounding you for an unpaid debt, you may feel uncomfortable with their ongoing calls and collection activities. Usually, collection activities begin with a letter before debt collectors call you at home or work. You may receive daily phone calls from them, pressing you to pay your debt or set up a payment plan.
Most attorneys don’t want you to know what we’re about to show you. It’s a secret that gives you power and leverage in litigation cases — especially in debt collection cases. In debt collection cases, attorneys for the debt collector usually have the consumer’s contact information but the consumer doesn’t have the contact information of the attorney.
Getting sued for a debt in California is stressful. You have to respond to the lawsuit, and it’s usually difficult to find an attorney to take on your case. When you know you owe a debt, and you want to settle it once and for all, you have options. Most creditors and debt collectors are willing to accept a settlement for less than you originally owed. In fact, the average debt settlement in the US is 50% of the original debt amount.
Joint custody (shared custody) refers to the arrangement made by both parents in which they share decision-making rights and the child's physical well-being. Joint custody arrangements are made during the divorce hearing, and the execution is defined in the court order. Shared custody can have a different meaning depending on:
A collection agency such as Glass Mountain Capital (GMC) may resort to litigation to collect a debt. Fortunately, SoloSuit takes care of everything for you and makes it super easy to fight Glass Mountain Capital (GMC) in court.
Being harassed for medical debt is extremely painful because illness is not something you go looking for, but it finds you unexpectedly. Medical bills can consume your entire savings, just so you can receive the care you need to recover.
Insurance companies do not pay out claims without first investigating them. They hire insurance claims adjusters to determine that the company is liable and the claim amount is not exaggerated.
If you’re having difficulty repaying your debts, you’re probably looking for a solution. You may have heard of debt settlement. Debt settlement typically involves paying an overdue debt with one lump-sum payment, usually equal to a percentage of the total value of the debt.
If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely received phone calls, letters, or emails from Resurgent Capital Services seeking to collect a debt. Resurgent Capital Services is a debt collection agency specializing in chasing consumers for unpaid credit card and medical obligations.
The confusion between a hearing and a trial results from popular culture using the terms interchangeably. A trial is a type of hearing, but numerous other court proceedings are labeled hearings, and understanding the key differences is crucial.
Pro se is a legal term that is Latin for "on one's own behalf." "Pro se" refers to a litigant who goes through the trial without appointed legal representation.
Lawyers, like doctors, bill hundreds of dollars per hour for their services. That is outrageous for an average consumer earning far less than that. Remember that the federal minimum wage is only $7.25 an hour. Lawyers know that their fees are high. In fact, some lawyers have said they could not afford their own services on their current salary.
Alliant Capital Management is a debt collector. So a call from them probably means one thing: you are in debt, and the account is past due. Occasionally, the call is misplaced, so the debt may not even be yours.
Contract Callers Inc (CCI) is a unique type of debt collector. Sometimes they work for creditors as a first-party extension of their regular staff. Other times they act as third-party debt collectors handling post-charge-off accounts.
U.S. researchers estimate that 28% of Americans struggle with debt in collections. If you are one of those people, it might be comforting to know that you’re not the only person who has past-due debt. But it may still be unpleasant to have debts in collections even though it is fairly common, and a debt collector agency like LTD Collections can sue you.
Some days, your debt can feel like a burden that follows you wherever you go. Worse, debts from things like credit cards will only grow, depending on your interest payments. Your end goal is the extinguishment of debt, meaning your debt is gone. Here’s how settling your debt can lead to its extinguishment.
Many imagine prison as a lonely, desolate place filled with hardened and dangerous criminals. They picture inmates in orange jumpsuits following a dreary routine from sunup to sundown, sustaining themselves on plain food from the prison cafeteria. It’s possible to create your own prison for yourself, even without committing a crime. Debt internment, or debt prison, is typically self-inflicted.
Prince Parker and Associates is not just any debt collector. The company is licensed and bonded in every state. So wherever you are in the United States, you should not be surprised if they contact you.
If RGS's efforts to collect from you fail, they will probably enter the debt on your credit report and sue you. That's why beating them will prevent your financial situation from getting worse. Today, we will explain various ways to deal with RGS without plunging deeper into debt. We will also give you steps to respond to a lawsuit if it progresses to that point.
There are probably a lot of emotions involved if you just learned that your debt has entered collections with Coast Professional. There may be a lot of stress, confusion, and uncertainty surrounding the situation. Breathe deeply and take a moment to relax.
Credit Management Company will likely use every trick in the book to get money out of your pocket. Such persistence and aggression can be extremely frustrating. All debt can weigh you down. However, healthcare debts are notorious for driving consumers into bankruptcy. And yet, collecting on behalf of healthcare providers is Credit Management Company's forte.
"If you don't get paid, we don't get paid." That is Procollect's promise to its clients. So you can imagine they will be aggressive when reaching out to consumers. It is how they make money. While dealing with accounts in collections can be scary, it is not that complicated if you know what to do.
Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful, exhausting, and awkward.. People often avoid their calls because they fear what they will say. You are not powerless. Knowing your rights can help you deal with calls and other forms of contact from a debt collection agency.
People mostly think about the assets in divorce and forget that debt must also be distributed. Sometimes, the debt division can be the most frustrating and confusing of all the divorce processes.
It is unsettling to realize that dying intestate means the division of your estate rests on legal procedures and not on your wishes. Without a will, the estate often goes to the surviving spouse, the children, extended family, and any descendants the courts can reach. If the courts cannot trace any family, your estate becomes the state's property.
You may not have to send a demand letter to the person you are suing. The lawsuit will still go through, and you could win if the judge decides you have a case. Even then, you will have a better-organized court case if you write a demand letter first.
A debt collection agency can purchase your debt if you've fallen behind on payments for months or years. Many companies find chasing unpaid accounts difficult, so they sometimes hire an individual or company to follow up on it or sell the debt. Bay Area Receivables(BAR) is one company that buys long-standing debt, usually for pennies on the dollar.
Wrongful termination, also referred to as wrongful dismissal or wrongful discharge, occurs when an employer relieves an employee of their duties over an illegal reason. Even though fired employees may feel they were wrongfully terminated, the reason behind it should violate state or federal laws or the contractual agreement to qualify.
Being on the receiving end of an unlawful detainer lawsuit can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re fighting to stay in your home or apartment. If your landlord is successful with their legal claim, you’ll have to find a new place to live, which can be difficult if you don’t have good credit.
If a creditor has recently sued you, you’re likely wondering what your options are. Generally, you can pay off the debt before the court date, set up payment arrangements, or attend the hearing. In many cases, your creditor will ask for a summary judgment granted by the court in their favor. Or they’ll hope that you don’t respond in time and a default judgment is granted.
Have you recently been sued by a debt collector? If so, you’re likely wondering what your options are. You can pay the debt or arrange a payment plan before your court date, attempt to defend yourself before the judge, or avoid the issue entirely and let the chips fall where they may.
If you live in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania and are struggling to keep up with credit card payments, student loan payments, car payments, etc. now is the time for action. Do not wallow in despair. Be proactive and explore how to get financial assistance in Pennsylvania.
When it comes to contract law, it’s essential to know the difference between a revocable and an irrevocable agreement. In its basic form, a revocable agreement is an offer that an individual or entity can withdraw before the other party accepts it. An irrevocable agreement is one that the offering party cannot withdraw. This type of agreement is standard in business contracts and trusts. The terms are binding once accepted.
Defamation occurs when someone makes a false statement about another individual that results in some harm to the person or their reputation. The statement made can be oral or in writing. States recognize two main types of defamation: libel and slander.
Libel is a form of defamation that occurs when someone makes false statements about another person in a published format. Usually, the comments are malicious in nature and harm the person’s reputation or character.
Knowing how to manage money is a tough task, admit it. Living month to month is exhausting and escaping the rat race should be a number one priority if you want to live a good life and, more importantly, provide a good living standard to your family.
Do you know the primary difference between real-life zombies and zombie debt? Zombies haunt you in mysterious places, but zombie debts haunt you everywhere you go. Simply put, debt collectors might come after you trying to collect on a zombie debt that they have no legal right to pursue. In this article, we will explain everything you should know about zombie debt and how to fight it.
If you are the victim of someone who made a statement about you that damaged your reputation, you might have grounds to file a slander lawsuit. Slander occurs when someone makes a false statement, usually with malicious intent to cause you harm. Slander falls under the umbrella of defamation, which also includes libel.
If you’ve ever received a bill from an unfamiliar collections agency, you may wonder how they came to purchase your debt. After all, companies won’t just hand over your account information to anyone; they follow a specific process to maximize the chances of collection.
Chances are that you have some type of debt. Whether it’s an auto loan, credit card, mortgage, student loan, or an unpaid medical bill, you likely owe someone money. Owing money isn’t an issue if you make regular payments on your debts. As long as you comply with the terms of your agreement with your creditor, you’re unlikely to find yourself on the wrong end of a debt lawsuit. However, problems arise if you stop making payments or if a debt collector wrongly accuses you of owing a debt.
Credit scores and reports can say a lot about their subjects. Strong credit scores, for example, give consumers access to favorable loans and credit opportunities. Similarly, if an employer checks a candidate’s credit report during the hiring process, a good credit score could help seal the deal.
If you’re concerned about your debts, it’s essential that you stay on top of new legislation changing the landscape of debt collection and consumer rights. SoloSuit’s got you covered. Here are the debt collection laws that may impact you in 2022 and beyond.
If you’ve received a letter from a debt collection agency, you’re likely wondering what to do. Debt collection letters are often unexpected, and many consumers don’t recognize what the debt pertains to or if it’s even theirs.
A certificate of debt has several definitions, depending on the context of its use. Consumers, companies, and governments use certificates of debt for different purposes. Typically, the primary purpose of a certificate of debt is to show the current amount that the entity or individual owes another person or entity.
MBA Law (alias Capio Partners, LLC) has several ways of attempting to force you to pay a medical debt if you fail to stay on top of it. Its representatives often call you repeatedly, write to you, threaten legal action, and if you still fail to pay, they may even file a lawsuit against you.
Finding your debt collection lawsuit in Alaska has been simplified thanks to the state’s online platform, CourtView. Before, you had to go to the court clerk in the records department and make a request or send your request via mail and wait for days, if not weeks, to get a response. Alaska is a big state, and traveling to the court clerk’s office can be an arduous task. Below, we provide a link to the online portal and information on how to use it effectively.
Dealing with debt collection agencies can be frustrating, and it's more stressful when they take you to court. When you know how to navigate the court system, you’ll be better prepared to stay updated on your case. Tracking the status of your case closely will increase your chances of winning, giving you more time to prepare a solid defense.
Are you aware that you can view your court case records in New Hampshire? This is excellent news that could change your debt collection strategy. New Hampshire allows citizens to access their court records in person or online, under a 1976 amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution.
Do you have a debt collection case in a Colorado court and wondering if you can gain access to the court records? Whether it is debt collection or another civil matter, the good news is that Colorado allows its residents to access their case documents online or physically in the courthouse where the case was filed.
A debt collection lawsuit is a ticking time bomb. You typically have as little as 14 days to respond in court and with your creditor; otherwise, you’ll lose the lawsuit to a default judgment. You need an ally. SoloSuit can help. You can use SoloSuit to complete your Answer and rely on expert guidance regarding how to file it.
If you owe old debts, you’re likely receiving letters or phone calls from collection agencies. You may be struggling financially, trying to figure out how to get out from underneath your crushing debt and move on with your life.
There are times when landlords have tried to cut corners to evict tenants. Instead of a legal eviction, they resort to cutting the water supply, power, or heating system. Such landlords hope to force renters to walk out of their lease before time is up. That way, they save themselves the hassle of serving you a legal eviction notice, possible court fees, and the lengthy legal process.
Is Pendrick Capital Partners, a third-party collection agency harassing you? You may be surprised to learn that your debt was purchased for approximately three to seven cents per dollar, or in other words, 3-7% of the original debt amount. It is possible that the collection agency does not have the documentation to prove your debt is current and valid.
“Turn bad debt into profit” is the slogan RS Clark and Associates use to entice companies to work with them. They promise clients they will succeed in getting their outstanding debt from consumers without risking the business. In fact, RS assures clients that it will help them concentrate on their business development instead of delinquent accounts.
Choice Recovery Inc. is one of many third-party debt collection agencies. They buy bad debt for pennies on the dollar and trick you into paying it all at once. For example, they pay $5 for a bad account that owes $1,000 to the original creditor.
Having debt in today's world is almost inevitable. For some, the benefits outweigh the interest charged. While for others, debt becomes an enormous burden that plunges them deeper into it, especially if they are sued for it. Receiving a debt collection lawsuit in Virginia can be frustrating and worse still if you have no money to pay.
Most Minnesotans who have received a lawsuit from a debt collection agency feel helpless—mainly because they do not know their consumer rights. Additionally, they may not be aware they can follow up on the accuracy of their case by accessing their court records.
If you are already struggling financially, a lawsuit can worsen an already bad situation. Louisiana allows its citizens to access their court records mainly by visiting the courthouse where the lawsuit was filed. Only sixteen of Louisiana’s sixty-four parishes allow you to access your documents online.
Have you received a lawsuit letter from a debt collection agency in Georgia? Knowing how to view your court records and check on the case status will increase your chances of beating a debt collector in court. It will also help you understand more about the claims being made against you and whether or not they are actually accurate.
Finding your lawsuit in Washington is easy, thanks to the provisions made by the government to allow its citizens to access their records either online or by visiting the courthouse where the creditors filed the case. Viewing your records and staying up-to-date on your case can help you prepare the strongest responses possible and receive a favorable judgment.
Debt collectors always hope that consumers will not follow up on their cases or fail to show up in court so that they get a favorable judgment. Today, we will help you burst their bubble by assisting you in preparing for court. We will explain how Texas’s judicial system works and how you can access your court records.
A debt collection lawsuit can destabilize your life financially and psychologically—the uncertainty of whether you'll win your case or not can make you feel helpless. Accessing your case records can help ease the tension because you can plan accordingly and ensure the debt collection agency has filed accurate information, all while staying updated on the status of your case.
Finding your case records in Illinois is relatively easy, thanks to the meticulous methods the state applies to ensure the documents are accessible to its citizens. Citizens can access their case information online via the Illinois portal search tool called re: SearchIL. Some counties, found in the list below, have individual portals to access court case records. You can also visit the courthouse where the case was filed.
The thought of your creditors gaining access to your bank account or the court allowing them to garnish your wages can be terrifying. You never thought you'd get to this point when you took out a loan or signed up for a credit card. Many consumers find themselves plunged into debt due to unplanned emergencies, sudden loss of a job, or overspending.
Do you have a pending debt collection case in Massachusetts and find yourselfare wondering how to keep track of it? Massachusetts gives you access to court records online or by visiting the courthouse where the debt collection agency filed the lawsuit. Accessing your case records will help you ensure the following:
Do you have a debt collection lawsuit in North Carolina? If so, you have a winning chance because North Carolina allows access to case records at each courthouse. The documents can help you prepare for court, and you could use any information the debt collectors misrepresented in your favor.
Litigation is costly. The process of being summoned to court for judgment alone can be expensive. More often than not, the defendant is forced to take a settlement just because they don’t have optimal representation.
Being sued by a debt collector in New York can set you back financially. It also robs you of precious time as you think and plan how to handle the lawsuit. For instance, you must respond to the lawsuit, pay applicablea filing fees, and spend time preparing for court because hiring a lawyer could do more harm to your financial situation. New York has made it easy for you to follow up on your debt collection case by allowing access to court records remotely or visiting the courthouse where the creditors filed the suit.
Do you feel your life has come to a standstill because of the debt collection lawsuit you received? You are not alone. Consumers who’ve been sued for debt often despair and wonder what to do to avoid plunging deeper into financial trouble. The New Jersey judicial system helps you feel empowered about your case. The state allows you to access your court records in person at the courthouse where the case is filed.
Preparing for court can be stressful, especially if it is a debt collection lawsuit where you may be required to represent yourself. Doing your research well and having your court records can ease the tension. Fortunately, Nevada allows you to access your court documents via their online case access portal or by visiting the courthouse where the case was filed.
Speedy Cash is a lending and check-cashing company that offers payday and title loans to individuals who need short-term financing. Anyone can apply for a loan with Speedy Cash, as long as the company is authorized to do business in their state. You don’t need good credit to obtain a Speedy Cash loan, but you do need a regular job or collateral, such as a car.
Buying stocks is essential to your financial growth. While you might not see the results of your investments initially, you will realize that you made the right choice as time goes on. However, is it wise to invest in stocks first or clear any pending debt you have?
When you get sued for a debt in Oklahoma, following up on your case helps you keep track of its progress and notice any changes. It also increases your chances of winning the case. Court records enable you to have information such as the court date, the judges involved, the courtroom number, and the documents the creditors have filed.
Being sued for debt can throw you off balance and cause you to lose the gains you’ve made financially or plunge you deeper into debt. That is why you need to follow up on your case and avoid missing a court date or going to court unprepared. Viewing your court records can help you prepare a weighty defense and may prevent the court from allowing the collection agency to access your bank account or garnish your wages.
Debt collectors know how to make a consumer's life, like yours, complicated. If they fail to cause misery with the constant calls or emails, they resort to filing a debt collection lawsuit. If you have received a suit from a collection agency, do not despair, you can fight it in court. But first, you need to file an Answer, then follow up on your case records to help you prepare for court.
Debt collectors are just the worst. If you are in debt, you know how stressful it can be to have debt collectors constantly breathing down your neck.
Apelles LLC is one of the 7,060 collection agencies in the United States. After a charge-off, the debt collection agency buys your unpaid debt from your original creditor for pennies on the dollar, allowing them to collect the debt like the original creditor.
FinWise Bank is a small community bank located in Sandy, Utah, that offers traditional banking services, like checking and savings accounts. It also provides home loans and business borrowing opportunities, like equipment leasing and Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.
Your credit report is essential for financial institutions seeking to determine whether you qualify for a loan or not. Negative marks on your credit report can prevent you from borrowing money, qualifying for a cell phone plan, or getting a job. They can also hamper your efforts to obtain a mortgage or rent an apartment.
When Innovative Recovery contacts you, it's an attempt to collect a debt you might owe to another party. Innovative Recovery is a third-party debt collector for several creditors, but its main focus is helping property managers to collect late rent, fees, or penalties.
Dealing with creditors and credit reporting bureaus is frustrating. While you need good credit to obtain loans, buy a home, or get a job, staying on top of your credit score doesn’t rank too high on most people’s list of fun times.
If you have old credit card debt or another financial obligation, you may have received a collection notice from Transworld Systems, Inc., or TSI. TSI is a debt collection agency that purchases old debts from creditors and attempts to collect them from consumers.
You're likely wondering what to do if you receive notice of a lawsuit for an old debt. Receiving a warning of a pending case against you is scary. After all, no one wants to be on the wrong side of the law.
Are you wondering if you can view your debt collection case records in Iowa? Well, the good news is that Iowa allows you to access your court records by visiting the courthouse where the creditors filed the case or online via the Iowa Court Online Search tool.
Fighting a debt collector in court is stressful and can feel unpredictable. The thought of a court ruling in favor of the collection agency can cause anxiety and panic if you do not know how to handle the pending case.
Most people have likely heard the term ‘credit check’. It’s a tool used to assess how financially responsible an individual is, determining their creditworthiness. But do you know the difference between a hard and soft credit check, and in what situations each one is likely to occur?
Every state enforces different laws when it comes to strict time limits for filing a civil lawsuit. This time period is called the statute of limitations. Typically, the statute of limitations exists to protect consumers from being sued for old debts. It also removes the indefinite threat of a lawsuit which can eventually be used as blackmail in some cases.
Do you have an unpaid debt and recently received a call or email from LJ Ross Associates? You may be wondering how far they can go in attempting to collect the debt. LJ Ross Associates is a legitimate collection agency that has been in business for over 29 years. They have experience aggressively pursuing consumers to pay their debt, and they may continue contacting you until you pay.
When a creditor or debt collection agency files a lawsuit against you in Mississippi, the suit is entered into the court system, and the case record becomes public. The Mississippi state laws require all court records to be made available online and in local court offices for anyone to access, including case dockets (records of court proceedings).
It can be frustrating if a lawsuit is filed against you and you do not have all the details to prepare your defense. Residents of Wyoming do not have to wonder about their case details because the Wyoming Public Records Act gives the general public access to court records.
Citizens have the right to see and acquire copies of court records if they follow the Wisconsin open records law. You can access the information online if you are concerned that a debt collection lawsuit may have been filed against you.
At the moment, West Virginia courts do not have a free tool where you can search the status of your court case online. If you've been sued for a debt, it's crucial to keep tabs on your case. Frequently, collectors don't properly serve defendants with the case documents. So, being proactive and finding your case in the court records is helpful for reviewing the progress of the case.
Vermont courts provide an online portal for finding your court case. If you've been sued for a debt, it's crucial to keep tabs on your case. Frequently, collectors don't properly serve defendants with the case documents. So, finding your case online is helpful for reviewing the progress of your case.
At the moment, Utah courts do not have a free tool where you can search the status of your court case online. However, there are some paid options for searching for your Utah court case online.
South Carolina courts provide an online portal for finding your court case. If you've been sued for a debt, it's crucial to keep tabs on your case. Frequently, collectors don't properly serve defendants with the case documents. So, finding your case online is helpful for reviewing the progress of your case.
Have you received a lawsuit from a creditor and are wondering how to access your case records? Or have you sent an Answer and want to follow up on it? The process is straightforward because The Oregon Public Record Law allows the ‌public to view and make copies of court records.
The Ohio General Assembly enacted a law in 1963 that made court records available for inspection by the general public. The Open Record Law authorizes Ohio residents to read and copy most court documents filed in the state courts.
If you have received a Summons or Complaint in the mail, then you may be a bit worried. There is a lot that goes on in a lawsuit. If you do not respond, then you may have a default judgment ordered against you. This is why it is essential to know how to respond to a plaintiff's counsel.
It's important to stay on top of any lawsuit against you. You need to ensure that the plaintiff's complaints are valid, respond within the required time frame, and prepare your defense. On the other hand, if you file a case (a bankruptcy case, for example), you should also keep up with any developments.
Receiving a debt collection lawsuit can throw you off balance if you are facing financial challenges. Even after responding to the lawsuit, you need to keep track of your court case to avoid missing a court hearing or other vital documents. Florida allows you to look up your case status remotely on your county's online portal or visit the courthouse and access your records via an official written request or the public terminal.
If you have been sued by a debt collector in California, it is important to stay on top of recent court filings to ensure you did not miss a Complaint, other court documents, or scheduled hearings in the case. Currently, California does not have a statewide tool where you can search for your court case online. However, most counties have online portals where you can look up your case status without leaving home.
Are you wondering if a debt collector has sued you? Did you receive a Summons? Or are you trying to track a previous court case? Fortunately, in Alabama, court records are generally considered public records (unless stated otherwise).
Your health, life, home, and car are all considered assets. Good health allows you to work, provide an income for your family and live a high-quality life; your car gets you and your family from A to B, and your home keeps you safe and provides shelter. While you may be unable to put a price on your health and life, it costs money to protect them, along with your home and vehicle.
Knowing when your rent is due legally can save you a lot of trouble with your landlord and also help you plan your finances even better. Most people believe that rent is due on the first day of the month, but that's not necessarily true. This article discusses everything you need to know about the legal due date for rent payments in most states across the country, what to do if you're late with your payment, your rights as a tenant, and more.
The North Dakota Constitution under Section 6, Article XI stipulates that the public has a right to access court case records. This clause mandated North Dakota government agencies and judicial departments to open most files for public inspection, including the case dockets (records detailing court proceedings).
It's not difficult to find a court case in New Mexico, especially if it is considered a public record. The New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act (1978) guarantees you access to court cases. Exempt cases are few, typically juvenile records and those marked as private.
Since 1867, Nebraska has kept public records, covering all 93 counties. Digitization of public records has become the industry standard over the last 30 years, allowing more government and third-party websites to make these records available online with greater reliability and transparency.
Finding your lawsuit in Missouri has been made easy with the Missouri Public Records Law in place. This law protects the public's right to access and copy court records. Details of various judicial activities, such as debt collection cases, arrest warrants, court pleas, records, and sentencing, are available to promote a transparent system.
Are you concerned you could be the subject of a lawsuit you are unaware of? If so, You may get information on your court case online if you live in Michigan.
A collection agency may take over your debt collection, and the letters or calls can sometimes be harassing. You can write them a letter and ask them to stop contacting you, but the letter does not prevent them from suing you in Maryland.
Under the Maine Freedom of Access Act (FOAA), court records are public information and can be inspected and copied by anyone. The first step is to identify the court where the case was filed.
Under both the constitution and common law, Kentucky provides its 4.5 million residents with the right to access court records. This southeastern state has a long history of providing open access to its court sessions and documents.
Generally, you may request court records and documents from the clerk's office in the county where the case was heard. You may request a transcript for a specific hearing or trial from the court reporter. Contact the court or clerk's office to request these documents.
Are you concerned that you may have a lawsuit against you that you don't know about, or are you representing yourself and looking for additional information about the case? If you live in Idaho, you can usually find your court case online.
Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, you can access court records in Connecticut. Not only can you find your court case, but you can also access any other cases that the state considers public records.
The Arizona Public Record Law is a collection of laws enacted in 1901 to ensure that public records are accessible and distributed throughout the state. Criminal and Civil Court documents are viewable online in all states. US citizens can access this information under the Freedom of Information Act.
Did you know that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects you from certain tactics debt collection agencies use to recover their debt? Being in debt doesn't give a debt collector the right to harass you while trying to recover the amount, unless they are acting in “good faith.”
It can be difficult to maintain a healthy financial situation. Whether you're trying to save for a rainy day or working towards a long-term goal, there are always temptations and roadblocks that can get in the way.
People learn different lessons in many life situations, and accidents are one of those circumstances. If you underwent a bicycle accident and were lucky to survive, you definitely learned something new. Never assume that since you're keen to observe all the road rules, you won't experience an accident. Keep in mind that you always share roads with many other drivers, and some of these road users might be too careless.
When you are in debt, being the subject of a judgment can be quite stressful. A judgment is an order issued by a judge that holds you liable for a certain amount. Judgments can also involve real property, such as vehicles, jewelry, or your home.
If you recently applied for a loan or sought to open a new checking account and were denied, you could very well have an issue related to a report generated by a company known as ChexSystems. ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting agency that is responsible for tracking activity related to closed checking, savings, and other deposit accounts at various banks and credit unions. For example, if you ever bounced a check or a check was returned to you, it is likely you have a ChexSystems profile. While your ChexSystems history does not directly impact your FICO credit score, it can have a negative impact on your ability to open new financial accounts.
When a person or entity files a debt collection lawsuit against you, you have up to 35 days to respond to the lawsuit, depending on which state you live in. The deadline clock usually starts on the date you received the Summons and Complaint. If you dispute the debt, you'll be required to submit a written Answer document stating your response to each claim and affirmative defenses.
The date of the last activity, also known as DLA, is often discussed in the field of credit repair in ways that are inaccurate or misleading. As a result, many consumers do not understand the fundamental importance of DLA in terms of their credit reports and credit ratings. Here's everything you need to know about DLA on your credit report.
The term 'time is of the essence' is often used in different contexts. Regardless of the setting, this phrase basically means that something must be done within a specified deadline. For example, in business law, this expression means that one party must complete a particular task within a specified deadline. Failure to meet this requirement could lead to penalties and other consequences.
In August 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new order temporarily halting evictions in certain areas of the country. This was to last until October 3 and focused on areas of the country where COVID-19 was continuing to spread. If you are a renter or a landlord in Indiana, it is important to understand what this means for you, and what happens after the moratorium is over.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put a federal eviction moratorium into place. In August 2021, the Supreme Court voted to end the temporary stay. In doing so, the Supreme Court's ruling invalidated the federal eviction moratorium, which stopped eviction protections that were keeping millions of people housed during the pandemic.
It's no big deal. At least, that's what you've been telling yourself as the monthly bills roll in. But soon, you find yourself lying awake wondering about your financial future. If it's any consolation, you're not alone. CNBC reports that the average U.S. household is $155,622 in debt, which includes mortgages, student loans, and credit card debt.
Last year, 59.49 million Americans (23%) lost money to phone scams. According to Truecaller, the average reported loss in the previous 12 months was $502, up from $351 in 2020. What's staggering is that robo-callers deceived 60 percent of the victims called.
Chase Credit Journey may be an excellent option if you want to get an overview of your credit health. Chase Credit Journey is a free credit monitoring and credit score service offered to Chase customers and non-customers alike.
Restitution is a court-ordered payment one party makes to another to compensate them for damages caused by the crime. All US states have laws requiring convicted defendants to pay restitution to their victims. Here's all you need to know about this form of payment and how it works.
One element of the pre-trial stage of a criminal case is a probable cause preliminary hearing. This is referred to as either a “preliminary hearing” or a “probable cause hearing.” The hearing has the purpose of determining whether or not there is probable cause that a crime was committed and that the defendant was the cause of it. It is often used for the protection of criminal defendants, to ensure that there is enough evidence to push the criminal case to go to trial.
If you are embroiled in a legal dispute, such as a debt collection lawsuit or having charges brought against you by the state, you may hear the term, “Nolle Prosequi” and ask yourself, “what the heck does that mean?” Here is the answer - Nolle Prosequi is a phrase with Latin origins that basically means, "will no longer prosecute." It is tantamount to a prosecutor deciding to dismiss charges that were filed against you.
We've all been in that situation. You go over budget on a few items one month, and your checking account is overdrawn. Before you realize it, you are in the negative zone. A negative account has profound implications; your account may be temporarily suspended or closed, and ChexSystem may record a closure on your record, making it harder for you to open new bank accounts in the future.
Mitigating circumstances are factors that influence a court's decision but do not justify or excuse the offense committed by the defendant. This legal concept applies in different circumstances, from serious criminal convictions to lawsuits. Here's an overview of how the idea of mitigating circumstances applies in different scenarios.
Medical malpractice is an illegal and punishable act that occurs when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional is negligent. Because of this negligence or omission, the result is injury or death to a patient. In many cases, negligence is the result of an error, typically in the diagnosis, treatment, or aftercare of a health condition.
Liquidation refers to selling property or assets on the open market to convert them into cash or cash equivalents. Similarly, liquidation means ending a company's operations and distributing its assets to creditors.
Consumers question NTB credit card's safety because of its ease of application, great discounts, and attractive deals. For example, NTB Credit cards have excellent offers such as 0% (Annual Percentage Rate) APR for the first year and no annual fees. These features make consumers doubt its legitimacy and wonder if they will be scammed.
If you lose your job, your employer may pay you a lump sum known as severance pay. This pay may also include other benefits, although it differs from one employer to another. Former employees use severance pay to cater to their financial obligations while out of employment. However, this money comes with some tax obligations they must fulfill. Here's all you need to know about severance pay and its taxes, how to minimize those taxes, and other frequently asked questions about severance pay.
In debt collection lingo, an implied contract is a term used to describe the existence of a relationship between a creditor and a debtor. Debt collection laws vary from state to state. For example, in some states, creditors do not need to prove the existence of an express contract between them and debtors. Instead, implied contracts may be all that's required to prove the existence of the relationship.
Have you ever spent your whole bonus within hours or days and wondered if you could have done something better with the money? It is tempting to use a bonus on items you would usually not buy. But using it to deal with your financial problems has long-term benefits.
Criminals will say anything to get your money. They might pretend to be from the IRS or another government agency, calling or emailing you about owed taxes. They might threaten you with arrest or loss of your driver's license if you don't pay them immediately. Consequently, millions of dollars are lost every year to these scams, and many people are victims. Here are some of the most prevalent IRS scams and tips on how to spot them.
It's not unusual to have a negative bank balance. Usually, this happens by accident—your bank account may have been drafted for an item you weren't expecting, or an automatic deposit that is normally put into your account didn't go through. In most cases, if a bank account drifts into negative territory, it's for a small amount of money.
With a high credit score, you'll be eligible for the most favorable rates and terms when applying for a mortgage or other bank loan. But what if your credit isn't that great? Your credit score matters when applying for a loan, when applying for an apartment, and in some cases, when applying for a job. If you're concerned about less-than-stellar credit, we're here to help you out with some quick ways to raise your credit score by 40 points.
If you encounter financial hardship and suddenly fall behind on the payments being made towards your auto loan, there is a risk the bank will exercise its right to take possession of the vehicle. This is what is known as a “repossession.” Most financial institutions offering auto loans include language in the terms of the loan agreement that enable them to repossess your vehicle without even having to go to court.
Liens aren't fun at all. It is not fun to talk about them, and it certainly is not fun to deal with them. But sometimes, negotiating a lien is the key to closing a deal. The best place to start is by speaking with the lienholder or their representative. You can take the opportunity to explain your financial situation and seek a resolution that works for both of you.
Buying with credit cards is great, but sometimes you need cash. If you find yourself in a tight spot financially, you may have wondered if your credit cards can help. And they can. Ideally, you should use credit cards for purchases instead of withdrawing cash, as with debit cards. However, cash advances on credit cards have become all too common in recent years. How do cash advances work? Are they for you? And are there other ways to liquidate credit cards into cash? Let's find out.
Do you find that you are not making progress in managing your debt? Are you on the brink of giving up and wondering what to do? You are not alone. Thousands of Americans are overwhelmed by debt. They often find themselves with a lawsuit that results in wage garnishments and creditors gaining access to their bank accounts.
Medical debt is a prevalent problem in the United States. Unlike many other countries that offer free, subsidized healthcare to citizens and residents, the United States relies on a system of mainly private health insurers. These companies have a slew of requirements that must be met when patients seek out healthcare.
In the state of Oregon, circuit courts are trial courts that handle all types of cases (this means the court has general jurisdiction). In other words, Deschutes County Circuit Court, and other circuit courts throughout the state of Oregon, deal with criminal, civil, domestic relations, traffic, juvenile, small claims, violations, abuse prevention act, probate, mental commitments, adoption, and guardianship cases. So, if you are being sued in Deschutes County, chances are your case will be filed with the Circuit Court there.
There are many reasons why you might be asked to take a drug test. It may be for employment at a private or governmental organization, but it could also be for participating and competing in sports. Another reason you might be asked to take a drug test is for court proceedings to prove you are no longer using drugs.
No one likes receiving a notice from a debt collector like Williams and Fudge saying that you owe money. What's worse is receiving the notice and not even knowing what the debt is for! Once you receive a letter, you can anticipate further ones, along with calls and other communications, until a settlement is reached or you are able to prove that you don't owe the money.
Getting harassed by a debt collector affiliated with Wakefield and Associates is oftentimes stressful and anxiety-inducing. Why? Because it is quite common for Wakefield and Associates, along with other debt collection agencies, will routinely utilize inappropriate and unethical tactics to try and compel you to pay what is allegedly owed. For example, debt collectors with Wakefield and Associates are likely to call you constantly on the phone from several numbers. They may also try to intimidate you on social media, send nasty letters, and other questionable methods.
Viking Client Services is a debt collection agency based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Founded in 1969, it handles consumer debt all over the United States. There have been numerous complaints by consumers against Viking Client Services. These claims involve violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
If you are being harassed by a debt collector affiliated with Universal Credit Services, you probably are going through a stressful time. Why is this the case? Because Universal Credit Services and other debt collection agencies may use inappropriate techniques to get you to pay what you supposedly owe to a creditor. That's why Universal Credit Services may call you all day long to try to get you to pay. They may harass you at work and attempt to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook to get money out of you.
Debt collection notices are probably the worst piece of mail that you can receive in your mailbox. They can be stress inducing and worrisome. Following the written notice, you'll probably begin receiving phone calls from the debt collectors in an attempt to collect money. If you're juggling a lot, such as work, family, or other responsibilities, responding to a debt collector can be the last thing you want to deal with.
If you have received multiple phone calls, emails, letters in the mail, and even messages on Facebook from debt collectors with UHG I, LLC, you're probably feeling stressed, frustrated, and even angry. This is because UHG 1, LLC encourages debt collectors to be aggressive and basically harass people to try and persuade them to pay a debt they allegedly owe.
Debt collection isn't the most exciting segment in the financial services industry. The entire experience is awful for everyone involved—lenders and borrowers alike. Debt, however, remains a constant in the lives of ‌many Americans. According to CNBC, in 2021, consumers' revolving credit levels reached $15.6 trillion, the highest level in history.
If you are being harassed by a debt collector affiliated with Stenger and Stenger, you may be feeling stressed, frustrated and unsure about the future. This is totally understandable since Stenger and Stenger, like many other debt collectors, use aggressive and unethical practices to try and coerce you into paying what they claim you owe. That's why Stenger and Stenger might call you all day long, at night, and try to get in touch with you on email and social media to intimidate you into paying an alleged debt.
Getting harassing phone calls and letters from a debt collector such as State Collection Service? It is perfectly understandable to feel upset and stressed out. State Collection Service, like other major debt collection organizations, will use inappropriate and unethical methods to try to get you to pay what you supposedly owe. State Collection Service may call you all day long, try to connect with you on social media, and send you nasty letters.
If your phone's been ringing off the hook with debt collection calls, know that you're not alone. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB), roughly one out of four Americans receives a debt collection call at some point in their lives. That includes debt collection companies like SIMM Associates, a collections agency based out of Newark, Delaware. If you've been contacted by SIMM Associates, you need a game plan. Here's how to resolve a debt with SIMM Associates if they call or take you to court.
Endless phone calls from Sequium Asset Solutions, LLC can be stressful, frustrating, and exhausting. Luckily, you don't have to put up with Sequium's aggressive debt collection tactics. Here's everything you need to know about Sequium, your consumer rights, and how to beat the company in court.
Getting a debt collection letter from SCA Collections in the mail is nobody's idea of a great start to the day. And finding out that you might owe money to someone you've likely never heard of can be a real head-scratcher.
Is RMP Services giving you sleepless nights? Have they called or emailed you several times and ignored your request to stop contacting you? That is because RMP Services is a collection agency permitted by law to pursue a legitimate debt. However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits them from harassing or threatening you.
If RMP LLC has contacted you about an unpaid debt or you have been served with a debt collection lawsuit by this agency, do not throw your hands up in despair. You have legal rights and protections when being contacted by a debt collector or when being sued for an alleged unpaid debt in court.
Getting harassed by debt collectors such as Revco Solutionsis annoying, stressful, and upsetting. Why? Because debt collectors often use unethical and even illegal methods to try to persuade you to pay what they think you owe. That's why Revco Solutions may call you all day and even into the night. They may try to contact you on your Facebook and send you threatening letters in the mail.
You have been looking for an apartment, and you found the one you think might work. During the process, you learn that there is an opening in an apartment complex near work, so you jump on the opportunity. A couple of months later, you check your credit report and see an inquiry from RentGrow. You immediately suspect a problem since you have never had any dealings with a company by that name.
Facing a fierce debt collection agency in court, like Radius Global Solutions, can be intimidating. With almost 40 years of experience in collections, this agency understands the ins and outs of collection laws and may seem to have the upper hand against you in a debt collection lawsuit.
If you are being subjected to harassment by a debt collector with Progressive Management Systems, it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling anxious, angry, and even scared. Why? Because it is quite common for debt collectors with Progressive Management Systems to use inappropriate and unethical tactics to try to get you to pay the amount allegedly owed.
Professional Finance Company is a debt collector that works with a variety of original creditors, such as healthcare providers, government agencies, consumer retail lenders, and financial services organizations.
Pressler, Felt & Warshaw LLP, formerly known as Pressler & Pressler, is a debt collection law firm that represents debt buyers and other debt collection companies. For example, they often represent companies like J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Midland Funding, LLC.
Penn Credit may contact you, claiming you owe a debt. It can be tempting to avoid responding to a debt collector, but the harassment is likely to continue. If Penn Credit engages in unscrupulous debt collection practices, federal and state laws protect your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) outlines what debt collectors can and cannot do in an attempt to collect a debt.
Consumer debt is associated with overspending on credit cards or living above your means. But the Kaiser Family Foundation found that about 23 million Americans owe at least $250 in medical debt. If the name NPAS Solutions shows up on your credit report, it probably means that one of the healthcare centers NPAS Solutions works with believes you owe a medical bill.
Expect Nationwide Recovery Services to contact you if you have an outstanding medical bill. They are a debt collection agency that works with healthcare and medical companies to recover unpaid accounts. They help individual practitioners and hospitals collect the debt from consumers who have fallen back on payments.
Do you recall receiving a call from someone telling you they were serving you with documents? Or, perhaps they stated that you have a $1700 debt and that they will settle for $300. So, you decide to contact your original creditor, and in shock, you discover the original debt was $133. Well, your debt was sold off. When you dig deeper into the first number, you learn it was National Credit Adjusters.
If there are people that should just disappear, it is debt collectors. They know how to frustrate you with their endless calls and emails. They rarely stop, even if you request them to give you a break. MRS BPO debt collectors often fit this description. They aggressively pursue their money and will only stop once you clear the debt.
If you're on the receiving end of a debt collection letter from Monterey Financial, it can put a significant damper on your day. You could be going about your regular business only to open a letter that says you owe money for a long-ago debt you're not aware of. If the amount is extravagant, you may wonder how you can afford to pay it. You may even wonder if you owe it, or if the letter was a mistake.
McCarthy Burgess & Wolff is a legitimate debt collection agency that aggressively contacts consumers to pay their debt. They collect debt on behalf of companies that offer services such as credit cards, utilities, medical care, auto loans, or student loans. If you have unpaid debt in these areas, McCarthy Burgess & Wolff may be on your case until you pay.
Hunter Warfield Inc is a debt collection company. Debt collectors are usually employed by an original creditor to collect on an overdue debt. However, sometimes debt collectors are also debt buyers, who have purchased your debt from an original creditor that you borrowed from.
Whenever you are ill, you are more concerned about recovering than paying the bills. But eventually, you receive multiple calls from third-party debt collectors asking you to pay past-due medical bills.
Americans' distaste for debt collection is one thing they all agree on. You know how frustrating and relentless debt collectors can be if you have dealt with them. Expect a constant flow of calls all day and more letters in your mailbox when your past due debts go to a collection account.
You become curious and answer when you receive a call during odd hours or repetitive calls from the same number. The caller identifies themselves as an agent for Halsted Financial Services and claims to be collecting a debt of $5,000.
Purchasing and ultimately owning an automobile is considered to be part of the American dream. However, this dream can turn to a nightmare very quickly if you encounter a sudden job loss, suffer a bodily injury that forces you to retire or take a significant amount of time off work, or confront another emergency that drains your financial resources.
Do you have a pending student loan? Has General Revenue Corporation contacted you yet? If not, expect a call from them soon if you do not make plans to pay your student loan debt.
Debt collectors are infamous for their underhanded and harsh business practices. A collection agency buys unpaid debts from banks and businesses for pennies on the dollar, then tracks down and demands payment from debtors. Debt collection, however, is a seedy underbelly dotted with former criminals and bullies looking to scam distressed debtors.
If you've been receiving unwanted calls or notices of debt collection from a company called Frost Arnett, you may be feeling anxious. This type of communication, especially if it's continuous and occurs on a regular basis, can put even the most stalwart person on edge.
Have you applied for a credit card with First National Bank of Omaha? If so, they may appear on your credit report as a hard inquiry. First National Bank Omaha (FNBO) has been operating for over 160 years and offers personal and financial services, including credit cards, personal loans, refinancing, home and auto loans, mobile banking, and investment accounts.
What's one of the least appreciated items you can receive in the mail? Probably a notice from a debt collector telling you that you owe money. This can be extremely stressful, especially if you have no idea who the debt collector is or what the debt is for. Many people simply throw these letters away, but that's not the best way to handle it.
Debt collectors make unwarranted threats and continue to call you endlessly, which is annoying and stressful. FFCC is part of that group. A debt follow-up must be professional and courteous regardless of a debt's status. As a consumer, you are entitled to be treated with respect and fairness when you owe a debt.
Getting threatening and harassing phone calls and letters from a debt collector with FBCS Collection Agency is stressful and annoying. This is because FBCS, like many other debt collection agencies, use questionable and inappropriate methods to try and coerce you into repaying on a debt that is allegedly owed. This is why FBCS will probably contact you via the phone multiple times a day, try to find you on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, and send many nasty letters to your home.
If you are being sued by Factual Data, or are considering taking legal action against Factual Data, it is important to go into it with your eyes open to ensure you are fully informed about what to expect during a lawsuit.
Being intimidated and harassed by a debt collector from ERC Collections is understandably stressful, disrespectful, and inappropriate. Unfortunately, making empty threats and pestering people incessantly is typically how debt collectors do business. It is quite common to hear stories about debt collectors being overly aggressive, rude, and outright misleading people in an effort to get them to pay back a debt.
A debt collector's call can instantly disrupt your thought process and ruin your day. Texts and letters are not fun either. Whether the debt is yours or misplaced, you can act to stop the calls and outsmart debt collectors. Most debt collectors are overly aggressive, making consumers like you feel like they have no way out. EOS CCA, for example, has earned a reputation for harassment and less than stellar customer service.
If you were contacted by a debt collector with Eastern Account System, or you were recently served with a debt collection lawsuit by this debt collector, do not give up hope or raise the white flag of defeat. You have powerful legal rights and statutory protections that can be used to beat Eastern Account System in court.
If you fall behind on making payments towards a loan, credit card, mortgage, etc., do not be surprised if you are contacted repeatedly by a debt collector. This is because banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions will typically transfer a delinquent account to a professional debt collection company in the hopes of recouping some or all of the balance owed. One such debt collection agency is Client Services, Inc. (also known as CSI).
If you are being sued by Credco due to a delinquent debt, or are considering taking legal action against Credco due to harassment or intimidation related to inappropriate debt collection methods, it is important to go into litigation with your eyes open and to ensure you are fully informed about what to expect during a lawsuit. Conducting sufficient due diligence in the legal process is important since it can help provide advice and guidance on how to beat Credco in court.
Going through an eviction is never something a renter wants to deal with. However, eviction may be more common than you might think. Around three million renters were evicted between 2016 and 2018. After the pandemic, we can expect this to be true for even more people. However, some evictions can be avoided, so it is important to educate yourself on this process if you fear it may happen to you soon.
The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, popularly known as HOEPA, is a federal law that prevents certain abusive practices in the mortgage industry. This is because many homeowners find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt after purchasing a house.
If you're involved in a court case, and you hear people talking about the “fruit of the poisonous tree,” you might be wondering if you just stepped into a Snow White fairytale. But fruit of the poisonous tree is just a fancy legal term used to describe the following. In most court cases, the prosecution cannot use evidence that is obtained illegally. This rule is known as the fruit of the poisonous tree.
If you default payment on your debt, your creditor will likely send your debt account to a collection agency whose job is to recover the debt. Usually, the collection agency uses several strategies to recoup the debt, such as negotiating a repayment plan with you.
You've managed to eliminate your debt through settlement, and you're happily moving on with your life, no longer worried about meeting monthly minimum payments or missing them altogether.
Dealing with debt amid divorce isn't easy. Unfortunately, you may not be free from the financial obligations of mutual loans and joint credit cards despite successfully ending your relationship with your ex-spouse. For example, if your ex-spouse defaults payment on a joint credit card after divorce, your credit will suffer the same impact as theirs.
Disclosure is a common phrase used in various legal concepts and contexts. But regardless of the concept or context, this phrase means the release of new or confidential information. This article discusses the term ‘disclosure' when used in the context of debt collection cases.
In debt collection terminology, the term 'dischargeable' refers to the type of debt you are no longer responsible for, usually after filing for bankruptcy. Debt collection laws do not permit creditors to collect a dischargeable debt. In addition, they cannot contact you to collect such debt while the bankruptcy petition is still pending in court.
Demurred is the past tense of the word demur. In the legal context, to demur is when one party asks the court to dismiss a case due to insufficient evidence. This doesn't necessarily mean that the allegations brought by the plaintiff are not true. Instead, it means that even though these allegations are true, they lack enough evidence to establish a valid cause of action.
A commuted sentence is a term used to describe the power to reduce a sentence imposed by the judiciary. In other words, a commuted sentence is to replace a harsh sentence with a less sentence. This phrase is commonly applied in criminal law. For instance, an individual sentenced to death could receive a commuted sentence of life imprisonment.
Ahh, retirement. Many of us imagine reclining on nice, sandy beaches with Hawaiian shirts, holding a fruity little drink with a paper umbrella in it while relaxing and enjoying time off. Retirement is a beautiful goal and aim to have; you performed years of service leading up to a retirement where you can rest easy knowing that your earned benefits, such as your pension, are owed to you and cannot be taken from you.
US presidents have immunity when performing their executive duties. For this reason, you can't sue a US president for emotional distress. But this doesn't necessarily mean that the President is above the law; you just can't sue them over certain things while they're still in office.
Selip & Stylianou LLP is one of the primary consumer collection law firms in the state of New York. Formerly known as Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, it is a third-party debt collection law firm located that serves creditors in New York state and New Jersey. It is often employed by banks such as Citibank, Capital One, TD Bank, and Discover.
Phillips & Cohen Associates is a debt collection agency located in Wilmington, Delaware. They specialize in deceased account services, as well as credit card charge-offs, and consumer retail debt. If you are being contacted by Phillips & Cohen Associates, or you see it listed on your credit report, you may have had a debt sent to collections. You may also have been sent a Summons and Complaint in the mail, meaning you've been sued for the debt.
Being sued for debt is never fun. Whether you have been called 1000 times and you are ignoring those calls, or you never received the complaint and summons in the mail, you need to know your rights. The first thing to know is that ignoring the lawsuit is the worst thing you can do. If you do not fight back in court you will automatically lose the case. You have a better chance of paying less in a settlement, or not at all if you properly approach the lawsuit.
Kirschenbaum, Phillips & Levy P.C. is a third-pay debt collection law firm and agency. The firm is headquartered in Long Island, New York, and represents creditors in debt recovery lawsuits filed throughout New York City. Getting calls, or receiving notice of a lawsuit from debt collectors like Kirschenbaum Phillips and Levy, is not something that you want to deal with.
If you have received a notice that you owe a debt, or worse, that a lawsuit has been brought against you, it can be a stressful situation. You may have no idea where to start, but the best thing to do is to understand who you are being sued by and what your options are. Here's everything you need to know about Daniels, Norellis, Cecere & Tavel (DNCT) and how to beat them in court.
Anticipatory repudiation describes one party's refusal to honor the terms of a contract. The refusal is usually expressed through a clear statement of refusal or action that amounts to refusal. Here's everything you need to know about anticipatory repudiation and its application in real-life situations.
When you qualify for a loan you've applied for, you'll be required to sign some paperwork to close the deal. The paperwork will cover various agreements between you and the lender. Although it's always advisable to read and understand these agreements before signing anything, most people don't. An acceleration clause is one of the most common and important elements of the contract between the borrower and the lender. Here's everything you need to know.
Your first contact with Nationwide Recovery Systems (NRS) is likely through a collection call or letter or an entry in your credit report. NRS is a debt collection agency that buys debt from original creditors for a fraction of the original amount, then works to recover the money and make a profit in the process.
Do you know how serious it is to break hours of service rules? To put it bluntly, it might cost a driver their life if the hours of service rules are not followed. Hours of service violations risk the driver's life and endanger other people driving on the road.
If you are in financial distress, various debt relief solutions may have crossed your mind. You may also wonder what options are available to you as a resident of the Centennial State. Like other American consumers, Coloradoans have several options they can use to get out of massive debt. Before deciding which direction to take, it is essential that you know how each option works, its pros and cons, and if it's the best fit for your situation.
Rising inflation, the loss of jobs, and the high cost of living have forced more Wyoming residents into crippling debt. Along with consumers in other states, many wonder if they can find relief. It is possible to be debt-free. Of course, there is no quick-fix way to melt away debt, but good planning and a willingness to sacrifice when necessary can work wonders. Let's see how you can get debt relief and then look at ways to get assistance in Wyoming.
Sometimes called the Dairy State, Wisconsin is known for its production of cheese and beer, not to mention beautiful lakes that attract residents and tourists alike during the summer. But in addition to Wisconsin's exciting local offerings, its residents are also accustomed to its high cost of living, especially when it comes to groceries.
Many West Virginians have turned to credit card transfers in an attempt to to reduce the interest and the size of the payments on their debts. Zero-interest credit card transfers have become the most popular type of credit in the state. Transferring debt from one card to another isn't always a bad idea, but many consumers continue to use debt to get by, and as the debt grows their financial situation worsens.
Struggling with debt is no fun. Constantly paying for essentials while also trying to pay down your outstanding debt can even feel hopeless. Individuals in Washington carry an average of nearly $10,000 in credit card debt while simultaneously balancing one of the highest costs of living indexes in the nation. In some suburbs of Seattle, home prices are up a staggering 46% since April 2021.
Virginia is a state of many contradictions. The east coast is lined with beautiful beaches, while the western part of the state houses the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the north, the suburban sprawl of Washington D.C. includes cities such as Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax. In the middle, the capital of the state, Richmond, holds the seat of the government.
If you currently live in the beautiful State of Vermont and are struggling with monthly debt payments, you are not alone. Many Vermont residents are carrying fairly large debt loads in the form of credit card debt, mortgage debt, and especially student loan debt. Specifically, the average Vermont resident is paying down more than $38,000 in student loans which means Vermont has the seventh-highest average amount of student loan debt per resident in the U.S. in 2020.
If you've missed a few payments on credit, such as a car or personal loan, the bank can put your debt into collections. After that, a collection agency or a lawyer will try to collect the money you owe the loan provider. Debt collection is a serious process that can adversely affect your credit score.
Texas is among the most populous and economically diverse states. With a population of over 29 million and an economy larger than many countries, The Lone Star state is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. However, not all is rosy in the state of Texas. Like many other states, it has been hit hard by the economic downturn. This has led to sharply increased levels of debt for plenty of Texans.
Debt can rob you of your peace of mind. The overwhelming monthly payments or the persistent calls from creditors can prevent you from finding solace even in a nature-abundant state like Tennessee.
In today's age of ever-rising inflation and housing costs, it's not surprising that many people are suffering from large amounts of debt. When prices rise, people are often forced to rely on credit to meet their regular living expenses and simply get by.
Debt challenges can cause tremendous stress that can affect all areas of life, including mental and physical well-being. Debt relief programs assist consumers in handling their debt by offering various strategies that help make debt repayment more manageable.
If you suffer from overwhelming credit card debt in Rhode Island, you're not alone. The average adult living in Providence carries $9,236 in credit card debt, and that, combined with rising prices for everyday items and increasing housing costs, can cause serious problems.
Pennsylvania, home of the Liberty Bell and birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, is known for its bustling cities and beautiful countryside. Philadelphia is the home of four major league sports teams, giving its residents something to cheer about each season. The state also experiences all four seasons, with snow in the winter and a mild, pleasant summer.
Owing debt can quickly snowball out of control, especially when you encounter life changes such as a sudden medical expense, the loss of a job, or the dissolution of a marriage or partnership. Credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, and other forms of credit can create what feels like an avalanche of debt.
It's easy to get into debt. It's harder to get yourself out. If you're a resident of Oklahoma, you can take advantage of laws and regulations that protect you from aggressive debt collectors. You also have access to debt relief options that can help you get your finances back on track and put you on a trajectory to repair your credit.
Like most Americans, residents of Ohio are grappling with a large amount of personal debt, especially credit card debt. This is understandable considering the significant economic headwinds we're facing in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Residents of Ohio, on average, are carrying more than $5,500 in credit card debt. In addition to a large amount of credit card debt, many Ohio residents are struggling with student loan debt. For example, Ohio ranked as the 8th worst state for the total amount owed toward student loans.
Are you drowning in debt and wondering what to do about it? You are not alone; most North Dakotans have two or more debts to pay. Some manage to make their payments, while others struggle due to challenges such as unplanned medical bills, job loss, the death of a provider, or life-changing financial events. Others may have had a challenge with budgeting and realized, too late, that they were spending more than they had earned.
If you're currently struggling to maintain a basic quality of life with significant debt hanging over your head in North Carolina, you may be wondering what debt relief options are available. Debt can be a thorn in your side, especially if you have other worries, such as raising a family or saving for retirement.
The Coronavirus pandemic hit New Yorkers especially hard since it basically decimated some key sectors of the Big Apple's economy (e.g., finance, real estate, tourism, etc.). This is largely why millions of people in New York continue to struggle with financial challenges. For example, the average New York resident is carrying more than $5,400 in credit card debt (the 14th-most in the entire country). In addition to credit card debt, the average New York resident is carrying an average mortgage debt of $240,795, which ranks as the 10th-largest amount in the United States.
If you are having a tough time paying off credit card balances and feel as though you are unable to chart a new course to manage your finances, you are not alone. In fact, most people in New Hampshire and elsewhere in the United States are carrying around a credit card balance. In fact, the average American has a credit card balance exceeding $6,000, according to a survey conducted by Experian Consumer Credit Review. For individuals residing in New Hampshire, the average amount of credit card debt is even higher (around $6,200), according to an article published by CNBC.
The Coronavirus pandemic adversely impacted the economies of every state, including Montana. The number of tourists and visitors to “Big Sky Country” declined by roughly 10%, and consumer spending dropped by 7% in 2020. As a result of the economic hardship, many Montana residents saw their overall debt load increase.
Much like every other state, Missouri was hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. For example, economists estimate that Missouri is likely to lose close to $5 billion in overall revenue as a result of the havoc wrought by the pandemic, according to the Missouri Independent. The $5 billion loss in revenue comes at a terrible time since the state was already carrying more than $2 billion in debt, according to the News Tribune. In addition, Missouri residents are carrying, on average, around $5,600 in credit card debt, according to CNBC.
If you are feeling burdened by a significant amount of credit card debt (in addition to other forms of debt), do not throw your hands up in despair. Challenges associated with managing personal debt is a common issue. For example, the average American is carrying more than $6,000 in credit card debt, according to a survey conducted by Experian Consumer Credit Review. People residing in Louisiana have, on average, around $5,800 in credit card debt, according to CNBC.
The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on Iowa's agricultural industry was severe. In fact, experts estimate the damage inflicted on this sector of the economy within the state to be approximately $6 billion. This likely means tens of thousands of Iowa residents are struggling with unpaid bills and mounting debt obligations.
When it comes to personal finance and debt management, Georgia residents are not doing great. For example, at the end of 2020, Georgia was ranked seventh in the nation for total credit card debt carried by residents. In addition, the Peach State was ranked fifth for student loan debt, and third in the entire country for the average amount owed toward auto loan debt.
If you are being subjected to harassment by a debt collector associated with Phoenix Financial Services, it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling stressed, frustrated and anxious about the future. Phoenix Financial Services, like many other debt collection companies, often utilize aggressive and troublign tactics to try and compel you to repay the debt you allegedly owe.That is why Phoenix Financial Services may call you on your phone multiple times each day, try to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform and they will probably send you threatening letters in the mail.
DRS, or Dynamic Recovery Solutions, was established in 2008 and has a combined 50 years of debt collection expertise. DRS is a recovery company that collects debt on behalf of a creditor who believes you owe them money. As a result, you may receive harassing phone calls, several past-due notifications, and threatening letters.
Calls from Direct Recovery Associates may throw you off balance. Instantly, a million questions come buzzing in your head: Is this a legitimate debt collection agency? Are they planning to sue me? Will they ruin my credit score? What rights do I have in this situation? It's important not to panic when Direct Recovery Associates contacts you. The company's purpose is to get money from you to settle a debt they think you owe. If you lose your cool, you may play right into their trap and end up worsening the situation. Your best reaction is to take a deep breath and stay calm.
Have you received multiple calls and voicemails from DCM Services? Are their emails cluttering your inbox? If so, it is probably because a deceased loved one had an unpaid debt with them. DCM Services LLC is a debt collection agency that collects the debt of a person who has recently passed away from their immediate family members. DCM's primary purpose is to collect an overdue debt from you, even though it is not directly yours.
If Credit Management LP is harassing you with multiple phone calls and letters each day, you are probably feeling a combination of anger, frustration and stress. This is perfectly understandable since Credit Management LP and other debt collection companies are known for using unethical means to get consumers to pay what they allegedly owe.
A call or email from Credit Control Corporation could only mean that you owe a debt to an individual or a company. Credit Control Corporation is a legitimate third-party debt collection agency that collects debt for utility providers, healthcare institutions, and commercial enterprises.
If you are being subjected to harassment by a debt collector who was retained by CRDT First, it is understandable if you feel scared, anxious, and unsure about what to do next. Debt collectors routinely employ overly aggressive and troubling tactics to try and compel you to repay the debt you allegedly owe.That is why debt collectors retained by CRDT First may call you on your phone multiple times each day, try to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform and they will probably send you threatening letters in the mail.
It starts slowly—first, you'll probably receive a letter in the mail notifying you that you owe a debt. This letter will come from a debt collection agency that you have likely never heard of, such as Choice Recovery.
If Central Portfolio Control has contacted you about an unpaid debt or you have been served with a debt collection lawsuit by this agency, do not throw your hands up in despair. You have certain legal rights and protections when being contacted by a debt collector or when sued by a debt collector in court.
When you fall behind in debt, the one thing you hope for is that the debt collector treats you with dignity and respect whenever they contact you. You wish to keep your peace of mind so you can work out a strategy to help you get back on track.
Has CCS Collections been harassing you to pay off a debt you owe? This is probably an upsetting time. Unfortunately, CCS Collections and other companies like them use unethical means to get consumers to pay what they allegedly owe. So CCS Collections may call you at all hours of the day to get you pay up. They might harass you on the job and try to bother you on your social media channels. These companies rarely give up and can hound you for years. They get the most compensation when they get you to pay, so they will keep coming after you.
Unexpected health care expenses can wreck even the most well-thought-out financial plan. Even worse, debt collectors that specialize in uncollected medical debt often add stress to an already difficult situation. Capio Partners, based in Sherman, TX, is one such debt collection agency. The agency specializes in medical debt, buying uncollected debts from healthcare providers, and then attempting to collect the amounts owed.
Being on the receiving end of a debt collection notice is no one's idea of fun. However, it happens, and if you are in receipt of a letter from Caine and Weiner attempting to collect a debt, you'll want to know how to handle it.
Bull City Financial Solutions (BCFS) is a legitimate debt collection agency in North Carolina. It has been in business for over 47 years. They collect for companies in various industries, including government and municipalities, healthcare, education, utility, retail, and financial institutions.
BC Services, Inc. (BCS) is a Colorado-based collection agency. BCS provides payment resolution and collection services to a variety of businesses, including: Utility companies, financial service providers, government entities, commercial entities, and healthcare providers.
Avantus is a credit reporting agency that provides financial institutions with extensive background checks to potential clients who want a loan. It helps these companies assess borrowers' credibility and expose any history of fraud and criminal activities. Avantus recently rebranded and is now called Xactus. In this article, we will use the former name of the company, Avantus, for clarity purposes.
Do you keep getting harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors affiliated with Avante USA? If so, you are probably feeling a combination of anger, frustration and anxiety. This is perfectly understandable since debt collectors such as Avante USA will use every trick in the book to try and make your life miserable until you agree to pay what they think you owe. Some debt collectors even resort to using inappropriate and unethical methods to try to get you to pay an outstanding debt.
If you are being subjected to harassment by a debt collector with ARS National Services, you're probably wondering how you can get rid of the stress and frustration.. Why? Because it's quite common for debt collectors with ARS National Services to use inappropriate and unethical tactics to try to get you to pay the debt allegedly owed.
Accounts Receivable Consultants (ARC) collections boasts of being different from other debt collection agencies by offering superior services. But, do they? Is their collection strategy different from the rest? Do they use unlawful methods or harassment in an attempt to collect debts?
AR Resources is one of the largest debt collection agencies in the United States. They collect past due debts for many creditors, including student loan providers and medical bills. While dealing with the calls can be frustrating, you should worry more about the harm the account in collections has on your credit score. Each delinquent debt on your credit report is a stain that can hurt your credit for up to seven and a half years.
When you feel weighed down by debt collectors, remember that there's help. Debt collection is heavily regulated, and for a good reason. AFNI's calls, emails, texts, or lawsuits can put a strain on your mental, emotional and physical health.
If you are being harassed by a debt collector associated with 11 Charter Communications, you're probably feeling stressed, frustrated and anxious about the future. 11 Charter Communications, like many other debt collection companies, often use aggressive and problematic tactics to try and compel you to repay the debt you allegedly owe. That's why 11 Charter Communications may call you on your phone multiple times each day, try to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, and they might even send you threatening letters in the mail.
There are three things in life you can't get away from: taxes, death, and student loans. While secretly hoping the next celebrity showing up at your graduation might cover for the third, we're here to encourage you that there's still life to look forward to in the years ahead in case that celebrity doesn't show.
Many New Mexicans struggle to pay their debt every month. Many owe thousands of dollars on student loans, credit cards, medical bills, and other unsecured loans. The pandemic also caused those who were barely managing to pay their debts to fall behind on payments due to the dynamics that affected income generation.
Living in New Jersey is great—the beaches, the nightlife, the high median household income… And the high cost of living. Even a good salary can disappear quickly when you are struggling to pay down debt.
Financial freedom is a way of life that evades most Nevadans today and, like many others across the country, most are saddled with debt. Over 3 million people live in the western state, which has seen a drop in unemployment. However, statistics show a debt increase of 3.5 percent, from $101,727 in 2020 to $105,281 in 2021.
Nebraska is a great place to live, with plenty of opportunities to get into agriculture. The state also has some of the best universities in the country specializing in research and dentistry.
Having some debt is healthy. You earn lenders' trust when you pay it back on time, and it can help you get competitive interest rates in the future. However, when unsecured and other debts pile up, they become a problem. Instead of an excellent credit score, you get bad credit as creditors threaten to sue.
Residents of Minnesota carry an average of nearly $10,000 in credit card debt. With inflation rising and gas and home prices up by double digits since last year, it's no surprise that people are having difficulty paying down their debt.
In Michigan, people often struggle with their finances due to rising living costs and unmanageable debt. Paychecks don't seem to stretch as far as they used to, and many people have trouble meeting regular obligations such as rent and car payments.
No matter where you live, debt of any kind can be overwhelming. Many Massachusetts residents deal with the heavy burden of unpaid debts ranging from credit cards, high-interest loans, mortgages, and medical bills. Massachusetts is currently the 4th wealthiest state, but having this status comes with a price of the high cost of living, making it easy for residents to accumulate debt.
Maryland, situated just above Washington, D.C., and bordered by Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, is known for its blue crabs, Old Bay Seasoning, and lively cities. A large population of the state lives in the city of Baltimore, which is within a 45-minute drive of the nation's capital. Despite its many offerings, Marylanders can find the cost of living to be quite high. Cities situated just outside of D.C., such as Gaithersburg and Bethesda, have a cost of living index as much as 56% higher than the national average.
Maine, known for its fantastic skiing options and quaint towns, is also one of the most expensive states in the U.S. to live in. Residents battle high state and property taxes while dealing with a relatively high cost of living and average salaries. The cost of living index is 115.
As a resident of Kentucky, you may be in a situation where you are not making any progress on repaying your debt. Instead, the debt continues to pile up, causing your credit score to decrease while your anxiety climbs.
Residents of Kansas are no strangers to consumer debt. While its cost index of 89 makes it one of the least expensive states to live in, rising inflation, increasing gas prices, and soaring home costs have led Kansas residents to resort to accumulating credit card and consumer debt. In fact,he average Overland Park resident has $11,881 in credit card debt.
Debt relief is supposed to help you stay on top of your finances. If you can reduce the principal amount you owe, the interest you are paying, or pay off your debt faster, you will save yourself a substantial amount of money and reduce your anxiety about finances.
Suffering from debt can be extremely frustrating and stressful. If you're making only minimum payments, you may not see much of a dent in your overall balance, despite trying to follow your creditor's terms. For those who have missed payments on their debt, it's common to receive letters in the mail or phone calls from creditors with an intent to collect payment. These calls can come at inopportune times, such as when you're in the middle of your workday.
Navient recently settled with Idaho to forgive close to $4 million in debt. What a relief for the over 170 borrowers who will benefit from this arrangement after court approval! For most consumers, debt forgiveness is a fairy tale. Struggling with debt isn't new to many American consumers, especially with the rise in the cost of living. In recent years, Idaho has seen a surge in housing costs (although that is stabilizing). The added expenses have resulted in an overreliance on credit cards. And these debts quickly add up and become unmanageable.
If you're a resident of Hawaii, you're likely battling high property taxes, rental rates, expensive consumer goods, and consumer debt. Hawaii is currently the most expensive state to live in, with a cost index of 193.3. Rising inflation and gas prices haven't helped matters, and ordinary citizens are feeling the pinch. Apartment rental rates are up 20% compared to last year, leaving many without adequate housing options.
Despite the many reasons to love the Sunshine State, living in Florida can come with some financial drawbacks. Home prices have surged over the past year, in some cases as much as 32%. Rentals have also gone up, leaving individuals with higher monthly costs of housing.
Unsecured loans can quickly change from being your way out of a bind into a nightmare. Even the most financially conscious person can have unmanageable debt because of one financial hiccup. The extraordinarily high-interest rates on most payday loans add to debt woes for many who fall into the trap of needing these quick loans.
If you're struggling with debt in Connecticut, you're not the only one. High state tax rates, property taxes, student loans, and credit card debt all play a role in making Connecticut an incredibly expensive state to live in. In fact, it's ranked as the eighth most expensive state by World Population Review, with a cost of living index of 121.6. In addition, residents of Connecticut earn an average wage of $66,130, which is only slightly above the national average of $58,260.
If you're in debt, you probably understand the feeling of struggling to meet your bills. It can be a constant battle, especially with the rising cost of living and high taxes. People in California also must deal with high rental costs, which can be significant across the state.
If you're struggling with debt in Arkansas, you're not alone. A recent study conducted by WalletHub shows that the average household in Little Rock, Arkansas, carries $10,527 in credit card debt. The state also has one of the lowest average salaries in the nation, with the average worker earning $46,500 annually.. These amounts, combined with the surge in inflation and housing costs over the past year, can make it hard for the average Arkansas resident to get ahead on their debt.
If you are a resident of Arizona, you may have noticed a wave of new homes being built in and around your neighborhood. This is largely due to the fact that Arizona is the sixth fastest-growing state in the entire country. For example, more than 260,000 people relocated to Arizona each year between 2014 and 2018, according to housing data from the United States Census Bureau. There are many reasons why people opted to move to Arizona (e.g., reasonable cost of living, amazing natural attractions and overall ambiance), but there remain serious economic headwinds impacting residents of the Grand Canyon State.
If you're fighting to reduce or pay off your unsecured debt in Alaska, you are not alone. Alaskans have the highest credit card debt per cardholder in the nation as of May 2022. The average is over $8,000, which is way above the country's average of $6,194 during the same time.
If you're drowning in debt in Alabama, you're not the only one. Individuals living in Birmingham, Alabama, carry an average of $9,473 in credit card debt. While the state boasts a relatively low cost-of-living index of 89.3, it hasn't been immune to the dramatic increases in inflation and home costs that the nation has experienced over the past year.
Aldous & Associates is a law firm specializing in 90-day past-due consumer collections in the fitness industry. Aldous, which is now in its tenth year, was based on gym-friendly service practices like no costs to account for reinstatement or cancellations, comprehensive credit reporting flexibility, and no-cost amnesty programs. In Salt Lake City, the firm has all the usual collection instruments of vigorous phone and email campaigns.
If you've received a debt collection letter from Account Services, you're likely wondering what it's about. You probably have never heard of the company, and you'd likely remember if you had borrowed money from them.
Most of us are pretty familiar with the idea of a personal credit score, especially once we've gained a financial standing. But a business credit score is a term relatively unexplored for many of us. We might interrelate these two scores, but to set the records straight, both have a unique formula that is based on various facts and figures that don't align. Interested in getting a good business credit score and maintaining it? This article has been fragmented perfectly for you to clear up any confusion on what is a good credit score for businesses and how it works.
If you've been sued for a debt, you may not know what to do. Lawsuits can be frightening, causing a gray shadow on an otherwise sunny day. It's essential to be objective and read every line of your Summons and Complaint. Try not to let emotions get in the way, and take a step-by-step approach to drafting your response and preparing for the court case.
You have probably checked your credit score several times and are wondering why it has stagnated for a while now. You most likely tried to make your debt payments on time. In fact, you may have cleared a debt hoping it would improve. Or maybe you have even stopped applying for a new line of credit. Still, your credit score has not changed.
If you're currently swimming in debt and don't want to drown, pursuing a debt reduction service may be the way to go. These companies provide services that allow you to pay off your debt, typically for a reduced amount.
If you have overdue debts, you may suddenly realize that your bank accounts have been frozen. This is only after a default judgment has been awarded against you to a creditor or debt collector to whom you owe money.
Homicide is something discussed in television shows, novels, and popular culture. In fact, many true crime dramas focus their storylines on homicides. Despite the topic being heavily involved in most of our lives, most people do not truly know what a homicide even is. Homicide occurs when someone dies due to the actions of another, but there is a distinction in the many forms of homicide as well. Let's break it down.
Evading the police involves running, driving, or leaving a police officer when you have committed some type of criminal offense. This could be a driver who flees after they are stopped by a police officer, or running after committing a crime. It can also be avoiding the police when there is a warrant out for arrest. However, it is always an intentional fleeing of the scene after being ordered to stop or stay.
If you find yourself in a never ending, hamster wheel cycle of earning money, only to spend it on essentials such as rent, food, and transportation, you may be wondering when you'll ever have enough to pay off your debt. In this article, we'll look at the top side hustles that you can use to pay down your debt.
LoanBuilder is a PayPal direct lending service that offers short-term business loans. It has become a favorite of small businesses for its simple and quick loan application process, with no hidden fees. LoanBuilder provides small businesses with a type of interest-free loan in which the borrower pays back a pre-calculated fixed fee plus the borrowed amount.
The federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, also known as RICO, is a law that was passed in 1970. It was originally created to take down the mob because prior to RICO being enacted, prosecutors were only able to try mob-related crimes individually. This led to it being impossible to shut down the whole organization. Although RICO is not as commonly used in modern times, it is still used to prosecute individuals in corrupt situations.
If you are being sued for a debt, you need to consider all of your options. You may not even be aware of the fact that you can request a debt collector to verify your debt, and if they cannot, they are not legally allowed to sue you. This is also useful if you were to attempt to negotiate a settlement.
Do you cringe every time you hear the phone ring? It might have something to do with the repeated, unwanted calls you've been receiving from Receivables Performance Management. In their messages, they claim to be a debt collector, but you're wary of scams. What should you do?
Debt collectors can go to extraordinary lengths to track you down, and their repeated phone calls can leave you feeling trapped and desperate. But don't panic. Even collectors like Paramount Recovery Systems are easy to deal with once you know how. This guide will help you learn how to deal with debt collection calls from Paramount Recovery and put you on a path to clearing your name with your credit bureau.
National Credit Care is based in Colorado and promotes itself as a credit repair company focused on helping consumers improve their credit to qualify for a mortgage. Unlike most credit repair agencies, National Credit Care claims they do not use an automated dispute process. However, their self-proclaimed personal approach has still left many consumers unhappy with their services.
You don't recognize the number, so you send the call straight to voicemail. Their message reveals that they're calling from Glasser and Glasser about your outstanding debt. Now, you cringe every time the phone rings, worried it's yet another call from a debt collector aggressively pursuing their debt.
The Better Business Bureau classifies Financial Recovery Services as a collections agency. They specialize in recovering money from delinquent accounts for their clients. The company's alternative names are FRS, Financial Recovery Services of Minnesota, and fin rec svc.
Are you tired of receiving calls from Enhanced Recovery Company and trying to figure out how to stop them? Many consumers find themselves in this situation, and they feel helpless since they do not know what to do. To beat Enhanced Recovery Company (ERC), you need to know:
If you're in a business dispute and both parties can't find common ground, it usually leads to a lawsuit. If you are the one being accused, you may sometimes feel like it was actually the company that did you wrong. If this is the case, can you sue the company that is suing you? The short answer is yes, you can file a civil lawsuit against the company. But, before doing so, you need to know how it works.
Constructive discharge claims are lawsuits filed by an employee who has left their job because of intolerable working conditions. These conditions must have been so poor that they forced the employee to quit their position.
Rubin & Rothman, LLC is a law firm based in New York state. They specialize in third-party debt collection. Rubin & Rothman have received complaints of alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Generally, these include attempted debt collections on debts not owed, as well as threatening to take actions that they cannot legally take. If you have been contacted by Rubin & Rothman, it is important to understand your rights and how to properly approach the situation.
It's a sunny day, and you go outside to check the mail. What's that evil-looking envelope in your mailbox? A letter from a creditor on an unpaid debt? Your day might not look so sunny anymore. Jokes aside, credit card debt is a problem that people struggle with throughout the United States. The median average credit card debt is a staggering $3,706 per person, and everyday people with standard incomes struggle to repay it when they've got other expenses to deal with.
People who are in debt and stuck making monthly minimum payments often wonder if they can seek debt relief through various debt settlement programs. These programs claim to get rid of debt quickly. Oftentimes, they give all of your outstanding credit debt information to a company that claims they can resolve your debts. It might sound like a wonderful opportunity to anyone who is sick of calls from debt collectors.
If you're drowning in debt, you may be wondering how you can get your head above water and stay there. You're not alone. Millions of people in the United States and around the world are currently wrestling with debt. In this article, SoloSuit will help you weigh your options for debt relief.
If you're being pursued for a debt by Oliphant Financial, LLC, you're probably sick of annoying calls and letters. You may not even know who they are, let alone why they think you owe them money. Before agreeing to pay them any money, make sure that you understand what they are contacting you about. It's not uncommon for debt collection agencies to pursue people for debts they don't legitimately owe.
Have you applied for a loan or line of credit in the recent past? If so, you may see CBCInnovis on your credit report. They are a credit reporting agency that helps banks, lenders, and other financial institutions vet applicants.
Debt collectors can make you cringe when your phone rings. They could be calling for the umpteenth time to ask for their money. It gets worse when they use robocall software to make the calls, and you cannot have a meaningful conversation on the way forward.
If you receive calls from a company called Debt Recovery Solutions, you most likely have one or more unpaid bills to deal with. Debt Recovery Solutions is a third-party collector hired by businesses to get customers to pay their past-due bills, including everything from credit card debt to hospital bills to utility fees.
It is a high-stakes game where everything is well engineered. Americans fall into debt traps designed to make the banks rich at the expense of the average American. Around 70 million consumers have received a debt collection notice or been contacted about it.
Did National Credit Systems contact you recently? Have they entered the debt in your credit report? If so, you may have an unpaid rent balance owed to a landlord. National Credit Systems Inc is a legitimate third-party collection agency specializing in collecting for the multifamily residential industry.
CBE Group, a debt collection agency, has been around since 1933. The company serves hundreds of creditors, from cell phone providers to the federal government. CBE has a lucrative contract for the collection of U.S. Department of Education student loans.
If Pioneer Credit Recovery's name seems familiar, it's because they've been in the headlines frequently in recent years. They were one of five collection companies sacked by the Department of Education in 2015 after the IRS engaged them to collect on Americans' overdue tax payments. In 2017, the Trump administration rehired the firm to collect on defaulted student loan obligations again.
You sit at your desk, psyched to check every task off your to-do list. Your phone rings and you decide you can take one last call before you get to work. Instead of a cheerful greeting from someone you know, it's a robocall, some prerecorded message telling you to dial certain digits. You are angry. You decide to hang up, but now you are distracted.
Are you receiving multiple calls from 202-367-9070? Are they ignoring your request to stop calling? You're probably wondering why. 202-367-9070 is a number used by the IC System: a debt collection agency based in St. Paul, Minnesota with branch offices in Fargo, Lacrosse, and North Dakota.
With its many benefits, a credit card can make your life easier. You can buy on credit and pay later. It's a widely accepted payment method and may even improve your credit score if everything goes well.
Can you remember your first credit card or student loan application? Since that time, many companies have monitored and inspected your finances routinely. Financial institutions look at your credit score from the three major credit bureaus to understand your financial health.
If you have landed on this page, the chances are high that you have experienced harassment by CBV Collections. Unfortunately, you are not alone.CBV Collections has a history of rudeness, abusive practices, and ignoring consumer complaints. Read on to learn more about the company and how you can win against them. CBV Collections is a debt collection agency located in Canada with several offices. Their listed phone number is 1-888-311-1121 and is their email address.
If you have ever had a few drinks and gone to drive your car, the worst thing that could happen is to be pulled over by a police officer. If this has happened to you, then you might have faced some serious problems. Additionally, you may have heard the officers mention the term “BAC”. If your BAC is too high, you might face a drinking and driving alcohol charge, but what does BAC stand for?
Being contacted by a debt collection agency is an unpleasant experience that everyone would rather avoid. It can result in a constant stream of phone calls throughout the day telling you to make a payment for bills you cannot afford. It quickly becomes embarrassing and stressful to have consistent messages left on your voicemail, get contacted at work, or when a company contacts your family and friends about a debt.
Trespassing is a crime that is often considered an infraction, and it is most commonly prosecuted as a misdemeanor. However, if you've been caught trespassing, the consequence depends on the state you are tried in. In most situations, trespassing is not a crime that you want to commit.
When you can no longer pay your debt, you may hire a mediator to negotiate with the creditor on your behalf. However, knowing the difference between a good and average mediator could impact the result of the negotiations. For this reason, we'll discuss everything you need to know about hiring a mediator.
When you and your partner decide to terminate your marriage, you can make it official by filing a divorce. The process of filing for divorce varies depending on several factors such as the type of divorce, how long the couple has been married, whether or not they have kids, etc. In addition, some divorce processes are faster and less stressful than others.
Being served with a court Summons is always nerve-wracking, whether it comes in the form of a phone call or in the mail. If you've been summoned for a debt you do not recognize, you should verify the Summon's authenticity. That being said, it can be difficult to recognize if a debt is yours if you have multiple outstanding debts already. They seem to stack up in an overwhelming fashion. Rather than give up, be sure to verify the Summons document you received, or ask for verification on the phone before you take any more action. If the Summons is real, SoloSuit can help you respond and win in court.
If you are being subjected to harassing phone calls, emails, social media messages, letters, etc. by a debt collector with CMRE Financial Services, it is perfectly understandable to feel stressed, frustrated and anxious about the future. CMRE Financial Services, like many other debt collection companies, often utilize aggressive and abusive tactics to compel you to repay the debt you allegedly owe. That is why CMRE Financial Services may call you on your phone multiple times each day, try to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform, and they will probably send you threatening letters in the mail. Here's everything you should know about CMRE Financial Services and how to beat them in court.
Getting harassed by a debt collection agent hired by Frontline Asset can be stressful and exhausting. Debt collectors can be overly aggressive, rude, and make empty threats with the goal of getting you to pay. If you are being subjected to this type of harassment, do not give up hope. You have legal options and tools available that can show you how to beat Frontline Asset in court.
If you are being subjected to harassment by a debt collector associated with Gurstel, it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling stressed, frustrated and anxious about the future. Gurstel, like many other debt collection law firms, often utilize aggressive and even abusive tactics to get consumers to repay the debt they allegedly owe.
Based in Doral, Florida, Everest Business Funding is an online provider of loans and merchant cash advances. Typically they provide these loans, including merchant cash advances programs, to small businesses in need of working capital. If you default on a loan with Everest Business Funding, you may receive information in the mail regarding a lawsuit. It is essential to respond to this lawsuit as soon as possible. Here's everything you need to know about Everest Business Funding and how to beat them in court.
If Lincoln and Morgan have been calling you to say they represent Kabbage, then you might be part of a debt collection lawsuit. You may have borrowed from Kabbage because they offer easy loans with an application decision in minutes. Applying for a loan gives Kabbage access to your business performance and credit score in order to determine eligibility for a loan. If your application is accepted, Kabbage will offer immediate access to funds. With lines of credit up to $250,000 in all 50 states, the loans can be used for working capital needs such as inventory, renovations, and payroll.
Lawsuits and litigations come with unexpected expenses. For example, you may need to pay for your medical bills to treat injuries from a car accident that led to the lawsuit. These injuries may also keep you out of work for a while, making it impossible to earn a living to manage your expenses, such as your credit card bills or rent. That's where pre-settlement lawsuit funding comes in.
A Request for Admission shortens the lawsuit timelines and reduces the costs involved, although it may be complicated if not handled correctly. When you receive the Request for Admission document, you must respond as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline. In addition, you must abide by the Rules of Civil Procedure to ensure that your response is well-prepared. Here's everything you need to know about how to respond to a Request for Admission and the requirements to submit an acceptable answer.
Debt collection can be a dicey business. Knowing the rules about how professional debt collection licensing differs by state can protect you from a debt collector acting illegally.
In 2019 alone, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) received 21 complaints regarding the actions of Alpha Recovery Corp. These complaints were based on the fact that they used poor communication tactics, attempted to collect debt not owed, and even added incorrect information on consumers' credit reports. In some cases, Alpha Recovery Corp threatened to contact someone or share information improperly and even took or threatened to take legal action. If this sounds like something you have dealt with, or if you are simply being sued for debt by Alpha Recovery Corp, continue reading to learn how to beat them in court.
If you are being sued in court for debt, it is essential you know what you are dealing with, and how to handle the case. Debt lawsuits can be expensive, and if you do not answer in a timely manner this can open up other avenues for debt collection, such as wage garnishment and taking funds directly from your account. If you have noticed a debt collection lawsuit from P and B Capital Group, you may wonder if this is a legitimate company and how to respond. Here's everything you need to know about P and B Capital Group and how to beat them in court.
The end of a marriage can be a stressful and drawn-out process. Sometimes it's amicable, but often it's not. Even when both spouses can work together, there are an overwhelming number of legal considerations you'll have to make decisions about. When spouses are warring, the process is even worse.
Have you received a call from 800-846-6406? Wondering who they are? 800-846-6406 is a number for GS Services, a debt collection agency located in Houston, Texas. It is the largest private outsourcing call center provider and debt collection agency in North America. Over 7,500 employees work for GC Services and are trained on pressuring consumers to pay their student loans, but they also deal with all types of debt.
Having some debt is almost inevitable; it's part of life. However, when you're dealing with a delinquent account, things can get a little bit complicated. It's challenging to convince a prospective landlord that you'll be a reliable tenant when you're already behind in existing debts. All hope is not lost, though.
Multiple calls, emails, or voicemails from debt collectors can be frustrating and lead to financial and emotional stress. Ellington and Associates Collections is one such debt collection agency that aggressively contacts consumers to clear their debt.
Debt collectors cause consumers prolonged stress with their endless requests to pay off debts. US Bank Collections is no exception, as they have a whole department dedicated to aggressively seeking consumers to pay money they owe.
Debt collectors are known to be highly aggressive. Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC (ERC) collection agency irritates consumers with their persistent and misplaced calls, unrecognized debts, unprofessional staff, and harassing tactics.
CardWorks Servicing is one of the most confusing debt collection companies to deal with. Aside from the insistent calls, most consumers are never sure whether CardWorks is a bank, a third-party debt collection agency, or another party.
The American debt collection industry is booming with no sign of slowing. Over 7,000 collection agencies, valued at $18.8 billion, reap roughly $13.4 billion in annual revenue. Your creditor will probably contact you if you fall behind on a bill for the first time. If the account goes unpaid for a while, it's often transferred to a debt collector. One of these collection agencies is Client Services, Inc., commonly referred to as CSI.
The sight of an unknown credit account on your credit report can be very unsettling. Even more worrying is the thought that it could be ruining your credit score, or worse, a case of fraud. So it's understandable to be concerned about a JPMCB account on your report.
A phone call from a debt collector can be terrifying and frustrating. Collectors use aggressive means to get consumers to settle a debt they may not even know about. They may also use illegal tactics to compel them to respond without verifying the debt. Southwest Credit Systems (SWC Group) is no exception. SWC Group is a Texas-based third-party debt collection agency that manages billions of dollars in receivable accounts in the following industries.
Some creditors use a third-party collection agency to help them get their money back from consumers who have fallen behind on their payments. It's challenging to deal with the collectors, especially if you cannot pay up during the initial demand. However, debt collectors are obligated by law to respect your rights when interacting with you.
A Motion to Suppress is a formal request made by a defendant to exclude certain evidence in a case during trial. The motion is filed with the court and considered by the judge. A hearing where the parties can make arguments for, or against, the motion may be necessary.
A statute of limitations is the law that sets the maximum amount of time one party has to seek legal action against another party from the date of the alleged offense. The main goal of the statute of limitations is to protect defendants from unfair prosecution. The law assumes that after a certain time has passed from the date of the alleged offense, relevant evidence regarding the offense may have as well been lost.
In a civil case, a plaintiff is the party that brings legal action or in whose name such action is brought. The defendant is the party targeted by the legal action filed by the plaintiff. This article discusses the key differences between plaintiffs and defendants in debt collection lawsuits.
The United States judicial system provides different options for residents to check the status of their cases. For example, if you have a case in court, you can track its progress at the state or federal level. The Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service is widely used at the federal level. At the state level, the procedure varies from state to state. We've included a list of statewide case lookup tools for all available states. You can search for your case if it's at a state level here. If there is no lookup tool for your state, try looking up your county search tool. If it's on a federal level, check with PACER.
If you have an overdue debt that you have postponed to pay, do not be surprised if Aargon Agency Inc contacts you. Aargon Agency Inc is a debt collection company that has been in business for over 26 years. They may call multiple times a day, send you several emails, or leave countless voicemails, all in the hopes of getting you to pay off your debt.
Whenever you request your credit report from the major credit bureaus, you hope everything is in order. You also hope to recognize every account in your file. From time to time, though, some unknown accounts sneak up on you.
Zwicker & Associates PC is not your usual debt collector. They are a law firm that specializes in debt collection, which is a nightmare for consumers. Dealing with Zwicker can be overwhelming, but you can succeed. Know their strategy and protect yourself.
If you have received a message from VanSlam, Inc. then you are most likely being sued for debt. Being sued is a stressful experience, but you don't have to deal with the lawsuit on your own. SoloSuit can help you represent yourself in court, which saves you the time and cost of finding an attorney. You don't have to surrender to a debt collection lawsuit—fight back today and win in court! Here's how.
What happens if you notice an error on your credit report? The mistake won't go away by itself. When you notice an error, you need to file a dispute with the credit reporting agency. Errors on your credit file can affect your overall credit health and should be rectified as soon as possible.
It's a life-changing experience to join the US armed forces. A career in the military provides opportunities and experiences that few jobs can match, but it is a challenging life that requires sacrifice and courage. Enlisting for education opportunities during service and after returning to civilian life is attractive for many people who consider enlisting.
Avant is an online lending platform that provides access to credit through a quick and easy application process and enables loans to be managed online conveniently. The loan servicer was founded in 2012 to lower borrowing costs and barriers for everyday people by using data to streamline the online borrowing process. Avant offers the option of checking your interest rate online without affecting your credit score, as well as quick funding, often as soon as the next business day. The loan and payment management application is available on a mobile device.
KeyBank promises to provide excellent services and reasonable interest rates when getting a student loan. For some customers, this is not the case as KeyBank has received countless complaints and negative reviews for their harsh treatment, exorbitant interest rates, unfair late fee charges, and outrageous overdraft fees.
In debt collection lingo, a defendant is an individual or entity being sued over a debt. The person or entity filing the debt collection lawsuit is referred to as a plaintiff. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about a defendant in a debt collection lawsuit, covering their rights, legal options, and so much more.
A plaintiff is an individual or party that files a lawsuit. For example, in debt collection, the plaintiff is usually the creditor, debt collection company, organization, or any other entity the defendant owes money to. In this case, the defendant is the party being sued by the plaintiff.
If you have ever needed money fast, you may have looked into a loan from Westwood Funding. Although this can get you the money you need upfront,, it can eventually lead you to being in more debt than before. If you are unable to pay your debt, Westwood Funding may end up suing you in court.
If you find yourself as the defendant in a lawsuit filed by one of your creditors, you are not alone. Millions of Americans find themselves in this exact situation every year. So, despite the nerve wracking aspect of being served with a Summons about an impending court date, you do not have to go through this alone.
Are you getting multiple calls from 888-899-4332? Do they ignore your request to stop calling? Probably because 888-899-4332 is the phone number of Transworld Systems Inc (TSI), a debt collection agency. Transworld Systems works with individuals, large organizations, and companies to help them collect outstanding debts from consumers.
The United States has over 7023 debt collection agencies. The $18.8 billion industry generates more fraud reports to the FTC than any other industry does. Abusive debt collection practices hurt financially vulnerable consumers. Often, consumers pay collectors money they don't owe, falling deeper into debt.
Imagine if you could free yourself from unmanageable debt. Can you picture what your life would be like if you could regain your financial health? Filing for bankruptcy might be the answer. You can recover your financial stability.
In the United States, there are many federal and state laws that govern mediation. These laws are complex, but they regulate the relationship between mediation and the regular trial. Although alternative dispute resolution methods have been around for a while, mediation has changed over the years. More specifically, it's changed from an authoritative trial to dispute settlements. Here's everything you need to know about mediation.
THD/CBNA is one of the codes that appear on your credit report when you apply for a Home Depot credit card issued by Citibank. The acronym stands for The Home Depot/Citibank North America and may also appear as CBNA/THD. Here's all you need to know about this code.
If you are months or more past due on a debt, your creditor may assign or sell the debt to a third-party debt collection agency. At this time, the debt collector may purchase your debt and then work to collect the debt or be paid to collect on the debt. If you do not pay off the debt, you may find yourself in court. If you are being sued for debt by D&A Service and not sure how to respond, you can follow the steps below to win.
If you're being hounded by a debt collection company like National Recovery Solutions, you may be feeling anxious and uncertain about your financial future. This is perfectly understandable. Most people do not anticipate receiving multiple threatening calls and letters from an aggressive debt collector.
A credit card can put you in a vicious cycle of debt and tremendous financial stress. If you're unable to clear your outstanding balance on your Santander credit card, you may want to consider negotiating a debt settlement.
Getting credit can be a chicken-and-egg scenario. You can't get credit cards and loans if you have bad credit or no credit, but you can't build your credit without a credit card or loan. Secured credit cards, like First Progress, are a win-win: the lender takes almost no risk, and you build your credit history.
While genuine debt collectors are simply doing their job, some debt collection practices are unfair or even illegal. Even if you owe some debt, no one has the right to mistreat you in an attempt to collect a debt. Debt collectors are bound by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) laws. The FDCPA protects consumers, like you, from harassment and abusive debt collections practices.
Have you gotten a call, text, or email from someone claiming to be a Carmel Financial debt collector? Do they insist you have an unpaid loan or credit card balance you are unaware of? Have they demanded immediate payment and threatened to file a lawsuit? You are not alone.
Without the time and expertise to chase after a debt, a landlord can hire a collection agency. While a collection agency may assist the landlord in collecting from a judgment, it rarely limits its clients to judgment holders.
Is Discover Collections giving you a headache with constant calls, voice messages, and never-ending emails? Did you know Discover has no legal authority to harass you? Regardless of the debt you owe and the time that has elapsed, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) protect you from harassment and unfair treatment by debt collectors.
Debt comes in many shapes and sizes, and not all are bad. In short, debt is simply borrowing money and repaying it, and loans are classified according to their purpose. Secured, unsecured, revolving, and installment debt are the most common. Some of these overlaps, as you'll see below.
It's possible to negotiate a settlement with Navient over your student loan. Even though there's no guarantee that Navient will accept your settlement offer, it's always worth giving it a try. This article discusses all you need to know about making a settlement offer to Navient.
Synchrony Bank's Hardship Program is a credit repayment plan that helps account holders manage a difficult financial situation. The bank is renowned for issuing retail credit cards for popular brands like PayPal, Walmart and Amazon.
If you've received a call from Resurgent Capital Services or LVNV Funding regarding a debt you supposedly owe, it's always necessary to know how to respond. This article discusses everything you need to know about beating these two debt collection agencies and securing a significant victory in your journey to a debt-free life.
RISE loans are usually designed for individuals with bad credit or those who don't qualify for loans from a traditional bank or online lender. For this reason, RISE loans are usually taken during emergencies. This is because they have very high interest rates, usually higher than regular payday loans. So, if you're wondering how to get out of a RISE loan, this article covers everything you need to know.
Paying bills is a necessary evil of life. If you happen to get behind on your bills, due to job loss or another setback, it can greatly impact your pay schedule. After a certain number of missed payments, you may have debt collectors coming after you. One of those debt collectors might be IC System Inc.
Monarch Recovery Management is a collection agency based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1973, they have grown to over 300 employees. If you have been notified that you are being sued by Monarch Recovery Management, it is very important to respond to the lawsuit. If you do not, then you may have a judgment placed against you. This can be serious and cause more harm.
American Coradius International (ACI) is a financial service agency that frequently represents banks and finance companies. ACI is a third-party debt collection agency, which means that it is required to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This is a federal law that protects consumers from abusive debt collection tactics. If you believe you have been harassed by ACI, then you need to learn your consumer rights to increase your chances of beating American Coradius International in court.
FCRA stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act. According to this act, the law requires that consumers' credit information is accurate, protected, and used fairly.
If you are being sued by a debt collector, it is important to act as quickly as possible. Winning a debt collection lawsuit is possible, but your chances of winning are much greater if you can find the cracks in the opposing party's case. This involves taking a close look at the court Summons and Complaint and responding with information that will build you the strongest case. You can beat Firstsource Advantage in court, and this is a brief guide on how to do it.
You may notice a new account listed under CBNA on your credit report if you've recently applied for a new credit card. In that case, you don't need to worry; it indicates that there's a hard inquiry into your credit history. However, suppose you haven’t applied for a loan or credit card recently, and you notice a CBNA on your report. In that case, you need to investigate the entry to avoid future financial problems and a damaged credit report.
Debt collection companies like NCB Management Services usually don't favor the idea of a lawsuit when consumers fail to pay what they supposedly owe. This is because lawsuits are hectic and time-consuming. When debt collection agencies contact you, they hope to settle the debt out of court by creating a payment plan that works for both parties.
The FCRA requirements are related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This primary federal law regulates how consumer reporting agencies may use consumer information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal statute initially passed in the 1970s, with the current version being enacted in 2003.
Everyone experiences annoying calls from random numbers and, if you dare answer, the odds are high that you will find a pre-recorded, robocall message on the other end. Hundreds of people around the country receive calls from 888-912-7925. If you try calling the number yourself, you'll receive a pre-recorded message stating that "the person at extension blah blah blah is not available. Please leave a message at the tone."
The United Services Automobile Association, or USAA Federal Savings Bank, is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Their services include insurance, banking, credit cards, auto loans, investments, and retirement planning for millions of military personnel and their families.
Even though Americollect claims to be ridiculously nice, respectful, and treats debtors with dignity, there's nothing good about medical debts. Unpaid medical bills can accumulate into thousands of dollars within a short period. No one needs the stress of medical debt added to the worry of a hospital visit.
Feeling like you work at a call center because your phone is ringing off the hook with calls from debt collectors really sucks. If you genuinely owe them money, you're already stressed just trying to get your finances in order so that you can pay up in good time. If you don't recognize the debt, it gets even more frustrating. Sometimes, alleged debt collectors ask you to pay more than you owe or money you don't owe at all.
A natural reaction to a call and a letter from any collection agency is denial or indifference. Neither approach is practical. Even small or old debt can stick with you for years, resulting in annoying calls and communication from debt collectors and potential damage to your credit score.
When you can't afford to pay your Discover credit card debt, you may consider other unfortunate options like filing for bankruptcy. Although this option completely wipes away your debts, it comes with severe consequences. Filing for bankruptcy will remain on your credit score history for up to seven years. During that time, you may have difficulty securing loans or even housing.
National Enterprise Systems is a debt collection agency in the United States, mainly servicing the East Coast. When suing you for a debt, National Enterprise Systems will do everything in its power to ensure they collect that debt. Understanding who National Enterprise Systems is and your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can help you beat National Enterprise Systems in court.
Here's the thing: nothing lasts forever, not even debt. If you've been sued for a debt in Maine and you think the statue of limitations has expired, use SoloSuit to fight the lawsuit and assert the statute of limitations properly.
If Stepehen Einstein is coming after you for a debt, send a Debt Validation Letter to get them off your back.
If you have not received information stating the amount and nature of your debt from Solomon and Solomon PC within ten days of their initial contact with you, you have a right to request a debt validation to avoid paying a debt you don't owe.
When it comes to being served with a debt collection lawsuit, there are measures in place that need to be upheld. One such measure is the proper service of court documents to the opposing party. In the realm of civil litigation, sewer service is the term used to describe failing to serve a notice of complaint on a debtor.
Receiving a call from Central Mediation Services demanding you pay an outstanding debt causes incredible stress. Beating a Central Mediation Services phone call involves finding out if the call is legitimate, what company you are dealing with, and knowing the tricks Central Mediation Services uses by reading their consumer complaints.
Most debt collection lawsuits settle before going to trial. When that happens, both parties agree to sign a settlement agreement. A settlement agreement is a legally binding written document showing that both parties have agreed to a particular outcome to settle the lawsuit.
If you are considered a legal coach, it may be due to being in debt or having other run-ins with the legal system. If you are being sued for debt specifically, you may want to consider a legal coach if you feel that you are not prepared, or have no idea what to expect.
Life can be very difficult for those with a disability, and if you find yourself in debt it can get a lot worse. If you are living every day with pain, then you may have a way out of your distressful credit card debt.
If a debt collector is calling about your debts then it is most likely because you have not made all of your payments. Once a debt goes into default, a creditor may attempt to hire a debt collector to collect that debt.
A power of attorney grants you the responsibility to make important decisions on behalf of your parents if they're incapacitated or can no longer manage their affairs. So if you're wondering whether you're responsible for your parent's debt because you have power of attorney, this article explains everything you need to know.
When you rent your property, you expect the tenants to treat the space with the respect it deserves and adhere to the lease agreement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some tenants will knowingly break the lease agreement terms, leaving you with no choice but to pursue eviction.
Although it's better to have a competent lawyer help you fight a medical bill debt, given how complicated they can be, you don't necessarily need one. Here's everything you need to know if you've been sued for a medical bill debt.
Located in Missouri, The Oak Grove Courthouse is a Municipal Court that presides over all traffic-related and city ordinance violations cases filed by the Oak Grove Police Department.
According to Wallethub, Alaska has the least sustainable credit card debt in the United States. If you've fallen behind in your financial obligations, it's best to learn more about debt relief options to get creditors and debt collection agencies off your back.
In Oregon, debts worth $10,000 and below are filed at the small claims Circuit and Justice Courts. These debts are often resolved without the help of a lawyer. Therefore, it's important to understand how to effectively represent yourself in court if served with a small claim complaint in the state.
It's normal to panic when served with a debt collection lawsuit. However, did you know that you can file a motion to extend the time to answer the summons and complaint from the plaintiff? Read on for more details.
If you're unable to repay your debt and debt collectors exhaust other means of trying to get you to pay the debt, they'll most likely resort to filing a lawsuit against you. After filing the debt collection lawsuit, they'll serve you with a summons and complaint letter about the debt. You'll need to provide an answer to the court within a set period or risk losing the case by default.
If a debt collector contacts you about a debt you're unsure about, you have the right to dispute it and ask the collector to verify that you owe the debt.
Have you received a debt collection Summons and Complaint about an old debt in Illinois? If your Answer is yes, it's about time to plan how to respond to the lawsuit, avoiding a default judgment in the process. A lawsuit is often the last resort debt collectors or creditors opt for while recovering delinquent debt.
A creditor or debt collector can file a complaint against a debtor for unpaid debts within a specified period. This period is usually referred to as the statute of limitations. It varies from one state to another depending on the type of debt or contracts from which the debt arises.
Consumer reports suggest that more than one in every three Delawareans has a consumer debt in its collection stages. If you fall into this category and you're facing a collection lawsuit, read on for more details.
Debt settlement may seem like a good option when you find yourself overwhelmed by several delinquent debts. When you're in such a desperate state, you can easily buy into the promises of a debt relief company such as the National Debt Relief.
If you've been sued over old debt in Minnesota, don't give up on the case; you have a great chance of winning the lawsuit. This is because ignoring the lawsuit could cost you more financial stress, especially if the court awards the debt collector a wage garnishment order to collect part of your wages until the debt is cleared.
Away from the sandy beaches and tropical climate Hawaii is famous for, the state has one of the highest consumer debts in the country. So if you're struggling with your credit card loan, mortgage, or student loan, you're not alone; a huge number of Hawaiians are seeking solutions to debt and financial problems.
A statute of limitations is the time limit a creditor or a debt collector has to file a debt collection lawsuit for an unpaid debt. When this period expires, the collector can't use any legal actions against a debtor, although they can continue with other debt collection tactics outside court.
Also known as The Lone Star State, Texas has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. However, the burden of debt continues to haunt many families in the state. If you live in Texas and have been sued over old debt, it's important to understand the state's debt collection laws and how to respond to a collection summons in case of a lawsuit.
If you're facing a debt lawsuit in Colorado and you don't know what to do, then you're at the right place. First, you'll need to know whether or not the debt collector has the legal right to sue you. If the debt is old and you barely remember anything about it, chances are that it's time-barred.
Creditors in California have only four years to sue debtors for most types of unpaid debts. However, it's important to understand a few exceptions to this period if you face a debt collection lawsuit in the state. Here's everything you need to know.
When you've been sued over a credit card debt, the plaintiff usually hopes that you'll ignore the lawsuit. Unfortunately, ignoring the lawsuit means the court will pass a default judgment against you, awarding the plaintiff legal authority to pursue other debt collection methods such as wage garnishment to recover the amount you supposedly owe.
Must owning a business mean being personally liable for its debts? Learn steps you can take to avoid putting your personal assets at risk.
Millions of Americans suffer from debt, and if you have a past due credit card debt of your own, you might feel like all hope is lost, but this is simply not true. Debt collections are common but can lead to negative consequences.
When dealing with debt collectors you may feel like everything is against you and that you are at a disadvantage. So for anyone who is struggling with debt but does not have money to pay an attorney to represent them, it is important to know that legal support services for debt collection are available. Oftentimes these can be found at low, or no cost.
Debt collectors employ various tactics to recover what you supposedly owe them. Such measures include lawsuits, frequent calls, emails, and letters, which can be frustrating to deal with.
Creditors usually begin the debt collection process 30 days after a payment's due date has passed with no payments made by the debtor. At this point, you may start receiving numerous calls, letters, or emails from the creditor.
Are you being sued by Midland Funding? You’re not alone. Receiving a Summons for debt collection from Midland Funding is a serious legal matter, and you should take it seriously. If you fail to respond to the lawsuit, you run the risk of having your wages garnished and your property taken. Additionally, depending on what was included in your contract with the original creditor, you may be liable for collections costs, as well as legal and attorney fees. In this article, we’ll explain everything you should know about Midland Funding and how to beat them in court.
Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. is a lawyer who acts as a debt collection agency. This agency is known for its consecutive robocalls and debt collection calls to the wrong consumer. They have been given a one-star rating by the Better Business Bureau, and for good reason.
It can be an extremely difficult time if you cannot pay your bills and need to support your children. As of recent months, millions of families are facing the threat of eviction due to the rent moratoriums ending, and the declining economy.
If you are being sued for a debt, you have to at least file an answer in time. If you didn't, you will get a default judgment against you, and that means that the judge will decide in favor of the debt collector suing you. If you don't make any payments after the default judgment, the debt collector may ask the judge to put a lien on your property.
If a debt collector sues you over old debt, you might be wondering what actions to take next. Although it might be tempting to ignore the lawsuit, especially if the debt is time-barred, you'll still need to file an Answer.
Wyoming is among the top 10 hardest-working states in the US. However, some residents of the Cowboy State still find themselves in debt in one way or another, prompting debt collectors to attempt multiple debt-recouping strategies. But like other states, Wyoming also has laws that govern debt collection, including the statute of limitations on different types of debts.
If you are in debt and cannot pay it, then a debt collector may eventually sue you to recoup their debt. If this has happened to you, you must respond. If you do not then you may have your wages garnished or money taken directly from your bank account. Knowing your rights will ensure that this does not happen to you.
If you are suffering from debt and you are unemployed with no savings, it can be very stressful. Although you might feel hopeless, you have options. One of these options could be a credit card, but this is usually a bad idea.
If you are unable to pay your credit card bills it might feel overwhelming and you may want to just stop paying. This is the worst thing you can do because the debt and interest will only rise.
The Josephine County Courthouse was created by the Territorial Legislature on January 22, 1856. Probate court is often seen here, and in the state of Oregon, the Circuit Court is the level of the court responsible for matters of probate.
I.Q. Data International, Inc., also known as Assurant Recovery Solutions, is a debt collection agency that is located out of Washington state. If you have seen them listed on your credit report then you will know that they have reported this delinquent account to the credit bureaus. This is common if you forget to pay a bill.
Allied Interstate is a subsidiary of iQor, Inc. They are known for intervention solutions for 1st party collections, 3rd party collections, attorney collections, and bankruptcy collections. They have over 12 different call centers around the United States and have over 10,000 employees.
Most creditors will declare your account the moment you miss a payment, you will also most likely get a grace period if you happen to forget or be a few days late. Despite this, you need to act quickly in order to avoid fees as well as damage to your credit score.
E-filing is an electronic system that allows both individuals and businesses to file income tax returns through the internet and electronically. Since 2016, there have been over 120 million tax returns filed in this manner. Efiling can also be done to various types of documents.
Being sued for debt is never fun for anyone. Unfortunately, it is common because millions of Americans are suffering from debt. If you cannot pay all of your debts you may need to decide which debts you want to prioritize. Even if you know that you are in default, it is never a happy day when a debt collection lawsuit is served to you.
If you are about to purchase your first condo, or you have been living in a home that belongs to an HOA for 20 years, you most likely calculate your HOA dues into your monthly mortgage. You knew that there was a monthly homeowners association (HOA) fee due each month, but there are ways to get out of paying such high dues.
When you are in debt it can be stressful and a horrible experience. You might even worry about being sent to jail for not paying your debts. Despite this, it is usually not the case. With most debts, you cannot go to jail because you are past due on credit card debt or student loan debt. The only time you can go to jail for not paying your debt is due to not paying taxes or child support.
When it comes to carrying debt in the state of Georgia, residents are known to be responsible for some of the most auto loan debt, student loan debt, and credit card debt in the United States. That being said, there are limits on debt in Georgia, and these limits pertain to the statute of limitations.
If you are being brought to court for debt, it means that you are being sued for not paying it. When it comes to a trial, there are typically two discussions.
The total household debt for New Yorkers has reached records heights over the last few years. This is partly due to the growth in mortgages, auto loans, and credit card balances. If you're a New York resident worried about an old debt, it's essential to know that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects you from creditor harassment. In some cases, debt collectors seek repayment of an alleged unpaid debt after the statute of limitations has expired. The statute of limitations is a finite period that creditors or collection agencies can sue a debtor or request collection for debt.
Credit card debt can feel like it is swallowing you whole, but if you do not pay it, then your credit score will take a big hit. If you do not care about owning a home, obtaining a rental lease, or being able to get a new credit card, then you might not care about your credit score.
If you are at risk for eviction it is a serious matter. Losing the roof over your head can be the difference between safety and security. Although laws vary based on the state you live in, your landlord cannot just go to court and obtain an order to evict you. There are rules, laws, and regulations that they must go through in order to start this process.
If you are sued for a debt, due to nonpayment, and a default judgment is placed against you, your wages can be garnished. The process of wage garnishment means that a portion of your wages will be paid to the creditor in order to satisfy your debts. Each law has different legal limits and rules surrounding this.
Debt collection lawsuits are no joke. They typically involve two parties, known as the plaintiff and the defendant. The plaintiff is the creditor or debt collector that initiated the case. The defendant is the debtor, or the person who supposedly owes money. Dealing with debt is always stressful, but there are steps you can take to have your case dismissed. If you are dealing with the original creditor then you have less of a chance for a dismissed case, but debt collection cases are most often handled by debt collectors. Although a dismissal is not always a possibility, it never hurts to try.
Every state has its own laws that govern how much a creditor is allowed to garnish from your wages after a default judgment has been placed against you. In the state of New York, wage garnishment laws are known as "income executions".
Each state in the US has a statute of limitations on debt. This statute indicates the time a debt collector has to file a debt collection lawsuit against you. If the debt collector files a lawsuit outside the statute of limitations, the lawsuit will be considered unlawful and the debt null and void.
Who is suing me? This might be a question you end up asking yourself, like millions of other Americans each year. When a lawsuit is filed against you, you should receive a Summons and Complaint (usually in the mail). These are court documents that notify you of the lawsuit and outline how much you supposedly owe. Despite this, you might be sued without ever knowing.
When it comes to a debt collection case there are many terms to learn and processes to understand. Although you might feel like there is no way out of debt, there are often ways to get around being forced to pay the full amount that you owe. Whether this is through settlement, paying a lump sum, or even because of laws listed in the statute of limitations.
If you are involved in a debt collection lawsuit then you may have heard a lot of different legal terms thrown around. It can be stressful and extremely confusing, especially if you are not using a lawyer.
Debts in Iowa fall under two main categories namely: written and unwritten contracts. Some debts, however, arise from court judgments and also have statutes of limitations. Additionally, federal and county debts are governed differently in the state of Iowa.
Being in debt is never a wanted situation for anyone, but if you find yourself in debt, you need to know how to deal with a debt settlement. Although you can hire an attorney, this can be expensive.
If you are faced with a wage garnishment, then bankruptcy might seem like it is your only way out. This is a thought process shared by many, but it is not the truth. There are a few things you can do in an attempt to prevent a creditor from garnishing your wages.
It is important to understand the statute of limitations on debt in Oregon if you have been sued over a particular debt in this state. In Oregon, debt collectors are required by law to register with the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services and also comply with state and federal fair debt collection laws.
If you are a resident of Maryland and have been sued for a particular debt you supposedly owe, it's imperative to learn more about the state's statute of limitations on such debts. Understanding the statute of limitations is vital in drafting the best response to a debt collection lawsuit.
When medical debt is sold to collections, it is because a collection agency has either purchased the debt or been hired to collect the debt by the original creditor. Typically this debt will then be reported to one, or all, of the three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
If you are being charged with a crime then typically it is not a good plan to defend yourself in court. Despite this, there are exceptions, and a debt case is one of them. If you believe that you are innocent and do not need a lawyer, or you simply cannot afford one, then you need to look into building the best defense possible.
If you find yourself with mounds of debt and are unable to pay them off, you may end up being taken to court. If you do not respond, or you simply lose your case, then a judgment will be placed against you. Having a judgment placed against you means that the creditor will have legal means to garnish your wages, bank accounts, and property.
Every state has its statute of limitations on different types of debts or debt collection scenarios. If you've been sued over debt in Nevada, it's important to know your rights. This information will help you submit the most suitable answer to the lawsuit.
If you are unable to pay your credit card debts then you might be stressed and anxious. Although credit card debt can wreak havoc on your life, you do not necessarily need to be worried about serving jail time for unpaid debts.
Every state has a different set of laws as well as a statute of limitations when it comes to debt collections. In Kentucky, the average household debt is below the national average, but default rates are higher than the national average. Default is considered being at least 90 days late on payments.
Being served with process means that you are being taken to court. When it comes to debt, it means that you have defaulted on your payments and a debt collector or creditor is attempting to bring you to court to force you to pay.
You may not know what to do when the debt collector knocks on your door demanding a loan payment. But you're not alone in this; according to a report by Pew Charitable Trusts, the number of Americans sued for not paying their debts has risen in recent years.
Losing your hard-earned income to a debt collector is very stressful and can significantly change your life. This is unfortunate, especially if you barely make enough to support yourself, let alone your family. However, you can still stop a debt collector from garnishing your wages without outrightly filing for bankruptcy.
Statistics show that 5.7 million households in the US have an overdue rent payment, also known as rent arrears. If that's what you're experiencing at the moment, how you plan to deal with this debt will influence your credit report, even though rent payments are generally not reported to the credit bureaus.
A motion requests the court for a specific ruling, direction, or order. One such motion is the motion to compel arbitration. You can compel arbitration as long as you have a valid and enforceable written agreement to force the other party to submit the dispute to arbitration.
A debt collection summons isn't always the greatest news any borrower would like to receive. Sometimes though, debt collectors have no choice but to seek legal action against a delinquent borrower. If you've been sued in Monmouth County, New Jersey, this isn't the time to panic; you just need to know how to file your Answer on time to stand a chance of having a fair hearing.
Payday loans are meant to be paid back within a short period, usually on the borrower's next paycheck. However, things don't always go as planned for the borrower, forcing them to forfeit payment. In addition, since these loans are often high-interest loans, they can quickly turn into huge debt due to penalties and accumulated balances.
Before filing your case in court, you need to familiarize yourself with court procedures and time limits. Also, you'll need to decide whether you'll seek the services of an attorney or represent yourself in court. Here are some of the general rules that apply when filing your papers in Bergen County superior court.
You won't be held liable for your husband's debts after divorce except for a few known instances. However, if you're in the middle of a divorce, or you just got one, there's a lot you need to know about handling debts you incurred individually or as a couple.
Obtaining a Tennessee bankruptcy discharge is the best thing that can happen to you when you file for bankruptcy in the state. However, not all debts are dischargeable in Tennessee. For this reason, you'll need to know which debts are dischargeable and which aren't to help you plan your finances better after filing for bankruptcy.
When you file documents with the court, it's a requirement that you provide copies of the same documents to the other party involved in the case or their lawyer. To verify that you've done this, the court requires you to attach a certificate of service at the end of the documents you file with the court.
If you have an unsettled debt or missed your monthly credit card payments, a creditor may decide to file a complaint against you. The court will then send you a summons and a copy of the creditor's complaint, which you'll then be required to respond to by filing an answer to the court.
There has been a lot of fictitious information on the internet in the recent past about the Obama credit card debt relief program. In fact, there's no such thing as the 'Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program' supposedly sponsored by the former US president. Additionally, there's no government debt relief program that will underwrite your debts without any consequences.
If you've been looking for debt consolidation services, chances are you've come across Cambridge Credit Counselling Corp. But what exactly is Cambridge, as the company is popularly known, and what services does it provide?
Miamisburg municipal court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes, municipal ordinances, small claims cases, and city traffic violations. While law enforcement officers usually file complaints against individuals who break the law, citizens can also file a complaint in court.
Sometimes life does not quite play out the way we hope it should. Take the case of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020. It led to the loss of income sources due to job loss or shutting down of businesses.
Are you overwhelmed by debt? If so, you might struggle to get out of this situation. To help, you can opt for one of the debt payoff methods, Debt snowball or debt avalanche.
As defined by the state of Texas, Service of process is “the formal delivery of a writ, summons, or other legal process or notice”. There are numerous Texas statutes that designate the Secretary of State as a process agent and are able to authorize the Secretary of State to accept service on behalf of another person.
Typically when someone declares bankruptcy it is a sign that things are not going well financially. Despite this, if you are suffering from a medical problem or sudden accident, the bills are the last thing on your mind. Instead, you focus on getting healthy again.
If you are living in the state of Ohio and suffering from debt, you might eventually be sued by a debt collector. In this instance, they will take you to court and work to obtain a judgment against you. If you do not answer the summons to appear in court, then a default judgment will be granted, and the debt collector may be allowed to pursue wage garnishment.
Electronic filing, also known as e-filing, has become an efficient process for the world to report, process, and store information. Businesses, governments, and everyday individuals use electronic filing as a computer-based system for storage, cataloging, and retrieving documents. Rather than storing paperwork in a hard copy file, it is all digitized.
Unpaid rent and eviction records are then entered into digital warehouses of credit bureaus where other landlords can access them. Unfortunately, landlords rarely rent their properties to individuals with eviction or rent nonpayment history.
Arbitration is a form of conflict resolution that avoids traditional court proceedings. Instead, the parties involved in the conflict appear before one or more arbitrators, usually out of court, where the matter is resolved with a binding decision.
If you have been unable to pay your debt, the creditor may decide to sell off the debt to a collection agency. Other than selling the debt, they may choose to assign it to a third-party debt collector or collection attorney but still retain ownership of the debt account.
As of 2021, nearly half of American adults have credit card debt. If you're part of this statistic and struggling to pay your credit card debt, you might be wondering if the credit company can sue you for failed payments.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the massive economic devastation it caused have made many people's lives even more difficult. Because of the coronavirus-driven recession, many individuals have either become unemployed or underemployed.
If you are suffering from debt, then you may have been approached by debt collectors through the mail, but also through phone calls. Debt collectors must abide by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), which places limits on what debt collectors can do, and how they can contact you.
Debt is something that many Americans deal with. Consumer debt is at $14.96 trillion overall, with the average American debt being $92,727. Most of this debt consists of credit card balances, student loans, mortgages, and more. The total auto loan debt in the United States is $1.42 trillion, at an average of $31,142 per household.
If you have gone to court due to not paying your debt then you may have had a default judgment placed upon you. This happens when you do not respond to a debt lawsuit, and when you do not show up in court. Typically this lawsuit would be against you from a debt collector or a creditor.
If you are dealing with a debt lawsuit, it can be a stressful process. Especially because many debt lawsuits are the result of poor financial planning, or simply forgetting to pay a bill. If you are being sued for debt there are many options and things to consider.
Did you know about 12 million Americans use payday loans annually? This comes as no surprise, given that payday loans help fulfill the financial needs of many working Americans who can't access traditional loans.
If you are receiving calls from a debt collector then it can feel like you have nowhere to turn. Especially if you are being pursued by an organization called the Regional Adjustment Bureau (RAB), you most likely are behind on paying your debt.
Collect Pros, LLC is located out of California and is a company that collects private debts for more than 23 million companies worldwide. If you have been attempting to remove a collection from your credit report, then you may have gone into a dispute with Collect Pros.
If you are attempting to pay off debt, you know that every extra bit you pay towards that debt is a big help. Whether you are trying to pay off credit cards, car loans, or student loans, debt can creep up, and interest makes it larger.
If you are suffering from debt, there there is a way to get free legal aid in Marion, Ohio. The best step to take is to negotiate with your creditors. This can be a wonderful way to reduce how much you owe, lower your interest, or change the time period in which you have to pay off your debt.
If you are suffering from financial troubles and are unable to pay off your debts, debt collectors may end up calling. There is a chance your original creditor hired a collection agency to help them recover the money, or they might have sold the debt account to a debt buyer.
For anyone that is suffering from serious financial struggles, forbearance can be an option. Essentially, a forbearance request grants a pause on paying your student loan payments. Although this might seem like an amazing option for someone who is struggling, it is not always what it seems.
If you have outstanding credit card bills and loans, it can be a scary situation. As matters progress you may get to the point where money begins to be taken directly from your paycheck every pay period.
The one thing that every U.S citizen, green card holder, or U.S employee has in common is death and taxes. No one can escape death, nor taxes (legally). This means that another thing everyone has in common is filling out the IRS 1040 form.
Whether you are struggling with credit card debt, student loans, or auto loans payments can pile up and you might find yourself falling behind on debt. Debt consolidation is one option available to help consumers, and PCG is an institution that works to facilitate it.
“What would a sheriff come to my house with papers? Why would the sheriff office call me? Why would I get a letter from the sheriff?” If you find yourself asking these questions, there are a few reasons why this might be happening. First of all, the sheriff could be attempting to serve you a subpoena, an eviction, or find out why you missed jury duty. In most cases though, a sheriff is looking for you because they are attempting to serve you with court papers.
When a creditor sells your debt to a collection agency, it means that the collection agency now owns the debt. That agency has many rights but also needs to abide by different rules.
Known to be a scam, Campus Debt Solutions is a student loan debt consolidation agency. They are a legitimate company but do not have the best reviews. Campus debt solutions will purchase debt from lenders, and help to set up student payment plans.
Debt consolidation is the act of bringing all of your debts together so that you can pay one monthly payment, rather than multiple. It is a method used when debts get out of hand. There are two main types of debt consolidation, a debt consolidation loan or a balance transfer card.
Many people choose to ignore a court summons or their court dates because they do not know the steps to follow after being sued by a debt collector. When this happens, the judge may rule in favor of the plaintiff.
If Barclay sues you, you need to act on it quickly. Barclaycard, owned by Barclays, is a credit card and payment service provider based in London, U.K. It was founded as a charge card in 1966; it became the U.K.'s first available credit card the following year.
As soon as you receive the debt collection Complaint—that complicated legal document that uses words like plaintiff, herein, and damages—you usually only have a couple of weeks to respond, otherwise the court enters a default judgment. A default judgment means you lose.
If you were served with an eviction notice by a landlord, it is extremely important for you to attain a clear rationale as to why your landlord decided to evict you. Attaining this information is important since it could work in your favor when they attempt to appeal the eviction date.
If you are facing foreclosure on your home with a Sirote and Permutt foreclosure, how to proceed depends if it's a judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure. It's easier to fight a judicial foreclosure than a nonjudicial one. If it's nonjudicial, it means that the process is outside the court system so you have to file a lawsuit.
Are you being harassed by a debt collector affiliated with Enerson Law? You might feel hopeless and ready to throw your hands in the air. After all, they are calling you constantly and might even be using threatening language.
Being harassed by a debt collector is oftentimes stressful and anxiety-inducing. Many debt collectors, including individuals affiliated with the Moss Law Firm, might resort to using aggressive and inappropriate tactics to get you to pay what they think you owe.
Federal laws protect different types of wages from garnishment. In most cases, disability payments are exempt from wage garnishment; however, different states have different regulations. Some states may allow a creditor to garnish private disability payments. Nevertheless, federal law protects part, if not all, of your private disability payments from garnishment.
If a creditor wins a debt collection lawsuit against you, they're legally obliged to collect the debt you owe. The law refers to a creditor who files a debt collection complaint and wins as the judgment creditor.
Debt collectors are employed to collect debts that are owed to creditors, but they are also required to follow laws that regulate those collections. In the event you are being sued you should know how to handle the situation and also know if you are being taken advantage of. Different laws pertain to original creditors versus third-party companies.
No one likes being called by debt collectors, but being sued by them is even worse. When Unifund starts calling, you probably owe a debt that they’ve purchased from your original creditor. If you don’t pay it off, Unifund might take you to court for it.
If Dodeka LLC has filed a lawsuit against you, then you will need to know what to do, but also what not to do. You can not assume that the debt collector will simply throw out your case or forget about you. This will not happen. Instead, matters will only get worse.
A civil chapter 61 warrant is a debt summons in Kansas. Usually, you receive this warrant from a process server at your home. It means that a debt collector is suing you for a debt you allegedly owe.
Calls, letters in the mail, or lawsuits from debt collectors are often things that no one wants to deal with but are typically more common than people think. Millions of Americans deal with debt collection lawsuits each year, but there are ways to defend yourself. Especially if you have felt threatened, you do not need to sit around and just deal with it.
If the court orders an eviction, the judge on the case will sign the order that directs the sheriff to have you removed from the property. However, before the law enforcement officer can enforce the order, there are things that you can do to drag out the eviction.
If you are facing an eviction, you're probably thinking about what you can do and how to stop it. Below is important information to know about eviction and what to say when you're in court.
If you are the subject of a legal proceeding, such as an eviction or debt collection lawsuit, you may be able to get the lawsuit thrown out of court by filing a “motion to dismiss.” You may be asking yourself, what exactly does that term mean?
Assignment of debt means that the debt has been transferred, including all obligations and rights, from the creditor to another party. The debt assignment means there has been a legal transfer to another party, who now owns the debt. Usually, the debt assignment involves a debt collector who takes the responsibility to collect your debt.
If you have had a sheriff come to your house with legal documents, it usually means that your landlord is trying to evict you. Below is more information about how to deal with this issue.
Is a debt collector such as Paragon Revenue Group harassing you for a debt you owe? It's easy to feel hopeless and ready to toss in the towel. After all, they call you all the time and just won't let up.
If you have debt collectors pursuing you in Montana, it is important to attain a general understanding of the statute of limitations on debt collection within the state. Why? Because if the statute of limitations has lapsed on the debt allegedly owed, it means the debt collector is legally prohibited from taking you to court to try and collect on the debt.
If you owe a debt and have been contacted by Alltran Health, you may wonder how to beat this collection agency at their own game. You're not alone. The FTC estimates that debt collection agencies make at least 1 billion contacts in the US each year to get consumers to pay what they owe.
If you are being harassed by a debt collector, you may be looking for free legal aid in Bullhead City, Arizona to get an idea of your legal rights and what steps need to be taken to get the debt collector off your back.
It's estimated by the FTC that debt collectors contact about one billion people per year looking for people to pay what they owe. These phone calls often annoy, upset, and aggravate consumers, so it's logical to wonder, how to beat RAB Collection Agency? Some recommend that you simply pick up the phone and tell them to stop calling you.
A lawsuit can be dismissed (i.e. tossed out of court) if it is shown that there was a serious defect in the Summons or if the defendant was not properly served with the Summons and Complaint. When the wrong person is served with a Summons, it means the service was insufficient and could be used as grounds to have the lawsuit dismissed.
Ignoring a debt collector does not magically dissolve the debt. Understandably, a debt collector's persistent calls, messages, and letters may be one of the most frustrating experiences some borrowers encounter. But if you ignore them, there is a slim chance that the debt collector will leave you alone.
If you are working on improving your credit report, a 609 dispute letter may help you get the report cleaned up. A 609 dispute letter points out some inaccurate, negative, or erroneous information on your credit report, forcing the credit company to change them.
It is not uncommon to fall behind in paying your credit card debt. Many people face different challenges that cause them to fail to pay their monthly credit card debt installments. The most common consequences of delayed debt payments are poor credit scores, increased interest rates, and numerous phone calls and messages from debt collectors. As a last resort, the debt collector may sue you for failing to pay a prolonged credit card debt.
If you're being harassed by a debt collector, such as Regents and Associates, you may feel like there's nothing you can do. After all, they call you all the time and often use aggressive language.
Debt collectors are known for their extreme tactics of pursuing delinquent borrowers, but there are limits to how far they can go. Firstly, debt collectors cannot issue a warrant for your arrest or have you jailed because of a debt. Secondly, you cannot go to prison for an unpaid debt.
Wage garnishment is not one of the easiest things to come to terms with, especially if you are in a bad financial situation. However, the law allows a creditor to garnish your wages when necessary. In general, a creditor, with a few exceptions, needs to have obtained a court order after a successful debt collection lawsuit to effect a wage garnishment.
If you face a debt collection lawsuit, the court may enter a judgement against you, giving the creditor a right to claim your property to recover the money you owe. However, it is essential to note that time limits on judgement liens differ from state to state, as discussed in this article.
Your credit card company will try to reach you if you fall behind with your payments. This is because creditors are allowed to pursue all means legally acceptable to collect their money from debtors. A lawsuit is also an option, but it is not usually the first legal measure creditors opt for.
If you are enduring intimidating and harassing phone calls from a debt collection company like Crown Asset Management, you may be feeling anxious, stressed out, and overwhelmed with uncertainty about your financial future. SoloSuit understands how you feel and are here to help.
If you've been sued by a creditor or debt collection agency over unpaid debt in Montana, you may be feeling overwhelmed and even scared. Do not fret. You have options and there are ways to effectively respond to the debt collector's legal action.
Due to the tough economic times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have encountered a disruption, or outright loss, of employment. As a result, a higher percentage of people are struggling to put food on the table, let alone make timely payments on their loans, whether it be a home loan, student loan, credit card, or combination.
When you find out you're being sued for debt collection, you may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your financial future. The thought of simply ignoring the lawsuit may be tempting, especially if you are feeling intimidated at the idea of going to court to argue about an unpaid debt. Unfortunately, ignoring the summons will not make it go away. Failing to respond to the summons simply means you are raising the white flag of defeat and handing victory over to the debt collector.
Being sued for debt isn't the best feeling in life. Such a lawsuit can be so stressful, and you may even be tempted to ignore it altogether. However, ignoring a debt collection summons is one of the worst mistakes you'll ever make, as it creates even more problems.
Despite the relatively low unemployment rate and below-average debt levels for residents of Vermont, it may be unavoidable to encounter financial difficulties during an economic downturn, including unpaid bills and ever-increasing credit card balances.
In South Dakota, any debt, whether credit card, utilities, or car loan debt, can be sent to a collection agency for recovery if you default on your monthly payments. These agencies will frequently call and send you debt collection letters, asking you to pay the amount owed. Such extreme debt collection tactics can be stressful if you do not know how to respond to a debt collection summons.
If you live in North Dakota and were served with a summons for debt collection from a creditor or debt collection agency, you are probably feeling anxious and worried about what to do next and the ramifications of this lawsuit.
Northstar Capital Acquisition is a debt collector that commonly purchases debts from creditors. When this occurs, you may find yourself being sued for that debt. This is extremely common, with around 50% of judgments being from debt-collection lawsuits. When you are sued for a debt, you often find out about it by receiving a summons and complaint.
If you have been served with a debt lawsuit, your time to send a debt validation letter has expired, and it is time to get serious about defending yourself in a lawsuit. Although you might believe that sending a debt validation letter may pause the court case, or even act as an Answer, this is not the case.
Debt collectors can be both collection agencies or lawyers that collect debts on behalf of clients. There are also bill collection companies that buy older debts from creditors or other businesses. Their job is to attempt to collect them to make their money back. Other names for a bill collector are debt collection agencies, debt collection companies, or debt buyers.
When you are past due on a debt, the creditor may assign your debt, or sell it, to a debt collector. This agency will then attempt to collect on that debt. In many cases, you will find yourself being sued. This can be a scary time. Credit card debt delinquency is no joke.
Millions of Americans are finding themselves in debt each year. This debt leads to calls, mail, and lawsuits from debt collectors. Generally, these are not things that people want to deal with, but they are unfortunately more common than you might think.
LendingClub is a company that provides peer-to-peer lending. It helps consumers pay down high-interest debt through different services. They offer securities and loan trading on a secondary market. Despite this, you may find yourself in a lawsuit or struggling with a Lending Club loan that you can not pay off. If this is the case, your loan may have been charged-off by LendingClub. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Lending Club charge-offs and how to react if that is the status of your loan with them.
Being sued for debt by a debt collector such as Wolpoff & Abramson in court means that they have filed a lawsuit against you. Collection lawsuits are common when not paying a debt, and can be expensive as well as extremely time-consuming. Most creditors look to have you repay the debt, but if you end up ignoring them, as well as a summons, you will have no option to settle, and you will need to go to court.
If you are being called or have been served a lawsuit by